Sharp's next-generation mobile Internet tool NetWalker : DigInfo

Uploaded by Diginfonews on 27.08.2009

On August 27, Sharp released the NetWalker, a palm-sized mobile device that can be used not only for the Internet, but also as an e-dictionary and e-book.
Sharp considers the NetWalker to be a third kind of information tool, following mobile phones and PCs.
The NetWalker is intended to be a mobile tool, for doing things that people have been doing on a PC,
but more easily, like with a mobile phone.
The NetWalker is targeted at electronic dictionary users,
as well as everyone who already uses a PC or smartphone to use the Internet.
Running on Ubuntu 9.04, a Linux OS customized by Sharp, the new terminal comes with a 68-key keyboard with a key pitch of 14mm, a 5-inch TFT LCD touch panel with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels which enables intuitive use, 512MB of main memory, 4GB of flash memory, as well as an optical pointing device to enable use while standing.
The NetWalker takes just three seconds to go from the suspend state to fully operational, so it starts up as quickly as a mobile phone. It also runs continuously for ten hours on the battery, and weighs just 409 g.
The NetWalker comes pre-installed with business document software, the Firefox browser and mail software Thunderbird.
For communication, the NetWalker has built-in wireless LAN and USB modules. It also features two USB ports: one normal size and the other mini size. There’s also a microSDHC memory card slot.
White and black models will be released on September 25, and a red model in late October.
All the models will be priced around 45,000 yen.
Sharp aims to sell 100,000 NetWalkers by the end of March 2010.