BOOKS R DUM (Zombies vs. Ninjas #7)

Uploaded by ShutUpCartoons on 15.06.2012

You did that on purpose!
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These crazy co-eds are co-dead! No inhibitions! No pulse! No endless babbling about the Twilight
movies! Call for your copy today!
Now that's my kind of woman! Tanzy, loan me $5000.00.
I'm not giving you money to buy trash.
It's not trash! There's a BIG difference!
Yeah, what is it?
This comes with bloopers!
Howdy Folks! It's time for the Annual Patriotic Liberty Freedom Patriots' Community Bar-B-Q
and Book Burning! This year we've found a massive trove of irreplaceable literary works -- and
we're gonna burn 'em to the ground!
That arrogant jerk! We've got to stop him from burning those books!
Please! Books are for suckers too lazy to pick up a video game, right Andre?
Andre love books! 'Specially de childhood favorite: "Little Bunny Hoppy-Hop Destroys
the Capitalist Satan." It come with Sing-a-Long tape!
If Flunkerton has his way soon there won't be any books left.
Thereby making more room for strip clubs! It's Win-Win!
Quit screwing around you guys! We've got books to save!
EEEHHHH! Incorrect. Thanks for playing.
Hey, check it out:
Won't somebody, anybody, help me save these irreplaceable literary works?
That's the librarian?!
DANG! I'd like to rifle thru her stacks!
Quit screwing around you guys! We've got books to save!
Is there no one who will help me?
Don't worry, Miss, we're here to--
'Scuse me, Tanzy, I got this. Hey girl, good thing I brought my library
card 'cause I am checking you out.
It'­s too late! The building is surrounded.
Don't worry. We can get the books out through the roof.
YES! I can do that -- and I will, for the low, low price of one, unforgettable date-night
with moi.
So now you're blackmailing women to go out with you? Spencer, this is a new low.
It's ok, I'll go out with you.
You will?
Sure. There's just one thing you ought to know first.
Oh god! She's hideous!
Spencer, she's a he.
It's true - it's the only way I could get anyone to help support the library.
Ah man! Why are all the hot girls either dead or have penises? C'mon troops, let's
Countless literary works will be destroyed unless we act, Spence.
What about Future Generations of Readers? They're depending on us! If we lose today
they'll never know about such Literary Treasures as -
"Zombie Hot Tub Party"?
Excuse me?
"Zombie Hotties Part 12"? "Ghouls Gone Wild"?
What kind of liberry dis is?
It's more of a personal collection.
We don't want anything to do with this kind of trash, do we guys?
Careful, they're heavy! We need to form a chain!
Spencer, we're not saving any of this junk!
Come on, Tanzy! Future Generations of Readers are depending on us, remember?
Onward, fellow patriots!
No no no no no! Tanzy, do something!
You did that on purpose!
Ninjas, evacuate!
Spence! Come on!
But, Tanzy!
On the other hand, my priorities may be a little screwed up -
My books - my wonderful books -- gone!
Don't be sad, there's so much more to life than hoarding stacks of trashy magazines.
Look at it as a new beginning -- a chance to pursue a new and more rewarding life.
Poor guy. I know just how he feels.
No worries! Andre have book make you feel all better.
"Once Upon Time, there lived Little Bunny Hoppy Hop who destroyed the Capitalist Satan."
Did she have big boobs?