How to pass the theory test: official DSA guide

Uploaded by dsagov on 23.07.2012

To pass your theory test you’ll need to be well prepared.
There are lots of books, websites and software available to help you learn and understand
how to use the theory on the road.
On the day of your test, don’t forget to take both parts of your photocard licence
with you, as the receptionist will check these when you arrive.
Put your coat, bag and phone into the locker provided.
When it’s time for your test, you’ll be called to sign in and be given back your documents.
The first part of the test is multiple-choice.
All the questions are based on The Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs, and Driving
or Riding - the Essential Skills.
They won’t be exactly the same as the revision ones you’ve been practising, but they’ll
be on the same subjects.
You can do a 15 minute practice session before you start. Your answers don’t count towards
the final score.
During the actual test you’ll be asked 50 questions and you need to get at least 43
right to pass this half.
A question appears on screen and you’re given a choice of answers. Select the answer
you think is correct, and click the mouse button.
Some questions have more than one correct answer. If you don’t click on enough, a
message will appear to tell you.
Some questions are shown as a case study. This is a short story that 5 questions will
be based on.
During the test you can use the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons to go through the questions.
If you’re not sure about a question and want to mark it for later, click here. You
can remove the mark by clicking it again.
This button shows you this screen. This takes you back to the start of the test, so if you
want to change any answers, you can.
This one takes you back to the first question you haven’t done. And this takes you back
to your flagged questions.
To get back to where you were in the test click the ‘Review All’ button, then keep
clicking ‘Next’.
You’ll see a timer in the right-hand corner. This shows you how much time you’ve got
When you’ve finished the test, clicking here will end the multiple-choice part. You
can either have a 3 minute break, or start the hazard perception part of the test.
Before you start this part, you can watch a short video about how it all works.
The test itself has 14 film clips. Each one will have a developing hazard, but one of
the clips will have 2.
A developing hazard is something that would cause you as the driver to take some form
of action, such as changing speed or direction.
These are the ones you’ll be marked on, and you can get up to 5 points for each of
them. So, the earlier you recognise and respond to them, the better. Don’t worry though
- you won’t lose points for responding to others.
You need to get at least 44 points out of 75 to pass this part.
You respond by clicking the mouse button as soon as you see a hazard developing. A red
flag will show at the bottom of the screen to show this has been done.
If you just keep clicking, or click in a pattern, you will see a warning message and you won’t
get any points for that clip.
When you finish the test, click the ‘Continue’ button. The receptionist will give you your
results shortly after.
If you pass, keep the letter safe as you’ll need it when you book your practical test.