Ghost Stories from Japan #64: Hanging (with English Captions)

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Ghost Stories: Collection of New Tales
Toda Masahiro
Matsuoka Kazuteru
Shuei Academy
"Hanging Down"
How many...
...does angle x measure?
Having A...
C and D.
-Bye. -Bye.
Take care.
Kazuhiko, you will get in trouble being distracted like that.
What's with this sick joke?
Volume is radius squared multiplied by 3.14 by the height...
...which gives us 62.8 cubic centimeters.
Ok, that's it for today.
Homework: the special problems on page 39.
Don't forget to come by 9.
Kazuhiko, could you stay for a while?
What's going on with you?
You're acting weird lately.
Did something happen at home?
You're in a mischievous mood all of the sudden?
You hung that weird rope, didn't you?
Teacher, can't…
Teacher, can't you see it?
-Igarashi Yoshiki -Here!
Saito Kazuhiko
Uchimura Chiharu -Here.
What happened?
The window...the window...
Are you alright?
Hey, take care.
Teacher, did you know?
They say that long ago someone committed suicide by hanging in this building.
Why is it closed?
The lights are off too.
"Due to circumstances beyond our control, Shuei Academy will remain closed."
-Why? -What happened?
Directed by Keisuke Toyoshima