Around The World in 90 minutes 5-5

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do you realize how hard it is to explain the nineteen months matters of America
you can start to see have difficulty getting any kind of was that really is
we understand the underlying principle
this time he's the opposite and the chaotic release of this golden age he creates wind
thousand rain snow
and everything else we hope the weather
all the problem begins when you try to put it all together
to predict what's going to happen on the global scale
those are elitist with gulf of Mexico
the to some of the most extreme weather on the changing
when you this is what remains is still looks like those things
just outside the I want A really getting hammered right now and also win
why is this is hurricane in the gulf of Mexico
a hundred percent certain
you'd need a computer model that takes into account every possible variable
right down to it but it's like beating its wings on the other side of the world
it simply isn't
and yet this year power and he gave me his story
the to say
I really like this one released more energy
the atomic bomb which destroyed hiroshima
still some say with absolute certainty
the space station policies that originally this page
in that time it takes to compete one with the space station the house of
one thousand six hundred dole
taking place somewhere
their space program is part of our defendant if you can shenon knowledge better understand
the mysteries about world
there is that rare disease on the effects of weightlessness on plants animals and the
human body
if we can better understand this
then we can stop thinking about taking the next decade their space
that's tomorrow on sonya live
the crew themselves are not father said program
it's amazing what happened to that all these health care
without gravity putting down on them
they grew by about three centimeters during the six-month mission
good evening for the astronauts it's easy to forget how amazing this is
the incredible becomes the mundane very quickly
they may be in space of the working week is still eight so far is Monday to Friday
like everyone else in the human race
they end up just getting on with the job at hand
I need called demanded to be incredibly complex machine
this is human civilization
so perhaps we should take a moment to consider just what about ten years number twelve we
humans have created for ourselves
take Chicago that eighty eight degrees west
janet the defense yesterday polo towers
I think a lot of social issues the oldest ones
pieces of seemingly trouble isn't really ten million people
all of the old in the minutiae of and eighty nine
helping close
the things they need to get through the day
one of the the
contributing to a little bit about
she called it is also home to the largest commodities trading floor in the world
wolf capitalism
when for taking on the future crises of orange juice and steel
the straightest candidate trying to predict that the scenes
our economic system
a man in a city jackie police his hands and time zones and rainforest only seats before
subprime mortgage means on the other side of the road
the whole thrust itself
taken something as simple as buying and selling stuff
and if you do it clearly
there's nothing any of the seat assembly
Foster says he would work to these of the world
will generate nine point four billion dollars
in that time the space station makes a single it
it's not just the money markets have changed
these days many aspects of human life are enough to make your head spin even creating
the humble beef that had
has become an insanely complicated operation
the next stop on our oldest east Texas
the state but he said of the fourteen percent of America's the said have also been a better
chance of making it just makes the media
tell us they will be for should sterilized and I and I think radiation if in fact he
was sealed in soil punches before being blasted into orbit they would really be able to enjoy
human disease come together as that it was a huge
for constantly chasing it there and the wilderness
sinister genius we came up with the idea of fun
this way he handles to stay in one place what we know
the senate's
well no on the head with an infected
in some places this simple idea has got to get out of hand
coming it takes to make some sort of us health around his ideas years
this did not happen
it's a testament to the power of thousands of years of investigation
the council will even stand for this
the styles of doing business
polls show downstairs with tight security surrounding that stock
Rice traveled
these that is compliance
in a ninety minute debate people kind of forty nine thousand six hundred fifty seven of them
will be selected to feed the human race
the space station sits at the and the furthest tentacles of the same food distribution network
that starts with house in Texas
they get regular do want to do it in the freezer golden arm and just these provisions cost
more than a week ago
it's essential
which makes this one of the most expensive meals in the history of time
apart from the jurors having to chase themselves around the room
the other thing many of the crew finds is that space flight down to the taste buds says
a lot to keep a ready supply of spices on and to get meals as much taste as possible
the visit to moscow a series into space may be impressive
but it's nothing compared to the sent waves with Iran junior issue that
consider the next stop on out west little bit
las vegas
most major settlements develop with course will grow well mineral resources of abundance
class flourished into his or her traitorous are
the this is none of these things
it was just so I don't I mean it doesn't
I'm andrea arceneaux in atlanta
this is a this is a city where everything we've as intense as I went to build cities
has been ignored
I think if I think you'll probably see some misunderstanding of the alleles
the ability to use your life savings on the process that varies
but turned it into the fastest growing city in America
this city is the crowning achievement opportunity to tell you
world's resources whatever we want
however the senate this may be
it means the sauce expanding city
it seems and it seemed like a good piece be a dozen said reading from
in fact they this also happens to be the the city and the fact is country
it gets more sensitive
think this is a crazy system of excess
reynolds fighters closest rival to safety and health
he said that just has to stop
I think the west
the season if you just say this
the dispute involves for the kids
before we start
the expensive game
to use machines the to take the action of morphine and the key thing
one old ways of the space station
the human race will collect this kind of the sixty two million dollars
nineteen eighty
while one thousand five hundred sixty two people around the planet dying of starvation
it's a crazy world of winners and losers
%uh like
and there's another thing it's easy to take for granted down on us
in space the two major preoccupation
transporting all the necessary oxygen not told eight with the bulky and very expensive
so the station has to generate its own people
this is done by running an electrical current through water is just that the oxygen out
from behind him which the troop command three
the air is then circulated through charcoal filter as the removed carbon dioxide or other
nazi gases that leak from the cruise parties will from all the equipment on board
sustaining an environment where six people can briefly is one thing
of the six billion people
provide a frost in a test
the next stop on his old it is Los angeles which has some of the worst that quality in
the united states
why should I
and they started out at a distinct disadvantage
I mean given by the native Americans care woes the funniest smoke
this is the way that can find schools small on the missing in the act
the nominee
cold was taking positions
the still trapped think mission in the city today
in two thousand inmates
the city have the highest year and prosecutor pollution in America
however because at least does get trapped into the city the circus minds on refusing
dangerous situation
thanks to these remarkable that's nothing to sneeze now has the middle east
that kind of the carbon emissions
any city in saying that the USA
nevertheless in that time it would take to complete one set of navigation
finally million tonnes of carbon will be released into the atmosphere
in nineteen ninety two so the other concern that we have is that you know we
we've been knowing that many of them are the industrial now what we still have many finance
ministers of the united states
probably not much there is currently running at its highest level for and hundred thousand
don't do this is bad news for a living creatures
and I suspect in the senate if you're a TV did you not test animals setting the scene
for fighting
these cells just live off the NHL is the each flight attendants and reaching sentence seems
when seldes can see the Clinton takes the the commonest candidates which seeks to be
a standstill
it's really not back into the air
usually salazar said
so once I doesn't make much difference
but when they need to take him through five so than any other animal
and when food becomes abundance
they sounds of these issues
these can contain trillions of individual selves
and cover up to a hundred thousand square kilometers in length
Paul mones upscale instead of the two hundred fifty time