Rebecca's Return Part 1: Business and Family (with english subtitles)

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Who are you, what do you want in this place?
Where did you come from?
At least you still recognize me. Happy Birthday!
At some point I had the feeling that I was only your pawn on the company board anymore.
I'm sorry. I didn't want to give you that impression.
And our fight back then...
You really thought me capable of stealing designs and passing them off as my own.
You humiliated me and gave me up to ridicule in front of everybody.
You can believe me, I regretted it often enough.
And you trusted Tanja more than me!
No, not Tanja. Sebastian. I couldn't believe that he was lying to me.
So, you rather believed that I was lying?
There are many things I'd do differently now.
Will you forgive me?
Otherwise, I wouldn't be here.
That means you really want to apply for a job in Düsseldorf?
And give up New York?
Yes. That was exciting and and insanely impressive, but ...
Also incredibly exhausting.
I can imagine. You probably halfway killed yourself for the award.
Yes. And in New York, I'm just one among many with it.
Say, is that your motorcycle then in front of No Limits?
Yes. It was a present from my last boss.
Robert Robino? Himself?
Yes. It was his favorite set of wheels. He drove it for years.
When he gave it to me I knew: I finally did it!
Regarding the position as lead designer ...
I hope you'll keep your promise.
Naturally. But we still have a lead designer, Sonja Jäger.
But she's not gonna grow old in this job.
So you're telling me, I have to be patient a while longer.
Sorry to say that.
Good. Back to New York then.
Excuse me, I have to take care of my flight.
Wait now. What can I offer you to bridge the gap?
Swim wear?
Pretty daring swim wear.
Ligne Clarissa Lahnstein is known for giving bold fashion lines a chance.
So you want your own line?
To fruitful collabortion. - To fruitful collabortion.
Rebecca? - Hey! Kim! - Hey!
I heard that you were here, but why didn't you tell me that you were coming?
Then it wouldn't have been a surprise anymore.
How long are you staying anyway?
Depends on... I'll tell you another time.
First I have to call the police so they'll find the idiot who stole my motorcycle and then crashed it.
Please don't. Please, no police.
Why not?
I gave him permission.
What? You loan my wheels to some random guy, are you nuts?
Emilio isn't some random guy, he really isn't.
He couldn't have known that the brakes were broken.
So it's my fault now that he wrapped it around a tree?
Hey, he could have died in that accident!
The only thing you think about is your bike.
Yes, right, it was my bike. And if your guy hadn't stolen it, then nothing would have happened to him either.
Say, what exactly is your problem? Then go buy a new one. You got more than enough money.
You really don't get it at all.
Kim? Rebecca! Hey, what are you...
Becks is pissed... - Rebecca. My name is Rebecca.
'Rebecca' is pissed because a friend of mine crashed her motorcycle.
Will the repairs be very expensive then?
Man, it's not about the money in this case. But that you can't imagine that, I'm not surprised.
Listen up, is that the way you are talking to me?
What are you talking about?
About Rebecca's designs. They really are excellent.
Very fitting for our young label, 'Pink'.
Did you think that up while I was in Paris?
Mmm, swim wear... awesome.
Rebecca learned a thing or two in New York.
Clarissa if you want to present the line's center piece on the catwalk again, I have to tell you I wouldn't find it very fitting.
Fitting is the name: 'Clarisse Pink'. What do you say?
Awesome name.
Voila - Thank you.
Mrs. von Anstetten, can you take a step forward, please?
Let's take a picture together.
Good. Thanks. That's enough.
Let's get to the reason why we're all here. Like you might still know from our last presentation,
You can expect anything from Ligne Clarissa Lahnstein except the mundane.
We expanded our creative team with Rebecca von Lahnstein, freshly back from New York with a Young Talent Award in the bag.
And she'll support our lead designer, Sonja Jäger.
Her first big challenge will be to design the swim wear for our new, young label 'Pink'.
Is there are name for the line already?
Yes it will be called - 'Wet Fantasy'
Excuse me?
Do you have a minute?
What is it?
I've given the name for my swim wear collection another thought.
'Wet Fantasy', I'm sorry, it's just not suitable.
Of course not. - The name stays.
Who is in charge here now? The two of you are on the same level, aren't you?
Do I look like an employee?
Sadly, the press has already reported the new name.
And what of the freedom of decision you promised me?
Creatively, not where the marketing is concerned.
Clarissa von Anstetten has dropped out as CEO. Her company shares went to me.
And what does that mean?
That Clarissa von Anstetten will still represent us publicly.
What did you blackmail her with?
Enter, please.
Countess, countess von Anstetten wishes to speak to you.
Thank you, Justus.
What can I do for you?
It's about the video recording that you are in possession of.
For the sake of my grandson, I want to ask something of you.
Give me the memory card.
Lady von Anstetten has realized that it's best for the company if I alone take care of the business aspect again.
Along those lines, let's call it a day.
I don't know how you did that, but you won't get away with it.
Darling, you are toying with your contract.