Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Mouse 800 | Unboxing and Review (Subtitles)

Uploaded by SharylProductions on 03.01.2012

Hi, This is an unboxing and a review of Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 series keyboard and mouse.
I bought this set for a price of 1100 Indian Rupees which is roughly equivalent to 22 US Dollars.
In this video, I wil be showing you how this product feels in hand and what are its positives and negatives.
So without wasting your time, lets unbox it!
This set works on a 2.4 GHz wireless connection and works upto a radius of around 15 feet/ roughly 4.5 meters.
The box contains:
A product guide in various languages,
A pictorial setup card.
And three other cards
one each for Keyboard, Mouse and Transceiver with their model numbers.
All of which I am going trash right away!
Microsoft sells this product along with batteries which is a nice touch.
We've got 2 AA batteries for the mouse and 2 AAA batteries for the keyboard.
The mouse here is a light weight 2 button scrolling mouse,
with 1000 dots per inch responsiveness,
It fits the hand very well
and clicks well too.
On the back we have the Transceiver stowed,
which will be connected to the computer in order to receive signals from the mouse and keyboard.
This transceiver is small in size than other transceivers i have seen, which is good!
and so is the snap-in option to the mouse.
Here we have an ON/Off switch,
An optical sensor
And a compartment for batteries.
The batteries need to be inserted at an angle
and then pushed to fit.
There we go, the mouse is now alive.
On the front we have a battery indicator green light,
you would need to change the battery if it turns red.
According to Microsoft the batteries should last about 15 months of normal usage.
Here we have a shiny black keyboard
with a nice glossy finish.
This is a 109 button keyboard,
4 of which are special buttons.
This one right here is a calculator,
these 4 are the audio buttons.
This is a play/pause for playing or pausing a song or movie,
This is mute, the volume Down and Up keys.
The lower part of the keyboard is white and has flaps
that can be extended in order to keep the keyboard at an angle.
Here is the battery compartment where we will be inserting the supplied AAA batteries.
Here too,
just like the mouse we have a battery indicator light,
Green is good, Red for change of batteries.
Typically this should also last for 15 months.
The negative aspect that I found about this keyboard is that there's absolutely no indication or a light for the Caps Lock key.
Without which it is absolutely impossible to know whether its ON or OFF unless you type and then check.
Also, the function keys are smaller in size than you'd like.
They're also spaced at regular intervals because of which you always have to actually "look" at them before hitting an f5 key for example.
Overall, I would rate this product 3 on a scale of 1-5 for its looks and price.
This is perfect for a home pc with normal usage and for people on a budget.
Gamers and developers might wanna look at better options.
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