Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Sachet

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This wooden spoon sachet makes a nice addition to a lingerie drawer or hanging on a wall
in a closet and it also makes a nice little gift for that new bride. You can use an open
doily, like I used here, or you can use a doily like this, a wooden spoon and some potpourri.
What you want to do is position your spoon in the doily and bring it half way down so
that you know how far up you're going to put your spoon. You need to mark it, maybe, put
a little crease in it and then you're going to put a little bundle of potpourri right
where the bowl of the spoon goes so that the spoon will kind of cradle the potpourri. I
would take out any big pieces and just keep in the small pieces because you want to keep
it confined in your potpourri. Then lay your spoon down and hold it and then around your
potpourri, go ahead and lay your first bead of hot glue and then you're going to seal
one edge and then you're going to come around and seal the other. So, you're going to lay
it right in here, nice and thick, and then you're going to bring your doily over and
bring those two edges together and glue them. When you have that side done, you're going
to bring it around and do the same thing on the other side. Push the potpourri in there,
put your hot glue, nice thick bead of it, and bring it around to kind of meet the handle
of the spoon. Glue that down, bring them together and then go back to this side and make sure
that you have it sealed, all the way around, so your potpourri doesn't leak out. The last
thing that you want to do is glue this last bit of your doily, down to the spoon. Once you have that done on both sides, so
that none of your potpourri is going to come leaking out, you're ready to embellish the
spoon handle.
You can shape your doily, you can bring it down like this, if you wanted, or leave it
the way it is and then you can embellish your handle. What I did with this spoon, was to
use this lace that already has the bead in it but you can also take another piece of
lace and put it on and then put the bead on it. I've just took the lace, put it right
here, glued it down, and then went around my spoon handle. I didn't glue it until I
got all the way to the end and then when I got to the end, I glued it on. Then I simply
took a few artificial flowers and put them on, up here, and then I made a six loop bow,
out of satin ribbon, and put it on here. You can come up with many different kinds of ways,
different kinds of lace, to embellish your doily, you could even put some things around
here. If you want to make it something that they could hang on the wall, make sure that
you use the side that is wood, and you can take one of these little screw eyes and screw
it in and you can screw it right through the fabric or you could just take a loop of ribbon
and hot glue it on. Then you can put it in a drawer or hang it in your closet. If you
used a ribbon, then you're not going to worry about metal being in your lingerie drawer.
There you have it, a very nice sachet spoon, made out of potpourri and a wooden spoon and
a doily.