Hang Out with Beth! - 11/15/12

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BETH HOYT: Can you guys believe Nate
lost to Channing Tatum?
BETH HOYT: Hello, everyone.
You're watching "My Damn Channel Live." And I am Beth
Hoyt, your host.
And I'll be taking your comments and questions from
the chat all day for the next 10-ish minutes.
Like this, um, this comment is from yesterday, our big
Thanksgiving show with the hilarious writers and
improvisers from "Fodder," and--
and Nate.
Uh, OK.
So this is from AndThenThereWereCats.
"Beth, I want your shoooooes." And then a ice cream cone.
No, I know it's a heart.
Um, these shoes?
These are what I wore yesterday.
Let me give you a better look.
They have zippers on both sides.
I just got them so they're brand new.
So I'm really excited about them.
Don't worry.
I leather-protected them.
But here's the issue.
My left foot's a size and a half bigger than my right.
And I just really want them to fit.
And they're too small on my left foot.
I, I, I refuse to acknowledge this, because I'm pretty sure
I can wear out the leather.
But my left heel has been numb for the past two days.
So I'm just trying--
I'm hoping that it's just 'cause it's been chilly, and
not because I'm like cutting off some sort of circulation.
'Cause I love the shoes, too.
Anyway, let's do more of those comments like that
throughout the show.
Keep asking me questions and comment.
We have one right now.
From TheSnazzySneakers--
wow, good, appropriate.
"What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?" You can
keep that, June.
What is my favorite thing about Thanksgiving?
oh my god, so many things.
I really, really, do like the sound of football in the
You guys, oh my god, there's a shark in the studio.
Holy shit.
No big deal.
We've just got a shark in the studio.
And it's just some-- no problem.
No big deal.
That's fine.
Oh, what was I saying?
The sound of football in the background.
I really like that.
It just like really reminds me of my family in good times.
And I like that.
And I love, um, I like a good Waldorf salad.
All right.
I really do.
I like, I like, um, walnuts in whipped cream with fruit.
OK, we can talk--
I don't love stuffing or potatoes, because they're so
dry all the time.
We can talk more about Thanksgiving, your homeland or
all the mov--
all the movies that we want to see. "Lincoln" is coming out.
"Anna Karenina," that's my favorite book. "Wreck-It
Ralph." "Twilight."
I'm doing fine.
Are you guys sweating?
Am I?
The last movie I saw was "Cloud Atlas," so like, that
kind of spent me on like sitting in a movie theater.
And before we get to your questions, I have
something to tell you.
I'm only 14.
Just kidding.
Guys, did you bel--
OK, you didn't believe me.
'K. Seriously now, listen up.
Next week is Thanksgiving, so we will be dark.
No live shows, because I'll be in Wisconsin hanging with my
moms and totally being Midwest glam.
But we will put up highlights from yesterday's Thanksgiving
show, so look out for those.
If you're subscribed, just sit back.
We'll tell you when they go up.
And you can catch up on all the past
episodes you've missed.
Next bit of news is this.
The week after Thanksgiving, change things up a bit.
We are combining all of our show power and funny and chat
time with you and guests and games into
one big show a week.
It'll be on Wednesdays.
Grace is still live from LA on Tuesdays to chat with you.
And I'm always on Twitter.
We can definitely chat it out at my vlog,
"Beth In Show," too.
So that's that.
Any questions about that or for me?
The floor is open.
No K. Little elephant in the room called a shark.
All right.
Here's a comment.
This is from, um, Slappy Lawrence. "Beth, since I'm
your favorite--" which is true-- "can I use
you as a job reference?
When they call just lie and say I'm a good worker and the
charges were dropped as far as you know."
Hey, Slappy, you are my favorite, and I will surely do
that for you.
Um, so what's the-- the script again is like, hello, thank
you for calling my personal phone number.
Once again, Slappy didn't mean it.
And he's a good guy or girl.
And definitely you should pay him or her more and more
vacation days.
Is that right?
I'm just going with it.
I'll have it--
I'll have it really planned down by then.
Here's another comment from mystery8881.
"Beth, do you exercise a lot?
You look great." Thank you.
I've been asking you to ask that a long time.
I do.
I work out a lot.
I mean, it's a good thing.
But it's also bad, because it's like a procrastination.
And I co-- there's a lot of things in my life I could have
done and a lot of money I could have spent with the
money that I pay for my gym memberships, which is like
basically more than my rent.
But there's Kiehl products in my gym, so I shower there.
I think it evens out.
So I never shower at home.
I always shower at the gym and use all their products and
make sure my membership is worth it.
And I like, um, I like the feeling of endorphins.
It's like coffee.
And I need it.
And if I don't work out, I'm in a bad mood.
So watch out if I don't get my workout in.
All right.
Here's another comment.
This is from trghudson.
"Why have I never seen Gwyneth Paltrow, Claire Danes, and
Tilda Swinton in the same room, Beth?" Because, well,
bec-- you, you have-- well, wait.
I bet they have been all been at the Oscars.
You're not asking for real.
I know what you're saying.
You're saying--
well, you are, right now.
Because I--
I am all of them.
But also, they've surely been at some event together.
Tilda wearing some sort of boy suit, man
suit, David Bowie outfit.
Gwyneth wearing something that's--
shows off her backless back.
And then Claire Danes just doing that.
So I'm sure they've been at some awards ceremony.
And that's what's happened.
Here's a comment.
And this is from Kelsey Pfeiffer.
"Beth, have you started your Christmas shopping yet?" No.
"Also, where are your boob--ts from?" I
thought it said boobs.
And I was like, well, it's three different bras.
My boots are from Nordst--
I got them on Nordstrom, uh, during one of the drunken
nights during the hurricane.
I was like, people are suffering.
I mean, I also volunteered and stuff.
But, like, that was something I did when I panicked.
Um, so they're from the Nordstrom website.
And what was the first question?
Do you remember?
Oh, k-- it was something that I said.
Christmas shopping.
Yeah, no.
Any suggestions?
I have, like, someone of every age I need to buy things for.
And like, I don't--
I don't understand people who spend like hundreds and
hundreds of dollars on Christmas gifts.
It's like something nice and thoughtful.
And, you know, I don't have that much money.
So like, let's just save it to hang out and
use that money there.
Is that everyone's theory?
Can we just go out to dinner together and then buy each
other, like, a book?
Here's a comment from Lydia Sanchez. "Beth, do you like
poptrats?" Ah, pff.
Sounds fun.
Are they--
are they Rugrats tur-- who grew up and became pop stars?
Are they?
No, I like Pop-Tarts.
I-- but I, I was just talking about Toaster
Strudels with someone.
And um, I mean, if we're talking Toaster Strudel versus
Pop-Tarts, It's Toaster Strudel, right?
Right, Nate?
Nate nods.
But it sounds like he was just trying to agree
with me just because.
It's definitely Toaster Strudels cause you can sp--
put the frosting on them like that.
Pop-Tarts, also, I've burnt my mouth on them a lot.
Have you?
Bad memories.
Here's a comment from Rangers36978.
"Beth, how old are you?
You look 22." You're right.
I'm 22.
And I work out, and hm, hm.
And I have new boots.
My boots are newer-- are younger than I am.
Well, yes.
That's what I'll say.
Next comment from Speed Racer. "Will you be seeing 'The
Hobbit'?" Yeah.
I'm re-reading it right now, though.
I haven't read it since like, since high school or, you
know, when it was assigned.
And I have--
want to read it before I see it.
It's a really fun read.
I'm very much enjoying re-reading it.
They're so cute.
And they're just so specific about things.
And I really love how he's just--
he's so lazy about like that, when people come over.
And they're going to want to eat his cakes.
And he's like, ah, I should offer them to them and be
polite, but also, like, I want to eat the cakes and I made
that one for lunch.
I know.
I understand where that's coming from.
When you have your designated snacks, and then people like--
you want to share.
And you want to have moments with them.
But you're like, but that was the snack I've
been looking for.
I get it, Bilbo.
Here's another comment.
This is from trghudson.
"LAND SHARK!" Oh, no.
I think that that means--
That's a-- that's a fun game.
I'm getting more used to this guy.
How about you guys?
It's like we're at a party.
And there's just, um, underwater--
it's like we're at a party underwater.
BETH HOYT: Oh, and he backs up like a truck,
when he backs up.
I think it's going to be a friendly shark in the studio.
Let's see it one more time.
Let's be friendly.

Oh, ow.
He bit me in the face.
Shark teeth.
You can't kiss a shark.
All right.
I want to take a second today to tell you guys about someone
you don't even know.
But he helps me know you to know me.
His name is Jack Moffet.
And he's really amazing and he's incredibly sweet like the
sweetest person you ever met.
And he's part of our team here at "My Damn Channel Live."
He's behind the camera right now.
And he edits our videos and edits my vlogs.
And he's moving onwards and over a few blocks to MTV, and
we're happy for him but also sad.
You know how that goes?
Jack, can you come out here, so we can put
a face to the name?
Come look at-- look at Jack, everyone.
He's not Mike, so he's going to be not talking.
This is Jack.
JACK MOFFET: For leaving, aw.
I'm sorry.
BETH HOYT: Thanks, Jack.
Please come and-- you can come over and have lunch drinks
with us, 'cause it's just a few blocks away.
JACK MOFFET: You don't have to.
BETH HOYT: Watch out.
Oh, it's friendly.
It's friendly.
Don't worry.
BETH HOYT: All right, go back.
JACK MOFFET: It freaked me out for a second.
BETH HOYT: So-- but you're not-- you're
not done here yet.
So you got to get back.
JACK MOFFET: Not just yet.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, your job is still-- still on the clock.
Someone's got to hold that camera.
Just kidding.
We love you, Jack.
So again, you guys, we aren't here next week because it's
But we'll be putting up our Thanksgiving show highlights
and stuff all week.
And of course, I have a new vlog out on Tuesday on "Beth
In Show." I'm going to teach you about football.
And the week after next, Grace is helping
Tuesday, as per use.
But we are going to start a new plan of bringing you one
big show a week on Wednesdays.
There'll be more time to chat and hang with guests and play
games and get messy.
Speaking of, on November 28, the guys from "Whisker Wars"
will be here.
And we're going to shave Nate's face, his facial hair.
And you get to vote on how we do it.
And I think I get to be the one with the
razor shaving him.
Can't wait.
See you tomorrow for the Beth of the Week.
You're my favorite.