Berlusconi calls on celebrities to his defence

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Berlusconi calls on celebrities to his defence
Hollywood's hottest bachelor George Clooney
and Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo
have both been tangled into the Italian Prime Minster
Silvio Berlusconi's sex scandel.
Berlusconi was accused of having sexual relations with an underage girl named Ruby.
Trials start early next month.
The Prime Minister's lawyers drew up a list of 78 people to act as witnesses.
The 17-year-old belly dancer Ruby
who was alleged to have had paid sex with Berlusconi claims George Clooney and his Italian model girlfriend
both attended the party at Berlusconi's mansion.
Therefore, called upon the two to testify.
Berlusconi claimed that the party was absolutely innocent.
But evidence showed that Berlusconi's parties
often had strippers performing,sometimes even ending up with group sex.
George Clooney issued a statement expressing his confusion for his involvement in this case.
He claimed that he had only met Berlusconi once
to fundraise for refugees in Darfur, Sudan.
As for Cristiano Ronaldo,
Ruby alleged that he paid her last year for sex.
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