Salmonella Lawyer Colin Caywood on Jennie-O Turkey Burger Outbreak

Uploaded by marlerclark on 05.04.2011

There has been an outbreak of Salmonella associated with Jennie-O turkey burgers and so far about
12 people in about a dozen or so states have been made ill from this particular pathogen. 
Right now, the Salmonella outbreak is still under investigation and developing and there
may be more illnesses that may be detected and likely will be as the outbreak continues. 
The young, elderly, and people with compromised immune systems are highly susceptible to pathogens
like Salmonella.  The infection can be more severe and prolonged in those populations.  
  Once a person has been confirmed with a Salmonella
infection the health department will contact that person and try to determine how that
person became infected with Salmonella.  A consumer should be careful to check that
they don’t still have that product (Jennie-O Turkey Burgers) in their refrigerator or in
their freezer.