Neprijatelj (The Enemy), full movie + english subtitles

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Bosnia, 1995
7th day of peace
Did you find it?
I don't get it.
It has to be here somewhere.
Hey, Picasso, do us a favor and stop drawing the maps in future.
I drew it two years ago.
How am I supposed to remember what my landmark was at the time?
There's some sort of rock on the map here.
Wait a minute, I'll remember.
Okay, okay...
Come on over, you American pussies.
Shut up, man.
Here it is!
You find it? -I did.
Hey, Caki, Caki...
You know, man, when you don't get a bullet in the head in the war,
but instead you get killed from your own mine,
that's called a tragicomedy. -Oh, cut the bullshit, will you...
All right.
It's all right, he got it. He remembers...
What memory, huh?
Way to go, man... Here it is.
Throw it to me.
Here you go... Give me the fusers.
Case, take this, remove all the mines and stack them in the boxes.
You got that?
No problem...
Same to you. And those American assholes.
I'm so sorry...
Goodbye, my friends. Thank you for everything... goodbye.
Bon voyage!
Come on, Case, stop screwing around.
Damn, it's cold.
You're a real peasant, Lieutenant, sir.
It's so I wouldn't forget what's in store for me when
the next shift arrives. -The next shift
I bet they haven't even left yet.
What's that?
Oh, Banja Luka punk rock.
Yeah right, punk rock in Banja Luka.
You picked that up in Belgrade, philosopher.
Good day.
Where did you find this polite one?
At the factory.
The abandoned one? What was he doing there?
I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know?
I mean, I don't know.
You sure don't have it easy, pal.
Hey, give me a smoke.
Hello? Smoke?
Can I come in? -Come in Savage.
Did you find something in the factory?
The factory is ''clean'', but we did find something.
A man.
What kind of a man? A civilian?
A civilian.
He was walled in somewhere in a cellar.
Bring him over.
Wait a minute.
What do you mean walled in? -Sorry?
Walled in how? -With bricks, man.
And who walled him in? -He says it was the enemy.
They built a wall where the door used to be, and he came
strolling out as if down a promenade.
I offered him water but he says he's not thirsty.
Which side does he belong to?
He says he's one of us.
The man doesn't know anything, though.
He doesn't even know that the peace treaty was signed.
All right. Bring him in here.
Imagine that. Walling in a man.
There's nothing strange about that. Take Ass, for instance.
He heard that somewhere they found a Mercedes walled in, so he bangs and
Good day.
Good day.
Your name?
Just Daba?
They also call me Peg-leg Daba. Because I limp on my right leg.
Peg-leg Daba. Can I see your ID please?
I lost it.
All right.
Then tell me your last name, place of residence, citizenship.
What about my identification number?
It's not necessary. Just what I asked for.
Did you know that the ninth figure in your identification number
stands for your nationality?
Four for Muslim, five for Serb, six for Croat.
How long were you in that cellar?
I don't remember.
Where are you from?
From nearby.
From nearby, huh? -Yup.
Why did they wall you in?
They didn't like me, I guess. They got scared.
Scared of what?
Of killing me.
Well, I'll kill you then, pal. -Case, be quiet.
What about you? You remove mines, huh?
Whose mines?
Are you cold? Have you eaten?
They already offered. I'm not hungry.
You're not hungry?
Take him downstairs and give him a bite to eat.
Come on.
You know what, Case?
Instead of twiddling your thumbs, maybe you should find some
work to do.
Leave me alone. I'm reading.
What the hell are you reading, huh?
Dates, man!
Oh. Dates.
Listen, man. If this house was burnt down in... say,
'92 or '93, what's a newspaper from May 26th 1 984 doing here?
Maybe someone collected it for shit paper?
Then he hasn't wiped his ass since the Olympics.
A celebration marking the 92nd birthday
of the nation's greatest ''son''.
The guy died four years earlier and they were still dancing.
Case... This guy won't eat, and he didn't even want to
take the gloves. Says he's not cold.
Okay, maybe the guy likes winter. You should let him turn blue.
He'll come out on his own, you'll see.
Go and wake Vesko up. The next shift is about to arrive.
Why is Sivi glued to this Pharaoh, as if he were his dad?
Well, he saved the man's life.
You can't blame him.
As far as I can see, they're both ready for the nuthouse.
What's wrong with you, man?
You should start dreaming about the sea and naked chicks.
One would think you were in the war.
Tell me, what was it you said about the numbers?
What numbers?
You know, what you said about the ID card.
About who's a Serb, Croat or Muslim. How did you know that?
I made it up.
Well, that's what I'm thinking...
to joke around with the others, you know.
You think those are things one should joke around with?
What's your problem, man? I'm just asking.
Hello, March, do you read me?
I read you, September. Are you all alive up there?
Oh sure, we're enjoying the splendors of nature.
Does that mean it's ''clean''?
We marked most of the locations, and we even cleaned
up some of them.
Will the next shift be arriving soon?
Are the soldiers fed up already?
Soon, don't worry.
Tell me, have you checked the factory?
Yes, the factory is clean. But we found a civilian inside.
A civilian?
He was in the factory. Walled in.
I can't hear you very well. Did you say - walled in?
Yes, you heard me fine.
He was walled in. And I'd say he's a little ''off the wall''.
Keep him there until the next shift arrives, and then bring him to
Headquarters for questioning.
I understand. Over and out.
Checkmate, my friend.
One more meal closer to home.
Take it easy. It's just beans.
And beans are not the enemy. No more killing, man.
You think?
Nothing's over yet, mark my words.
So? Will somebody tell me who this guy is?
They found him in the factory, walled in.
But is he one of us or one of them?
I'm one of us, sir, don't worry.
I'm Daba. And you would be Ass, if I'm not mistaken?
That's what your friends call you.
All right, that's enough. Give your tongue a rest, pal.
Where have you been, Vesko? Take a cigarette.
Thanks, Cole.
What's this?
What sort of sports forecast is this? Williams.
What is this?
Kockay on ice.
Hockey on ice, you dimwit.
I can't wait for summer to be over.
Ah, no. I can't wait for summer to be over,
I've had enough of the heat.
Goodbye to the sea, I'm off to the mountains.
What are you doing? Outside.
Case. How did you get in?
They forgot to lock the door. Swear to God.
Into the house. Go.
Vesko, is everything all right?
Yeah. Everything's all right.
While we fought for these borders, we bled for every meter.
All the time. Expand the corridor, liberate, withdraw...
Take over.
Expand the corridor.
And now that it's all over, suddenly the border is too wide.
Look at us in this hole, like rats.
And what are we doing?
We're digging out mines that we have planted ourselves.
We weed and plant again...
Who will guard all of that, huh, philosopher? Cheers!
That peasant was right about what he said.
It's much easier to claim a land with a flag than to plow it.
That's a real philosopher.
Yes. He's the philosopher, not you.
The man had a point. The man had a point.
It's easier to claim a land with a flag than to plow it.
What do you know about plowing? City slicker.
Me? -You?
I saw it on TV. On a program about agriculture.
Grab your gun and go on guard. Go on.
Can I kiss you good night?
Go, or I'll shoot you.
Good night, city slicker.
Good night, peasant.
What happened?
He just disappeared.
Nobody saw anything.
I didn't hear anything either, and the gun's gone.
Screw him. He's not a kid.
It's not our fault he ''lost his marbles''.
Be quiet, will you?
To be honest, I'm not all that surprised.
That Sivi guy is a rather unstable character emotionally.
To watch the faces of people about to be killed through
that optical lens on a rifle. That can't be easy.
Did you talk to him?
I did. About life, the war, me.
About you?
Well, yes, among other things.
What about you?
Who the fuck are you anyway! Who are you?!
I did not insult you, Lieutenant, sir.
Vesko, keep an eye on him. If you have to, tie him up.
No need for that, sir.
Take your weapons. We'll search the entire area.
Cole! - Listen. I'm going, too.
Well, who should I leave him with? Ass?
He's not interested in him. Don't worry.
What do you mean not interested?
I'm definitely not going anywhere. -You be quiet!
Wait a minute. Take it easy. -Please, I have to get out.
If there's a problem, Lieutenant, I'll be glad to stay.
Have a little trust in your soldier.
I'll be on my best behavior, I promise.
All right. You're going with us.
You take the radio and stay connected.
Siviiiiiii, Siviiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!
First Sivi started yelling, saying that there was someone inside.
We pressed our ears against the wall. I really didn't hear anything.
But then Sivi started going crazy.
Banging on the wall with his fists, his head, kicking it,
scratching at it with his fingernails.
I thought maybe there really was something inside.
I just tapped the rifle butt and we tore down the wall.
I have no clue who he is.
Sivi! Sivi!
Stop yelling in my ear!
Tell me now, where is that place?
It's right here, very close.
Watch your step.
Come on. Come on.
There's nothing but a table and chair.
The ashtray's full of cigarette stubs.
No food or water.
He was sitting and smoking as if waiting for someone.
Waiting for what?
For us.
Savage, pull it up!
Come on, come on.
Let's look around a bit.
Don't count on me for lunch.
How come you didn't see this the last time, people?
We didn't even come to this part of the factory last time.
Which side do they belong to? -A common tomb.
Their men and ours.
Who killed them then?
There's no way we can get them out like this.
Don't move! Put down your weapon.
Take it easy. -Put down the weapon! I'm telling you!
All right. Here. Take it easy.
It's okay, man, calm down. The war is over. Here it is.
Get over there.
Now tell me where he is.
Stop screwing around with me, Lieutenant.
Where is the one that was in the cellar, walled in?
What do you need him for?
Stop! Don't shoot! Can't you see he's one of us?
But this one is not!
Get away. Let him go.
What happened? You all right?
I'm all right.
We ran into this lunatic, in the factory.
He attacked us, so Caki kind of eliminated him.
Come on.
This guy's following us.
I know, all the way from the factory.
Oh, shit. Come on.
Caki, call Headquarters and let them know about this guy.
Where is Ass?
The soldier I left you with. Where is he?
Oh! We had a little chat, and then he left.
What do you mean, he left?
Where is the soldier that I left here to guard you?
Just behind you.
Where were you?
Behind the house, taking a dump.
The toilet's flooded, you can't get anywhere near it.
Oh, Ass, Ass, what an ass you are.
What did you talk to this guy about?
With whom? This guy?
Yes. -I didn't. He was the one doing the talking.
What did he say? -How would I know?
I wasn't listening.
A half-baked nut is all he is.
I can't get through to Headquarters. I'll try later.
Caki, how does he look?
He's bled out badly.
We'll take him to Headquarters, as soon as the next shift arrives.
Major, what's your name?
And the other one? Jovan, right?
Why did you attack us?
Do you know that peace has been signed?
We were guarding him, but then we ran out of water.
So we went to look for it. And you released him.
We should have killed you all, for being a bunch of fools.
Are you threatening me?
I'm not.
He is!
All right, all right. That's enough.
You released Satan, you fools!
Do you two know each other?
The gentleman is one of the ones who walled me in.
Case! Case!
Satan drinks my soul.
What the hell are you talking about, man?! What's wrong with you?
Find Jovan, if you don't believe me!
Take the fool outside!
Which fool?
Get out!
Find Jovan, I tell you!
We should get the hell out of here.
Even the muslim got it. Only you people are blind and deaf.
Cole, he's a demon.
A demon? What?
Whereas your colleague mentioned Satan, if I recall?
Hey, he's not anyone's colleague!
How is that?
You're all in the same line of business.
What business?
Well, killing.
Listen here, Hegel.
You've bored us enough. You really are something.
I heard him when he was talking to Sivi. Evil, I'm telling you.
I'm afraid you didn't understand very well.
In that factory we found dead soldiers.
What do you have to say about that?
I know better than you that it's horrible.
But, do you have anything to say about it?
Well, what can I say? It's a disgrace.
It's been half a year since my fingernails were this white.
Is that Jovan or Sivi?
This guy is either crazy or he knows about the mines.
He's running! Get him!
Keep your arms at your sides! Don't move!
This is like a holiday resort, man.
What did you say?
I said, this is like Mount Jahorina, man.
Pussy at every turn.
That's enough, you two.
All the things you find, dear Savage. What a case you are.
Hey, kid! Where do you think you're going!?
We took the stuff out.
We thought no one would be back.
It's her house, huh?
What have you done here?
We moved in. It was already abandoned and burnt down.
Who gave you the right to move in here?
The war, I guess.
Where is my father?
Danilo Vukotic.
I don't know.
There was nobody here when we arrived.
Call Headquarters. -I am. Keep trying.
Hello, March. March, do you read me?
It's no use. Hello, March.
You are one brave girl, Danica Vukotic.
Brave and over eighteen. You can't keep me here.
It's peace. They announced it. -Peace.
Do you know how many people got killed
yesterday, in peace time?
I have to find my father.
And what makes you think your father is here?
Is that his coat?
When it all started, he got the whole family out of here.
And he stayed to fight.
We'll check with Headquarters. Caki, call Headquarters.
I'm trying but it won't work. Hello, March, do you read me?
And where have you been all this time?
In refugee camps, mostly.
The Red Cross helped me get to town,
and from there I went by foot. -From there.
That's more than twenty kilometers.
I want you out of here!
This is my house. I was born here.
You were, before hundreds of mines were planted around.
You planted them, not me.
All right, it was both us and them.
You know, the location of your house was once the demarcation line.
It was an important...
An important strategic point.
I don't give a damn about your...
Don't swear.
Never mind.
Your strategic point.
This is my house. This is my life. I can do as I please.
Call Headquarters! What are you looking at!?
I'm calling, but it won't work! Hello, March! March!
Hey, Savage! Memed! Come here, brother!
Listen. Stay here for now.
We have to search the whole area.
Make a bed for her downstairs so that she can lie
down and take a nap.
As if I'm the guest here.
You're not a guest.
Just lie down and rest for a while.
And we will try to find your father through Headquarters.
Go on.
Go on.
I'm a little deaf from the mine, you know.
She's a sleep.
What a case you are, man.
Well, we should at least be decent enough to shave.
Sure, Memed.
Danica! Are you cold?
Don't worry, Lieutenant.
If she needs anything, we'll be here. We'll take care of her.
If she needs anything, we'll be here. We'll take care of her.
Beware, or you might get emasculated.
Oh, mother!
Oh, mother!
Hello, March! March, do you read me?
I don't get it. The device seems fine.
I don't get it. The device seems fine.
I'm doing everything by the book and the frequency is good.
The rest of the world disappeared, as if it never existed.
And what are we going to do with the wounded guy,
if the next shift doesn't arrive soon?
if the next shift doesn't arrive soon?
It will arrive.
I have to go on. I waited and now I have to go on.
You said you'd help me find my father, but you didn't.
I have to go on. I can't do it, woman.
Can't you see I have to get a connection first?
And when will that be? -I don't know when.
And when will that be? -I don't know when.
But until then, you sit where you are.
Hello, March!
March, do you read me?
Hello, March!
We'd like to talk to you, if you have a minute.
What is it?
Did the guy ask for something to eat or drink?
Only for a cigarette.
But when he saw how many we had, he didn't want to take it.
Oh, that's very nice of him.
Case, why aren't you looking for Sivi?
Didn't I order two searches a day?
Didn't I order two searches a day?
We would like to change positions.
To go down to the base.
You think this is a socialist self-government?
Do you know when the next shift was supposed to arrive?
Seriously, maybe we could...
What? Maybe we could what?
Wasn't the order to wait here until the next shift arrives?
Who do you think I am, my friend? Godot?
How long am I supposed to wait?
You're going to wait until I tell you to stop waiting.
No, I won't, man. I'm going home, you understand?
You're going to the military court, if you don't shut your trap.
You're going to the military court, if you don't shut your trap.
Fuck you and the military court. You hear me?
Fuck who? -Fuck you! In the mouth.
You motherfucker!
Cole! The girl went into the mine field.
Cole! The girl went into the mine field.
Stop! Stop!
Be careful, there's one over there. -I see it.
Caki, what is it?
A spring mine. ''The frog''.
A spring mine. ''The frog''.
The frog. Listen, don't worry. Just stay where you are.
How did you know you stepped on it?
I heard when it... clicked.
Listen, this is a spring mine, so just keep
your foot on it and don't be afraid.
I'm sorry, I just had to find my father.
I'm sorry, I just had to find my father.
It's all right, just don't move. What do you think?
There's no way I can dismantle it. We'll have to...
Listen. Cole and I will dart forward towards you from here,
and you jump as far as you can.
You got that?
Yes. -You understand?
Yes. -Give me your things.
Yes. -Give me your things.
Guys! The frog!
You ready?
Yes. From now on I'm listening.
I'll hold you to your word.
It will be all right.
Spread your arms.
When we run over to you, you should jump as far as you can.
Are you ready?
I guess.
Here we go. Three, two...
Here we go. Three, two...
Don't roll around with her too much.
Oh, cut it out. Three, two, one. Go!
Did it get you?
Just a scratch. Are you okay?
Are you going to be okay? -Thank God.
Let's do it one more time.
Cut it out. Stop screwing around.
Cut it out. Stop screwing around.
I'll be damned if you guys are sane.
We kicked the frog's ass, people.
You all right? -I'm fine.
Savage, put the tape back, pal. -I will.
Ahhh, sweet Jesus!
Ahhh, sweet Jesus!
Savage, wait.
Wait, it's me.
Lie down! Lie down and don't move!
There are new mines! The soil is turned up!
My eye..
Your eye is there, God bless it.
Your eye is there, God bless it.
What are these mines doing here?
I want to go home! -Stop, don't move!
Stop, we're going home.
Don't, man! Calm down! Come over here!
Calm down.
Going to the house, the same way we came.
Oh, mother of God!
Truce, my ass. Fuck them all.
Come on over. What the hell are you looking at?
We have to go to Headquarters.
It would be best to wait till morning.
For the sunrise.
Who knows how many mines there are and where
they were planted.
Try to reach Headquarters again.
But it won't work, man.
Fuck... Just try it again.
All right, all right.
All right, all right.
It's not the enemy. Our explosive and our mines.
Everything we had is gone. And everything we dug out so far.
Everything we had is gone. And everything we dug out so far.
Excellent. Got any more good news for me?
I do.
It was definitely the Muslim.
It was definitely the Muslim.
The Muslim can't even stand. Let alone set up mines.
But he could have pulled out the cables.
Maybe it was Jovan?
Only Sivi knows where we keep the mines.
Our whole group knows where we keep the mines.
Our whole group knows where we keep the mines.
Come here.
Come here to have a little chat.
Hey, man, take it easy.
Cole, please sit down.
Who planted the mines?
Who planted the mines? Who planted the mines!?
Take your clothes off. All of them!
Take your clothes off. All of them!
Where did you get this? Where did you get the scars?
What about this? Where did you get this?
From a needle.
From a needle.
From a needle. Where did they pierce you?
In Jagomir.
What did they give you?
Looks like they were pretty generous.
Very much so.
This guy is crazy.
How long were you in the nuthouse?
A long time. Too long.
They held me there trying to cure themselves.
From what?
You're so scary I could shit in my pants.
It's horrible what people are capable of doing to one another.
Savage, bring the Muslim over.
We were going to the front lines.
We were going to the front lines.
There was a factory beneath Cemernik, some of us even worked
there before the war.
But nobody knew him.
Who? Who is he? Nobody knew who?
He appeared out of nowhere. He sat down and lit a cigarette.
He appeared out of nowhere. He sat down and lit a cigarette.
He didn't even look at us.
He just kept grinning. Cursing God.
We wanted to kill him. But then your guys arrived.
Which ones?
The infantry, grunts, simple locals just like us.
And!? Go on!
There was shooting all day, we repulsed the attack.
It all calmed down during the night.
And then we had a fight.
What kind of a fight?
A fight that occurred more naturally than anyone would ever think,
my Serbian friend.
We started killing each other, just for the hell of it.
Just before dawn I killed Tarik.
And he was like my younger brother.
We spent three years in the trench together.
I shot him in the head.
Terrific. Tarik was a real hero.
We truly feel very sorry for him!
Why are you looking at me?!
What are you looking at!? Go on, speak!
Your guys attacked us again in the morning, and they detained us.
They tied us down, sat down to think about their next move,
and all the while Satan was still talking.
Then the guys on your side also started to fight
amongst themselves.
In the morning, there was nobody left but Jovan, him and I.
Wait a minute. You and Jovan dumped the bodies.
We had nothing to bury them with.
And we walled-in Satan in the cellar.
Then you released him.
Well, if you had killed him straight away we wouldn't have
released him.
What are you talking about!?
Satan, my ass! What's with all this bullshit, huh!?
Don't, son, leave him alone.
Let him go, Vesko, you say?
One of my men has been shot in the head, another went missing,
and this lunatic is playing games with me.
Let him go.
And what about Jovan and his guys, our guys...
What did they call him?
They called him differently. Demon, the devil.
We Muslims call him Satan.
Everybody has a right to their own opinion.
Oh, I'm fed up with you too!
Hey! Hey!
Kill the piece of shit. -Be quiet!
Don't kill him, he was the first, the one who created this world.
If you kill him, we'll all disappear.
A moment ago he was the devil and now he is God.
I don't get it.
Imagine how I feel.
Major, how do you know all this about him?
That's what people started saying when he appeared.
Your people were saying this, too.
And?! What else did they say about the gentleman?
They said that your hand is his hand.
He created you.
Your hand is his creation.
Shoot and you'll kill him.
But you'll also kill yourself and all of us.
As well as everything that exists.
People, tell me this guy is crazy, please!
And you believe this?
Please don't kill him.
All I know is that it all calmed down when we walled him in.
It would all be very well if I were a lunatic.
But what if I'm not?
It doesn't matter what you're called. But are you suicidal?
If my hand is your hand, if you are what you
say you are, then coincidences can do you no harm.
I am who I am.
Stop with the blasphemy!
There are no coincidences.
Then you have nothing to be afraid of.
No coincidences.
Caki, don't!!!
Here's a coincidence! And another one! You piece of shit!
Give it to me!
Fuck you!
Hey, it's okay, brother. It's okay. Calm down.
You're really testing your luck, Staff Sergeant, sir.
It wasn't loaded. I pretended to...
to put the bullet in the cylinder. To scare him.
Can I have a look?
The gun. You say it wasn't loaded. So, let me see.
You think I would lie to you?
Oh, Caki, please, don't you go crazy on me too.
You think I would lie to you? Here, take a look!
It's okay. It's all right.
There are mines to the north as well.
We're surrounded on all sides.
It will take months to remove them all.
Here's another one!
Case! Case! Where are you going?!
Case! There are new mines. Stop, you gonna get killed!
Where are you going?! Case!
Case! Open up, please. It's me.
Case, open up, you hear me? Case!
Where did he get the key?
He'll come out when he cools off.
And what are we going to do, Lieutenant?
Nothing. Tomorrow we continue removing the mines.
Wait, where are you going with that?
He has to eat something, too.
No, he doesn't. He's God. Right?
The demiurge.
Come again?
The demiurge.
The first.
The one who visualized and created the world.
According to Plato, he is the divine entity that
created the world with ideas and matter.
Screw you with your university degree, Caki.
The great architect of the universe.
The evil spirit that fights against God.
The human species is the product of a failed experiment
by the demiurge.
I'm getting a headache, man.
For him there is no hunger, cold, disease or old age.
He can die only if he kills himself.
Which would mean that if he created us and we were to kill him,
he would be killing himself?
Something like that.
All right. And then?
Then everything disappears.
The whole world.
Only endless silence and emptiness remains,
awaiting the new demiurge.
And you believe this?
I'm asking, do you really believe in it?
Nah. I'm just saying that's what they believe in.
Don't ruin everything now, Staff Sergeant, sir.
You were doing so well.
Hey! You are crazy!
You're nuts, in an extensively studied and recognized way.
It's called solipsism.
It's all written in the books.
The solipsist believes that the whole world is merely his illusion.
He thinks he is sitting in the center of the universe,
on the navel of the world, dreaming about everything that
surrounds him.
Now, if you think that this is all my dream,
then it would be best for everybody if I woke up.
Vesko, where was the explosion?
Throw it.
He's alive. Hello, stop!
Stop, for fuck's sake. Stop! Stop when we tell you!
Stop, man, you're going to get killed!
Oh, screw the piece of shit!
Be quiet!
Guys, it's Jovan!
Put him here. Slowly.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
Bring him onto the table.
Oh, fuck! -Easy, easy.
Give me that. Easy.
He's beyond help.
Jovan! -Where are you going?
Get out of the way. Jovan! Jovo! Jovan! Jovan...
Give me the cross!
What have you done?
Do you see what you have done?
You people are to blame for all of this!
It's all your fault! You killed him!
You released Satan!
Come over here, you fucking... Oh, fuck! Shut up!
You're not fooling me.
He's demon that commits blasphemy and estranges people
from one another.
We found him in the cellar below the ground, where the door to hell is.
That's where he came from.
He is the devil who uses lies to force people into evil deeds.
I don't lie. Call me what you will, but I don't lie.
I know what you are.
I've known from the start.
If I don't kill him right now, he will destroy us all.
Come on, leave the man alone!
That's no man, you fool!
Cole, get out of the way.
What, now you want to shoot me too?
Cole, please get out of the way.
Vesko, have you gone crazy?!
You are crazy! You look but you don't see!
Don't you get it?!
Get out of the way, I tell you!
Put the gun down.
All right. Take it easy.
Calm down. Wait, wait. It's okay. It's okay.
Put the gun down.
Hey, it's okay. Stop screwing around.
Go ahead, shoot.
That's what he wants us to do, Cole.
But you don't kill the devil with a bullet.
You do it with a prayer.
Vesko!Caki! Vesko!
Savage, to the window!
Vesko! Vesko! Vesko, come here.
It's all right. It's not bad.
May it be your will, on earth and in heaven... -Vesko!
Savage! Camouflaged three meters to the right of the pole,
protect me with fire.
Three meters from the pole! Fire away!
It's okay, Vesko!
Savage, stop shooting!
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
Cole got him.
Kid, go get the morphine from the container!
In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit....
Case! We need morphine! Open up!
The one you believe in.
He was nothing but a good-natured son of a carpenter.
Shut up, you son of a bitch!
It's all right....
Hello, March. Answer me.
Hello, March, this is September calling. Hello, March, answer me.
Hello, March, fuck you in the middle of March!
He was hiding right under our noses the whole time.
As if he protected him?
I know what we should do.
I think we should whack him. End of story. Huh?
Who are we supposed to whack?
What do you mean, who?
What do you mean, who? You know who!
No, no!
He got you under his spell, too.
I can see it in your eyes.
I know you well. You believe him.
If you're so sure, why don't you kill him?
Huh? What do you need me for?
You already waited once for me to stop you.
I didn't wait for anything. I did not!
So, what are you waiting for now?
I know you too, Caki.
Like hell you know.
You don't know anything about me.
You don't even know where you are.
So, where am I?
In hell, pal. In hell.
You drew this?
You draw very nicely.
Thank you.
And has it ever happened to you that the drawing just
doesn't turn out the wait you wanted it to?
You wanted it to be nice, but it turns out kind of ugly.
You drag the pencil on the paper, producing a drawing that keeps
getting uglier, until you get something hideous.
And you cheerfully ask yourself where the boundary
is of the ugliness you are creating.
You believe your father will return.
I do.
It's a nice thing - faith.
Your spell won't work on me.
Vesko died because of you, you cowardly pussy.
You left us here alone 'cause you got scared shitless, Case.
Fuck, I can't believe you got scared.
As if I don't want to go home.
As if I... You're no case at all, you're just a...
I don't believe you any more!
I don't! You know what? Fuck you.
I'm hungry, I'm cold, and I want to go home.
If she next shift hasn't arrived by now, it won't arrive at all.
The war's over. I don't give a rat's ass about
anything anymore!
Where are they! Well, where are they!?
You, wait! Where are they?!
My little woolen shoes. Where are they?
I don't know.
Where are you going?!
You're not going anywhere until we find my little shoes!
You understand?!
Here they are.
Fuck your shoes!
You took them from me!
No, I only found them.
How old is your little boy?
Girl. Three years and ten months. Eleven.
One should take care of his family.
One should.
Stop, don't move. You squatted above a mine.
You and I are going to kiss for a while now!
Be quiet, be quiet!
Be quiet.
What is it, you cunt? What do you want?
I've been waiting for an hour for the next one on guard,
and this one comes out strutting her naked ass!
Get out of my sight! Scram!
You okay? Danica!
Savage, I never want to see anyone late for guard duty again.
You understand?
I'd like a moment of your attention! Thank you!
As you can see, I have taken him for a short walk,
so that this loony and I can get some fresh mountain air.
However, in my left hand is a grenade, and if anybody
tries to screw
around with me, we will all be blown to pieces, including
the Pharaoh.
So, put your fucking guns down!
I hope I was clear enough.
What do you want?
You're asking me what I want, you cunt?
I want to sit in a cafe, like a gentleman.
To order to drink that doesn't stink like a flask.
I want to walk on the asphalt and to forget this shit,
this war, this damn mountain.
And all of you! Fuck you all!
Is that an adequate answer to your stupidn question?
Is it?!!
We are in the middle of a damn mine field.
But you're not going to convince me that Sivi has cooked
this whole thing up.
That he was the one who planted these fucking mines.
If he wanted to kill us off like rabbits, it was in agreement
with him.
For that reason I am suggesting that he lead the way
and that we follow him one by one.
And I can bet on my life that we will all get out
of here alive and well and justifiably happy.
This guy will destroy us all!
I am kindly asking you to shut up or you're dead.
You hear me?!
Lieutenant, you know what will happen if you don't stop him!
So, unless anyone has a better idea, I would like to ask you
to pack up your things, so that we can get the hell out of here.
Let's go. -You can't do that!
One moron less. Any objections?
No? Good.
You don't understand a thing, brother.
You're such a case, man.
Get down!
The prisoner is fine.
I'm guarding him from now on. I don't trust you people anymore. Go.
Go on.
Sit here.
Bring the tent fabric.
What do you need it for?
Bring the fucking tent fabric. Don't make me repeat myself.
Dad used to dry meat in here.
I got a connection.
I got in touch with Headquarters.
Somebody screwed up the fuse earlier.
I haven't noticed it until now.
Listen. This is our frequency.
I can barely hear it. Can we get a better connection?
Do you understand what they're saying?
No. They're all talking at once.
It sounds like they're arguing.
You hear all sorts of stuff when you're tired.
I will have to climb on that hill to get a better connection.
You can't because of the mines.
The mines are not a problem if you conquer your fears.
I don't understand.
Remember how I told you about leaving my studies
to come back here to fight?
I remember that they called you to tell you that your
family got killed.
And why did I come back?
You came back to fight?
To take revenge, to help us win. I don't know.
I came out of fear.
What are you saying?
The fear that has been inside of me.
I have been feeling it ever since the war began.
You are the bravest man I met in my life.
You saved my life and got me out of all sorts of shit so many times.
I did all that just to conquer my fears.
That's the only thing I ever fought against.
And I have never been so scared as right now.
It's time.
You know very well that even if you get past these mines,
the hilltop is full of their mines.
Just keep the line open.
You got a smoke?
See you around, peasant.
See you, city slicker.
Watch out for Ass.
Caki, do you hear me? Hello. Caki, respond.
I made a mistake in keeping you here.
You would be better off if you were far away.
Cole! Cole!
Savage, where is your prisoner?
He's safe. I've been thinking about something, Lieutenant.
I've been thinking of how tired I am. I haven't slept a wink
last night, and I could use a little nap.
Well, take a nap then.
If I took a nap, you would kill him straight away.
No way.
As long as he is alive, my family at home is alive!
I'm going home. You understand?
Savage, nobody will harm the prisoner or your family.
I would really like to believe you, Lieutenant.
But, hell, I just don't!
Just a little longer, and then home.
Get down!
Caki, respond.
Do you hear me?
Caki, respond! Caki!
Can you hear me?
So much for Caki. Sorry. I mean, Sergeant Cuturovic.
We'll have to get to Headquarters.
Past the mines?
Have you learned how to fly?
Whoever steps on one will learn that too, Cole.
If the mines are the only problem, maybe I can help?
Don't worry. You can come out.
They have come to help.
Where... Where are you going?
We have free passage over here. Hello?
We can't go there. We have to find Caki.
Let's go!
What if we stop and have a bit to eat?
I mean, it's a little raw. But I like it bloody...
Cole, seriously, we can wait for them to pave the road with asphalt.
Well, what do you suggest?
Let me go first. It'll be quicker.
Come this way, it's safe.
This way?
I knew you hated us.
But man who betrays the people in his unit would have to be a real,
downright ass.
What... What are you talking about, Cole?
You had plenty of time to plant the mines, but what I'm wondering is why.
What made you screw over the people with whom you spent
four years in the war?
Did he talk you into it?
What could he have offered you?
Nothing... He's just a lunatic.
I don't believe in any of it.
The devil and Satan thing is all crap.
But I knew he was right when he said that in
a day or two we would be at each other's throats.
Planted the mines, kept us in the camp, fucked up our truck.
And radio.
You think I don't know about your plan with the military court
when I return?
Why, Cole?
You sold me out for a couple of fucking civilians.
All of you!
What were you thinking?
Killing us all... no witnesses, no evidence.
All you ever think about is your own ass, Ass.
You've been calling me Ass all these years.
Tell me, Lieutenant.
What's the real name of your soldier?
Tell me this and I won't kill you on the spot like a dog!
You're entitled to three guesses.
First guess, Cunt.
Second guess, Dick.
Oh, sorry, sorry. You're neither a cunt nor a dick.
Your real name, your only name, is Ass.
And you are such a big ass that I gave you a rifle without
a firing pin.
You just stood there and watched when Savage wanted to kill me.
Come here, you pussy. Come on.
Cole, don't. Don't.
I told you not to test your luck, Staff Sergeant, sir.
Caki. Caki.
Cole. Cole, I did it.
I'm no longer afraid.
You have to try it, Cole.
Take this, you devil.
Caki! Caki!
Bring her back to life.
What are you looking at?
If you're God, bring her back!
If you're not, my soul will have to carry the burden
of killing you too.
You know that all you need is your faith.
Don't make me repeat myself.
I'm neither Caki nor Vesko. I will kill you like a dog.
Bring her to life!
Cole, the bullet just gazed me. I'm fine.
The bullet just gazed me. I lost breath and that's all.
He did it.
Let's go.
I'm not going.
I have a choice.
We don't have a choice. Look at what he's done to us.
Everybody sees whatever they wish to see.
He's nothing.
I have to.
You really believe you can resolve this in this way?
And you are ready never to find out who I really am?
It's no longer important who you are.
That's right. It's not important who I am, but who you are.
For the two of us, the war is over.