My day at Kindergarten

Uploaded by schoolatoz on 03.09.2012

This is our Kindergarten. Come and see.
It’s sort of like preschool
because we get to do lots of things.
I like Kindergarten because we make stuff.
We can do stuff and like, learn stuff.
We learn about writing and our teacher helps us with writing.
I can write all the fun stuff that I did.
My mum helps with reading groups.
I like it when my mum comes cause I love her, because
every time when we say, “Good morning, Alison”,
I just say, “Good morning mum” because my mum's here. That's why.
We're reading 'The Hungry Giant'.
("So the people ran and ran and got the giant some bread.")
We don’t always read the same book every day. We get new books every week.
If you want to go to the toilet, pop your hand up.
After you go to the toilet you wash your hands.
"This is recess."
You eat a little snack and then you can go play,
but if it’s raining you need to play under the COLA.
At recess I love to play on the monkey bars - same with my friend named Isabelle.
The more I go up in terms, I make more friends.
In maths we do lots of stuff.
3D shapes, patterns, number writing.
We sing songs in Kindergarten.
"Hands with hats on 'H','H','H' and that's the sound that H makes."
We play ‘Guess who I am’.
Well when you put the faces on you need to try and guess lots of questions
and the more questions you answer and they say yes or no,
the more easier it gets to workout what you are.
"What is it?"
"Monkey!" (Laughter.)
I like art.
We use lots of craft and stuff.
When the bell rings, we go out for lunch.
I have sometimes pastas and sometimes lunch order
and sometimes my mum makes me just normal lunch.
I like fruit and sandwiches or crackers.
Well, I eat my sandwiches first and then I eat my other things and then I go out and play.
When we go outside we have to put our hat on.
When you want to say something, put your hand up.
When the teacher claps we have to copy.
"Now it's time for news!"
At news we also have to listen and we sometimes actually have a subject
but sometimes we can just bring in whatever.
Don’t worry because it’s really fun if you go in Kindergarten,
because sometimes you can do free play.
If you don’t get to do the thing you want to do, you get to do it tomorrow.
We take a reader home every day.
You have to read them with your mum and dad and the next day
you have to bring it back to school to get a new one.
Well my mum picks me up at the end of the day.
After school I go to aftercare.
"I'll see you again tomorrow!"
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