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Hello and welcome to the Monday show
if you're not familiar, my name is Philip DeFranco
and this show really isn't a show
it's just me some of the stuff that mattered in the news to me
starting with:

A group of Swedish sea treasure hunters
found a 60 foot disc at the bottom of the ocean
what's more interesting than the disc itself  
is the 980 foot long
impact tracks leading to it
because it looks like whatever this 60 foot dics is
crashed into the ocean at such a high velocity
that it went 285 feet
down into the ocean, slide a 1,000 feet
and then finally came to a halt
to which many people, would go "Oh well how do you it's real?
I mean..." to which I would say
Okay I get what you're saying dub dub
but the people that found it are legitimate treasure hunters
that have been doing this for 18 years
they have legitimate successful pulls
from the ocean, and Peter Linberg, the commander
of the Ocean Explorer said he's never seen anything like this
and for me it's less of a conversation of
'Is it a ship or is it a-" it seems like it's a ship
we won't know until someone actually goes down there
eh James Cameron?
that's something you could do
but the question really would be:
is it human or is it alien?
and I am saying for the sake of conversation
suspended your disbeliefs of aliens
because I personally think it's a 98% chance
that it's just secret US technology
I mean that super secret helicopter that they used to kill Osama Bin Laden
that thing exsisted for like at least ten years
and we didn't even know it exsisted until like this year
but I'd love to know what you guys think
and what's scary is we might not ever know what it actually is
because Peter Linberg and his crew of trusty Sweds
said, you know, they just don't have the money to do it
unless someone funds them
so if you want them to do it, you can give them some cash
but if it really is something super mega ultra secret
I'm sure some government will be out there sometime soon
but let's move on to our next which
still involves the ocean, but it's about two brothers
that went out on a fishing trip
you know having some beers, having a good time
but then it gets weird
because according to one of the brothers
the other brother found this thing floating in the ocean
it contained an "Unknown white substance"
so what did he do? well obviously
he snorted it, because of course if you're
an idiot that's what you do, then the brother who consumed
the unknown substance started going crazy
throwing everything overboard, including
some very vital things to the engine
which left them stranded and the coast guard had to go out
and get them, and then about 12 hours later the brother
who snorted the unknown substance, died in a hospital
too which I would say: crazy story
except it has to be fake
fake fake fake
that sounds like two brothers who had cocaine
decided "Hey, let's do cocaine on boat
in open seas. What's the worst that could happen?"
then the worst happened and then the surviving brother
Kenneth made up a story about how they found a floating bag
of cocaine in the middle of ocean
because the odds of that are so
insane, I wouldn't even know how to calculate then
but I imagine the equation would be like
unicorn times sandwich
divivded 700 bees
then I just get confused, I don't know
I guess the main points one: never see something a go
I should put that in my nose
and two: come up with better alibis
next up if you live in the US, you most likely know
about the debt ceiling talk
you know Republicans, Democrats couldn't agree what to do with the
economy and if we didn't come up with something to do
really quick and agree on it and put if through
but guys that's really it for today
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