Cuentilandia. Ep.04. La Cenicienta (English Sub)

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Oh, my! What a disaster! This morning I can't even comb my hair ...
Cinderella! Come here immediately, Cinderella!
Cinderella! Bring me some more cookies, now!
And some more tea, too. Hurry!
- Cinderella! - Cinderella!
I've done this, too.
Let's see, now I have to water the garden, clean up the rooms, do the darning,
then prepare dinner, wash the dishes, iron the linen and, at last, polish all the silverware.
Thinking about it is a waste of time.
I have to keep on working.
I'm sorry if I keep you waiting, little flowers ...
I'm coming to water you!
The name of this maiden is Cinderella ...
"Cinderella" means covered with ash ..
and, as you may imagine, this is not the maid's real name.
Her wicked stepmother and stepsisters decided to call her this
because she always cleans up the fireplace.
Cinderella's problems started after her true mother's death,
when her father decided to get married again, to her stepmother,
who already had two daughters, now Cinderella's stepsisters.
But unfortunately, now that Cinderella's father is dead too, the stepmother treats her very badly.
She doesn't feed her well, she forced her to wear old rags ...
and, even worse, she makes her work like a slave.
That's a really nice lizard!
But in spite of everything, Cinderella preserves her kind nature and accepts everything with a smile.
Cinderella! Why are you wasting your time instead of working?
But, Mother, I was working. I wasn't wasting time ...
I don't want you to make excuses!
Well, are you turning a deaf ear?
My lovely daughters have been calling you loudly for almost an hour ...
and you, instead of answering, are here idleing!!
But honestly, I ...
I said I don't want any excuses! Go home, immediately!
Yes, Stepmother.
Now you can't go anywhere!
You've finished running around my bedroom as you like, you ugly rat!
Cinderella! What are you doing? There's a horrible rat, here!
I'll squash you on the wall, then I'll throw you in the pot and make cat food out of you!
No, please, don't hit him!
Out of my way, understand?
Please, Anastasia, don't do it! Spare its life!
The poor thing came out of its hole in search for food for its little mice!
Don't whine like that! If you don't get out, I'll tell Mother not to give you anything to eat for a week!
And to clean all the windows in the house, too.
But ...
That's enough! You asked for it!
Hurry, run!
How very clever! Look what have you done!
I'll tell Mother about this, and you'll be severly punish! Mother, come here to see what Cinderella did!
A carriage!?
Someone's coming to visit us ...
Yes, I'm coming.
My respects, Miss. I'm here to deliver a message from the King.
A message from the King?
From our King? Sorry if I've kept you waiting, Sir. Please, come in.
Mother, Drizella's naughty! You must punish her!
You liar ... you witch!
Take your dirty hands off of me!
Girls, calm down! This is no time to quarrel. We have guests.
Guests? That dummy?
This "dummy" is a messenger of the King!
The messenger of the King!?
The King has proclaimed that there will be a great ball at the palace this evening, and his son, the Prince, will choose a bride among the ladies of the Kingdom.
A great ball!?
His Majesty charged me to invite you all to the ball, my Ladies ...
Wonderful! We've been invited to the palace!
Now, please, excuse me. I have to go. I have to bring this message to all the maidens in the Kingdom.
We'll surely come. Let me accompany you to the door. Thanks for visiting us.
That's wonderful! I'm going to find a lovely dress for this occasion!
Oh, my, yes! You're right! We must be very elegant ... absolutely!
Cinderella, what are you doing there?
I must be beautiful for this ball ... come and help us immediatly!
Just as I tought. I wasn't invited to the Princes's ball ...
Anyway, I don't even have an elegant dress to wear.
I think I'm missing something ...
Of course! I need a few bows!
Cinderella, you must sew four nice bows on the neckline of my dress ... and quickly, understand?!
My hair must be perfect!
Cinderella, you must go find my pearl necklace ... I can't find it anywhere.
Sure ... I'm going.
Bring me my emerald necklace, too ... I want to wear it.
Sure, fine!
And remember, Cinderella: I want my shoes to be spic and span, understand?!
Yeah, fine!
Tell me something: you would like to come to the ball with us, wouldn't you?
No, I assure you: a palace is a not suitable place for a girl like me. My place is here.
You're absolutely right!
If Cinderella, the scullery maid covered with cinders, comes to the palace, everybody will begin to laugh!
Yes, could you imagine it?
My sisters are going to the ball, while I have to stay here ...
Why are you crying?
I'm crying because I'd like ... I'd like ...
You'd like to go to the ball with your sisters, right?
Who are you?
I'm a good fairy ...
If you promise me that you will always be kind and generous, I'll help you to go to the ball.
Yes! Now go into the garden, and pick up the biggest pumpkin you can find ...
Is this pumpkin right?
Yes, the size is just perfect.
How pretty.
What do you think? Do you like it?
Why, sure, it's beautiful!
But a coach without horses is not very useful, Fairy Godmother.
Don't worry about that, dear. Your friends will help us.
My friends? I don't understand ...
Hurry, come out! We need you.
Oh, the mice ... and the lizard, too!
Here you go. Abracadabra! Mechicka Boola!
Abracadabra! Mechicka Boola ... Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!
Very well, it seems like everything is ready for the ball.
Yeah, it's true ...
Fairy Godmother, can I go to the ball in these dirty old clothes?
Oh, how clumsy of me! Please, forgive me. I forgot the most important thing ... Abracadabra!
It's the most beautiful dress I have ever seen!
Wait, you can put on these, too.
Glass slippers ... how lovely!
It's just like a dream.
This dream will be true only until midnight!
You must be very sensible, Cinderella.
When the clock strikes midnight, the magic will end and everything will go back as it was before.
So remember, you must leave the palace before midnight.
Ok, I'll be back before midnight.
All the ladies in the kingdom are here at the ball, but none of them look even a bit interesting to me.
- The Prince is so handsome. - It's true, I'd give anything to dance with hime.
Forget it, I'll be the only one to dance with the Prince! - Shut up, I will!
- You're just dreaming. - No, I'm not!
Yes, you are!
- You ugly fatso! - Old scarecrow!
Stop, girls!
Do you want to spoil all your chances to charm the Prince by fighting here in the ball room?
- Forgive me, Your Highness, but a beautiful maiden has just arrived. No one at the palace seems to know her. - Really?
- She's beautiful ... - I have never seen her before.
- Who is she? - I guess she's a Princess.
Really, I've never seen such a beautiful and graceful girl.
I meant I've never seen such a lovely girl after you, my Queen.
Please, Miss, may I ask you to dance?
Forgive me, Your Highness, but what time is it?
The clock is striking midnight.
Now I must go!
No, please, wait!
When the clock strikes midnight, the magic will end and everything will go back as it was before.
Remember, you must leave the palace before midnight.
Wait, Miss, please! Don't run away like that. Let me take you home.
Hurry, Cinderella, it's late!
Just a moment, I'm coming.
Good day, Miss. Today I'm here not by the King's command, but by the Prince's order.
The Prince?
That's it, finally our turn has come at last!
Turn ... for what?
Same ninny, as you don't know ... in the whole country people are only speaking about this!
But she can't know. Think about it, Anastasia, the poor thing did not came to the ball with us ...
Let me explain: the Prince will marry the maiden who perfectly fits into this glass slipper.
Remember girls ... you must succed in fitting into the slipper no matter what price.
Don't worry, Mother, I'll try it on first ...
- No, girly, I will! - No, you don't!
Please, calm down, my Ladies. It doesn't matter.
No, it's not your size. - Ohhh, unlucky me!
Very well, now it's my turn. I bet this slipper is just my size.
Oh, no!
You two, if the slipper is too small just cut off your feet to fit it!
No, please, what are you saying? Another failure.
Please, Sir, may I try?
But Cinderella ...
What are you saying? Have you lost your mind?
Are you nuts? How can the slipper fit your foot if you were not even at the ball?
Please, just try. You have same right as the other girls.
And the Prince asked me to try the slipper on every girl in the kingdom.
- It's impossibile! . How could that be?
So it was you!
Finally! I've found the mysterious girl ... I've found the Prince's bride!
Best wishes, dear. I really hope you can forgive me for humiliating you all over this years ...
You wanted us to live with you at the palace after all we did to you ... you're too kind to us.
I'm so sorry for all my teasing. Please, forgive me!
Of course I forgive you. Don't forget you're my family ...
I wanted you to live with me at the palace because I love you.