Photoshop Tips & Techniques : Adobe Photoshop Ellipse Tool Tips

Uploaded by expertvillage on 13.09.2008

Now I'm going to show you the Ellipse tool. I we look at our screen here, we can see that
I have this light blue background started. And, if we go over here to where our Rectangle
tool sits, and we click on it, we can see that the third option down is the Ellipse
tool. The Ellipse tool is basically just a circle, but then you can, you know, modify
it out to an ellipse or whatever. If you're trying to create like a staged background
or a stand or whatever, this would be a great tool to use for that. And as you can see,
each tool I create is a different layer on which it is. So, if I hit the Pick tool, I
can move it around like so. And this also has a lot of options as well. You could either
do it by group, by layer, Show Transform Controls, yeah, we'll turn that on just so you can have
more options of what you want to do to this thing. So, now that we have that turned on,
you can see I can actually grab this and modify this out after it has already been drawn.
Squish it, and do whatever I want to it. You know, the options are limitless really. There
we go, just playing with it. So, there it is, there's your Ellipse tool, it's located
right there in your Square tool. So, play around with it a lot, and have fun with it.