How to Control Your Anger Management Issues

Uploaded by realissuesrick on 06.08.2012

Hi, I'm Ricky Williams and I am an Anger Management Facilitator at Life Changes Learning Center.
Let me introduce you to the most effective anger management programs you will find anywhere.
This program will show you that you are not a bad person because you got upset about something.
But a good person because you're ready for things to get better and it will also help
you start a new journey in life
A journey where the outcome is that for the first time you have anger under control.
So If you are tired of hurting your family, your friends, and yourself
Then, Life Changes Learning Center is here for you.
We will show you how to rebuild those relationships again.
And you don't have to change everything about yourself.
You only have to make minor adjustments to move forward in life
So invest in yourself today
You can start by choosing from the options on the right that best describes your situation
After you reviewed the program you will be sent to our assessment form, once completed,
we'll call you to set up an appointment. Also, a portion of the proceeds from your sessions
will be donated to a non profit organization called C.A.S.A,
Court Approved Special Advocates, it's an organization that helps kids that's
been mentally, physically, and sexually abused.
So not only are you helping yourself to build a better future, you're also helping
these innocent children that's been victims of violence and anger get a better future
So start today by helping yourself
Again, I am Ricky Williams and if you are serious about dealing with your anger issues,
I will see you at the next class