4. Интеллектуальная и ручная установка в DriverPack Solution 10

Uploaded by driverpack on 03.07.2010

Hello everybody, this is Vasiliy Kupchihin talking, from the site pc-lessons.ru.
In this video we are going to learn to perform smart and manual installation of drivers.
As you can see I have four drivers pending an update.
We will install three of them with smart installation, and the fourth one manually.
As you have probably noticed the yellow button in the form of the sun is for smart installation.
It means that the driver will be installed automatically and practically nothing is required of you.
Let us try and do this.
Click on the button 'Smart installation' and the installation of the driver will start.
After a couple minutes' waiting the driver is installed, the program window refreshes
and, as you can see, three items have disappeared from the list.
The reason all three of them are gone is that I installed the driver for the chipset.
All we have left is a controller. We are going to install its driver manually.
To do that we press the button 'Manual installation' and this window pops up.
The program automatically finds the right driver and then we click the 'Unpack' button.
After the archive is unpacked press the 'Install' button.
This window appears and notifies us that the driver has been successfully installed.
If you were unable to install the driver that way, press the button 'Ctrl+C'.
The path to the folder with the file has been copied to clipboard.
Open the device manager, select the necessary device,
then go to 'Properties', 'Driver' and press the 'Update' button.
Here choose the second option and paste the address we copied earlier.
Press the 'Next' button and this window will appear to notify us that
the device has the latest drivers, since we have just installed the driver for this device.
Now we can refresh the program window and the last item should be gone.
And it is, as we can see. All the drivers that needed updating were installed.
Now we know how to perform smart and manual installation of drivers.
I hope that you had no trouble mastering DriverPack Solution 10
and that now you are an active user of the program.
That is all for now. You have been listening to Vasiliy Kupchihin from pc-lessons.ru.