Ike to Obama - 60 Years of Campaign Ads

Uploaded by hmatkin on 03.11.2012

Ike for President. Ike for President.
Adlai to you. Adlai to me.
Kennedy. Kennedy. Kennedy. Kennedy. Kennedy. Kennedy. Ken-ned-y for me.
Nixon now. Nixon now. More than ever, Nixon now.
It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation: "Yes,
We Can."
>> STEVENSON: It's wonderful how, sitting right here in my own library, thanks to television
I can talk to millions of people.
>> OBAMA: If I could sit down with you, in your living room or around the kitchen table,
here's what I'd say.
>> GOLDWATER: I say it is time to put conscience back in government.
>> DUKAKIS: I believe this country has a conscience.
>> CARTER: When I look around, this is what I see.
>> KENNEDY: This is a great country, but I think it could be a greater country.
>> NIXON: A better America, for all Americans.
>> MCCAIN: We need a new direction and I have a plan.
>> OBAMA: Read my plan.
>> CLINTON: I have a plan to end welfare as we know it.
>> BUSH 41: I favour reformed welfare.
>> KENNEDY: I want the individuals to meet their responsibilities.
>> CARTER: It's time we got started.
>> EISENHOWER: And it's time for a change.
>> DUKAKIS: Because the question before us is the strength and the character of our country.
>> GOLDWATER: Government must draw its strength from the people.
>> STEVENSON: The strength and the wisdom that I need must be drawn from you, the people.
>> OBAMA: You have a choice to make.
>> GORE: And there's a big difference between us.
>> DUKAKIS: There are fundamental differences.
>> BUSH 41: The world is in transition.
>> NARRATOR: Or this man, Governor Romney.
She was for the bridge to nowhere, before she was against it.
Now he's against it and says he always has been.
>> REPUBLICAN FOR LBJ: Was he serious when he did put it that way? Is he serious when
he says he wouldn't put it that way? I just don't get it.
>> NARRATOR: Ever notice what happens to Nixon when the political winds blow?
Kerry voted for the Iraq war. Opposed it.
Again this year he said, "I just supported it to get it out of sight."
Supported it and now opposes it again.
Which way will he blow next?
Whichever way the wind blows.
>> CARNIVAL BARKER: What are you complaining about? You get two promises for the price
of one.
>> NARRATOR: Which Ronald Reagan should we believe?
>> REAGAN: Do you honestly Believe that Barry wants his sons and daughters involved in a
>> NIXON: Is that what you want for America.
>> NARRATOR: What has Richard Nixon ever done for you? How much do we really know about
Michael Dukakis?
>> ROMNEY: We can't afford another four years.
>> NARRATOR: Nothing could be more frightening than four more years.
Michael Dukakis has opposed virtually every defense system we develop.
He would cut interceptor planes by one half.
In an increasingly dangerous world...
there is a bear in the woods...
and weakness attracts those who are waiting.
These people want to kill us.
Killer weapons in space.
They used to explode atomic bombs in the air.
Today, the threat is drugs... which he labelled America's public enemy number one.
It is time for an honest look at the problem of order in the United States.
Juvenile delinquency! Crime! His revolving door prison policy gave weekend furloughs
to first degree murderers. George Bush has taken a furlough from the truth. Bill Clinton
is an unusually good liar. Mitt Romney on Ohio jobs: wrong then, dishonest
now. Wrong in the past, wrong for our future.
Lower taxes. Higher taxes. Record employment. Unemployment. Peace. War. Highest wages. Lower
pay. States rights. Centralization of government.
>> CARTOON MAN: Whoa! Stop!
>> NARRATOR: The McGovern bill would make forty seven per cent of the people in the
United States eligible for welfare. When he attacked forty seven per cent of Americans.
Forty seven per cent. Don't look now, young man, but somebody has
his hand in your pocket. Hey pal, how 'bout a couple hundred billion? I'll pay ya right
America is smiling again. It's morning again in America. It's morning in Decaturville,
Tennessee. Clinton/Gore: For people, for a change. A leader, for a change.
The ticket for you, not just the few. For the people. It's time for a fresh start. A
fresh start for America. For a new beginning. For a leader like Roosevelt. In your heart,
you know he's right. There is no alternative. They understand what peace demands. The stakes
are too high for you to stay home. Vote like your whole world depended on it.
>> CARTOON MAN: Me? I like Ike.