Make Iron BLEED

Uploaded by NurdRage on 24.10.2011

Greetings fellow nerds.
In this video we’re going to make iron nails appear to bleed.
The experiment is very simple.
First get about 80mg of potassium thiocyanate.
Now add in 10mL of water,
3 drops of concentrated hydrochloric acid,
and 5 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide.
Shake up the mixture until completely dissolved.
Now for the fun part, get an iron nail and drop it in.
As time progresses, the nail will bleed.
What’s happening is first the hydrochloric acid and the hydrogen peroxide
are reacting with the iron to produce iron (III) ions.
These ions then react with the thiocyanate ions to produce iron thiocyanate ions.
These ions are a red color and give the appearance of blood.
But since it only forms near the surface of the nail, it appears the nail is bleeding.
It’s a really simple experiment, but has a very dramatic effect.
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