Philosophy of Care: Sandra Wong, D.O.

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I grew up in a family that very much emphasized careers in medicine or law and I wasn't actually
very interested in medicine in the beginning. I actually wanted to go into music and become
a singer because I really enjoyed singing and wasn't until my seventh grade science
class where I had to dissect a fetal pig that I became very fascinated with medicine and
science and then in high school I decided to pursue that a little further by volunteering
at a hospital and really found that I did, very much, like working with patients and
just the intellectual stimulation of science. The osteopathic philosophy is about treating
the whole person which is why I decided to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine, which
is what me degree is DO. So that philosophy is based on the healing capabilities of the
patient and basically physician is there to help assist and we treat the whole patient
in that we take into account their lifestyle, their emotional, physical, psycho-social aspects
of their -- of those aspects of their life that can impact their health and my treatment
philosophy is also about working with the patient, that we're a team and that whatever
I give as advice that I want to make sure that the patient is also agreeable with so
that we work together to have a positive outcome in the patient's health.