Extreme Couponing (the Un-Extreme Way at Walmart)

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bjbj [ Upbeat music playing ] Hi, guys! Welcome to Coffee with Collin. So I got to get my
coffee. Hold on one second. I got to grab it. I almost forgot it. Can you imagine going
into the store without coffee? I mean, seriously. Okay, I m back. So anyway, today I thought,
I m going to go in Walmart. And I know you have seen me shop in Walmart numerous times,
but I just kind of wanted to go over a little bit the Walmart ad match guarantee policy.
I know a lot of you guys don t have a lot of time -- maybe you work full-time and got
kids. You just don't have time to go to each and every store to get these deals. And so
what's cool about this is that -- I mean, you really can get so many deals from various
stores in your area just by going to Walmart. So I m going to kind of show you that and,
uh, also give you some tips along the way. So, uh, let's go inside and see what kind
of deals we can store -- score and what ads we can match. [ Upbeat music playing ] I also
wanted to mention for all of you that are kind of new to couponing or maybe not really
interested in using coupons yet, you can still use price-matching to your benefit and still
save a ton of money, and you don't necessarily have to use any coupons. So here's an example
here that I m going to get, this deal. This week, CVS has Pepsi product 2-liters on sale
for 88 cents. I think personally, any 2-liter under a dollar is a pretty good price so I
m going to snag a few of these. I don't have any coupons, but it's still such a good deal,
and check out the savings. These are $1.48 here. 88 cents I m going to get these for,
and all I have to do is go up there and tell them I want to price-match these items, show
them the ad. And I want to say, in their coupon -- in their price-match ad policy, they actually
state you don't necessarily have to bring the ads anymore. I, to be on the safe side,
like to just because then I know for sure it s going to work, and I get all these in
my Sunday newspaper anyway, so I just already have them on hand. But they do state that
you don't necessarily have to have the ad so just keep that in mind. Anyway, I m going
to save over 50 cents just by price-matching. Very cool! So another deal I m going to price-match
is on All laundry detergent. s on sale for $3 at Big Lots. And I know some Walmarts are
iffy about Big Lots. I actually called my local Walmarts to verify, and they do price-match
Big Lots, so I would call yours to find out. But if they do, you can usually get some awesome
deals. You see, Big Lots doesn't accept manufacturer s coupons but they have some great, really
reduced prices so when you come to Walmart and price-match and then use a coupon on top
of it -- yeah, you're scoring some great bargains. So this -- and I want to make a point -- this
All is on sale, but it s certain sizes so you need to make sure you have to get the
certain sizes that are listed in the ad. You can't get, you know, something that's not
listed just because it's All so you want to make sure you look through those sizes. And
I found this, so this qualifies as the item, All Small and Mighty priced at $4.47. And
then when you price-match it, I going to save $1.47 just by price-matching because it makes
it $3. Then I m going to use my nice manufacturer's coupons to get two of these for $2 each. So
pretty good savings, over $2 in savings just by price-matching and using a coupon. Love
those coupons! And even without price-matching, you can get some good deals. I have this wonderful
$1 off any Gain dish liquid, no size restrictions, that came in the P&G Everyday Savings booklet
we requested a while back for free -- like a Facebook promo they had -- I will use this
baby to get some free dish liquid. All right, so another tip I want to mention is sometimes
ad-matching isn't the way to go. Sometimes Walmart's everyday low prices are pretty low.
Here's an example. This, 12 double-roll packs of Angel Soft, are $5.97. Dollar General has
them on sale this week for $6 so as you can see, it's better to just go with the Walmart
price on this. So that's just kind of a tip today. Just because something is listed in
an ad on sale doesn't mean it's a good price so keep that in mind and get a sense of your
price points and stuff and you'll get the hang of it and you ll realize, Wait, that's
not a good deal, or, Wait, that is a good deal. So just a little tip. You can t go into
Walmart without going in the travel-size section. Here I am. So beautiful. Anyways, as long
as the coupon does not exclude travel size and doesn't have any size restrictions, you
are good to go and you can get travel-size items. And at Walmart, that could mean better
than free since now Walmart allows overage to go towards other items. So I got to show
you this hot coupon that I talked about on my site that just came out recently. s $2
off any one Dial lotion or body wash with absolutely no size restrictions -- woot-woot!
-- which means some better-than-free Dial. So if you use this coupon, you can basically
apply over $1 in overage to other items in your purchase, which is exactly what I m going
to be doing. So I m going to get two of these, and I've just made $2 to go towards other
items. Getting paid to shop is wonderful. Also, a few other things I m going to grab
in this section -- I got this from the P&G BrandSaver I talked about a little bit ago
-- I going to use it on this body wash and get some body wash for free. s on any Old
Spice body wash, no size restrictions. So, um, I m going to get that. And then also,
another great coupon is this Johnson & Johnson Red Cross brand products. Again, there's no
size restriction and so I m going to get -- I love these. These are great to donate -- where
are they? -- Oh, there they are. They're little mini first aid kits, Johnson & Johnson Red
Cross first aid kits. So I m going to get two of these since it s a dollar off two so
they re, like, 50 cents each, just a great deal because they include, like, Band-Aids
and other things, and like I said, they're great items to donate so I m going to get
them for the Hip2Help tour. So I got those. And then, um, what s the one other thing and
then I m going to ahead and get some Wet Ones wipes. This is another great coupon that doesn't
have size restrictions. All right, so we are on our way to check out but, of course, I
had to stop in the candy area. I've been looking for this gum, because it's kind of new, and
with this awesome high-value coupon, I found it here let s see, Up2u gum, I guess? -- anyways,
it's $1.28 so 28 cents, going to get that -- and then also found some Tic Tacs, the
big pack and, with this beautiful coupon, 4 cents! Love it! Love it! Anyway, so I m
going to stack my candy, and then I m about to head to check out. One tip I have: if you're
doing price-matching, you're going to want to organize all your price matching stuff
together -- sorry -- and all the other stuff up front so that way once you get to the price-matching
items, you can let them know that you're price-matching these products, and it s just going to simplify
the process. So let's go to checkout. [ Machine beeping ] [ Collin talking indistinctly to
the cashier ] Dial body wash. [ Dramatic music ] [ Upbeat music playing ] Good. Now, are
your Crunchwrap Supremes on sale for 99 cents this week? >> Yes, ma'am. >> Okay, can I get
two of those, please? >> Your total is going to come to $2.35. Thank you. >> Okay, thank
you. All right, so $2.35, I'd say, for two of us to eat, is a pretty dang good deal for
lunch. If you guys haven't -- yeah, sorry, I probably should say we're at Taco Bell but
you could probably tell by what I was ordering -- anyways, so if you guys haven't done that
this week and you like Taco Bell, I would suggest heading over there because it is a
really good deal. I mean, these go for over, like, $2 and I ll show you, actually, when
I get them home, how good they look. Hopefully they look like the picture, but I m doubting
that's the case, but hopefully. Mmm. Now, that -- definitely worth the -- oh, gosh -- something
-- 99 cents. [ Laughing ] Okay. All righty, so we got back from Walmart and I m going
to tell you about my trip because I did have an interesting trip. And I m kind of glad
I did because I think sometimes, probably you guys look at my videos and think, She
always getting lucky with the cashiers. She always has no issues. She always has smooth
transactions. That's not the case, really. I have -- I have transactions that happen
on a regular basis that don't go smooth and that don't work out in my favor but, you know,
at the end of the day, I focus on the positives and whatever. So I m going to tell you about
that in a sec, but here's what I got at Walmart. I ended up spending a little over $8 with
tax, which I don t think is too bad, considering these both retail for more than $8 together.
So anyways, with my price-matching, I don't think I did too shabby. But as you can probably
see from this, I m missing my Dial body wash. Remember this coupon I talked about earlier?
Well, I had an issue. So I m sure you guys have dealt with this, too. So when I got up
there and don't worry, I had my coupon policy on hand but I get up there, and the cashier,
you know, gets really -- looks worried and doesn't think she can accept this coupon,
due to, you know, being over the price of the item. So she calls the manager over. The
manager comes over and right away starts staring at this coupon. You know, I was waiting to
nicely explain to him I could use the coupon due to the coupon policy. Well, he actually
doesn't say that -- what I think he's going to say. Instead, he says that on the coupon
in the really fine print -- some coupons do have this, and what it says is "Cash value
1/100 cents." So 1 and 100th of a cent, basically, is what it s saying. Well, he proceeds to
tell me that that means that item I have to purchase has to be over a dollar. So the Dial
body wash, because it's 97 cents, I couldn't purchase it because it wasn't over a dollar.
So I m very confused by this because that's not what it means and I know this. m thinking,
What is he talking about? So I try to explain to him, you know, in a nice way, That's not
what that means. He doesn t want to listen to me. He said, Yes, that's what it means
so you have to find an item over a dollar to use this coupon. I mean, are you guys baffled
like I am? Because I was just like -- so I decided, you know what? Sometimes you have
to decide -- and most of the time I don't. Most of the time I will, in a nice way, put
up an argument because I want to make sure they understand my point and I m not doing
anything wrong. At this point, though, it was getting to the point where we were arguing
back and forth about this, and I was like, You know what? It's 97-cent body wash. Whatever.
So I gave him back the body wash, but little old me decided to do some research because
I knew he wasn't right, but it was just bothering me that he kept putting up this Oh, you have
to spend more than a dollar because it say that. So anyways, this is what it means if
you're not sure, and really, this is nothing to do with us. This is just in the fine print.
It has nothing to do with the coupon you're redeeming. It just has to do with coupons
in general and let me tell you -- okay. When there's a cash value listed on a coupon -- okay.
Cash value on a coupon has essentially no monetary value. It has nothing to do with
buying a product. It is only printed on the coupon because some states require that every
coupon show a cash value due to old trading stamp laws. So this goes back to, like, the
30s, 1930s. So this isn't really relevant today but something they just have to put
on there. If someone wants to cash in a coupon, that states 1/100 cents, the person would
need to obtain 100 coupons in order to get back a single penny, so that's what it means.
So I don't know how the heck the guy got I have to purchase a product over $1. m not
sure, but I felt like the need to tell you guys that because, you know, we all have issues,
and honestly, there are some awesome cashiers, but sometimes, cashiers -- first of all, they
see a coupon, they don t want -- there's something about you getting, you know, something free
or you getting something even more than free and applying it to the rest of your purchase
that people don't like. So even though it's in the policy, you're going to deal with people
that are going to find a reason like this manager did not to accept the coupon. And
just like I just did right now, you just have to educate yourself because you want to be
confident and you want to be -- you know, you want to be respectful, but you want to
get up there and say, you know, This isn't right and this is why. So, uh, so next time,
I am going to go back there and talk to the manager so I m excited about that. m going
to do it nicely, but I m definitely going to educate him on what that means because
what he says is not right. All right, so thanks for watching, guys, and I will see you next
week! Bye! Have a good week, and don't spend too much money. [ Upbeat music playing ] ho46
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