Advanced Hospitality Revenue Management: Pricing and Demand Strategies

Uploaded by eCornellOnline on 30.05.2012

your hotels frequently overbooked often to full capacity
but you're still getting crushed by the competition
revenues have all but flatlined
online travel agencies and social media put you directly in touch with thousands
of potential clients are all of those likes and online friends and connections
really converting to paying customers
where you showing up in search engine results?
do you feel like you're way behind the curve on this
it's because you probably are behind the curve
managing revenue for hospitality is nothing like it used to be
this is a customer driven market place where optimal pricing
is like a moving target
you need to have your strategy perfectly dialed in to win
a strategy for today's buying behaviors
your forecasting mechanisms and pricing strategies
might be pretty outdated compared to the tools and technologies available to you
in fact
a good deal of your target customers are probably more tech and internet savvy
than you are
with social media and online travel deals sites
exploding in popularity how do you stay ahead of the curve and in front of that audience
the key is to create demand not react to it. see, hospitality 2.0 comes with its
own set of opportunities and challenges mobile technologies consumer behaviors
and purchasing patterns are rapidly evolving from one day to the next
you need to anticipate consumer behaviors and actually drive demand
now eCornell brings you the certificate in advance hospitality
revenue management: pricing and demand strategies
one hundred percent online
this five course certificate program teaches you how to thrive in today's
consumer driven marketplace and builds on time-tested revenue growth techniques
pioneered at cornell university's world-famous school of hotel administration
whether you're a revenue or finance manager a general manager in sales or
marketing anyone
responsible for improving financial performance
this online certificate program from eCornell
is a fast and affordable way for you
the busy professional
to continue your education while working
and, you'll earn an ivy league credential while you're at it
this certificate program was created by cornell university professor chris k anderson

he is the go-to advisor and financial consultant to the world's fastest
growing and well-established service and hospitality firms like us airways dollar
thrifty rent-a-car priceline expedia hyatt and more
dr anderson's proactive data driven approaches enabled
eCornell students
to put theory into practice
to take what they've learned and apply it directly to their jobs
right so the act of accepting a reservation
really decreases the available capacity to your hotel
once you're in the program
you'll make your own schedule
study in your own time
but you won't be alone
he cornell is a social learning environment where students collaborate
from all over the world
you'll emerge from the program as an in demand revenue manager
your expertise in demand creation and pricing strategy will make you
especially valuable to your employer
have a closer look best hospitality revenue management available only
through eCornell