Alejandro & Diego - 005 (English Subs)

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You're suffering a lot, right?
Don't get embarrassed, you two were really good friends and I know you're going through a rough time.
Leave me alone please.
Okay, I'm leaving. But before I do so, I'm going to ask you something. You don't have to answer if you don't want to.
Ale, you are gay, right? You were in love with Rodrigo.
Why do you want to know if I'm... Gay or not? -I don't really care, but I'm good at noticing things.
Besides, you don't even look my way, and everyone here in Cervantes want something to do with me.
That's because everyone's obsessed with sex. Look. My hormones are like those of a cat.
They bristle only when touched.
Ale, at our age, hormones should have the door opened so they could go out to have fun!
Plus, we are only going to be teenagers once in our lifetime.
Anyway, I believe in free love. And you can do whatever you please with your ass.
But if it's true that you're gay, What a waste, hot stuff.
Hey, hey, hey. Have you seen Gonzalo? No, no idea.
Where did he go now? Just disappeared.
I didn't mean to.
Diego! When did you get here?
Yesterday, my friend. Bro, I heard about your brother. I'm so sorry bro.
Thanks. You can just imagine how it was like.
And, what happened with Oliver. I saw a problem out there or what's up?
Well, Oliver's going to rot in jail. My dad was interrogating people and and you can only imagine.
Damn! Yeah. So...
Hey bro, you surprised me when I heard that Oliver almost killed you. I didn't know you were so brave, lil' bro-in-law.
First of all, start acting like my sister's boyfriend, and THEN we'll see if you can call me brother-in-law.
Okay, c'mon chill, Mauricio. I'm not Oliver. Besides, you're being too grouchy since you know. Since you broke up with Elizabeth.
In Cerbantez everyone's an open book. Oh yeah, I see now.
Hey and I also know some things about the teachers that no one knows about. What teacher are you talking about?
JP. The P.E. teacher. He has a secret admirer that sends him anonymous text messages. Imagine if it were a student from Cervantes.
Don't worry. I'll be up to date, 'kay?
Bro, you crossed the line. You almost made him throw up a lung.
I didn't do anything different. I just had to stopped him, and that's it.
Yeah, but can't you see that he's weaker than you? It's only a practice, Diego.
He isn't even part of the team. How are you going to crash in to him like that? Just tackle him, but no more.
I did a normal tackle. But you know what? If he doesn't like it, he can leave to go play with dolls. Because this is a practice for real men.
Enough, enough, enough, Take it easy girls, okay? That's what happens when the Fantastic Four don't play together.
Who knows where Gonzalo's at?
You're my hero, Mauricio. You went far with Ms. Miranda's rescue.
Woo Hoo, Stud! I'd have done the same. Or haven't you all noticed the melons on that teacher.
Man, it would have definitely been me that'd have to come to put things in their place. She's just divine, or isn't she Mau, my friend.
I don't think it's too courteous to talk like that about the teacher, don't you think?
How refined! How elegant! That's how things are said, bro-in-law.
She's so fine. I would like to know if she's one of the teachers that like to blow the flute and swallow the melodies.
Mau, Mau. Fine!
No, no, man. Take a look at this. This faggot got horney looking at Sebastian's ass.
Pick on someone your own size. I don't know what you're taking about.
Leave him alone.
No, no, no. What's the matter. You like real men like me? Or do you want us all to get in a line to see which one you like best?
Leave me alone! I am not gay! -Look! I told you to leave him alone!
He doesn't know how to play football. -So?
So it doesn't give you the right to treat him like that. He was my brother's best friend. So show some respect!
Yeah, Fine.
Ale, Ale, Ale, sweety, don't you want to marry me? Don't you?