Legislation of killing Bahais in Egypt by a Journalist

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This interview took place a few days after the Egyptian Bahia’s celebrated their New Year
(Nawruz) in a public park as they do every year for the past 50 years more or less
The celebration was like any other celebration held by Egyptians.
Families getting together to share a happy occasion. There was nothing Illegal, unethical or against the norms of Culture in any way.
The only Apparent problem was that, they were Baha’is!
And so whole media coverage took place. Filming the Baha’is as they were celebrating.
A few days later an article titling “a disaster takes place in Cairo” was written by journalist Jamal Abdul Rehim
Referring to the celebration at the park.
This interview is hosting two Baha’is Dr. Basma Mussa and Mr. Amhed alsayid abu Eleela
Who attended these celebrations. Along with Mr. jamal the journalist.
Throughout the interview ,Mr. Jamal constantly threw insults and accusation to Dr.Basma and Mr. Ahmed.
However at the end of the interview, the debate took a higher and more serious level
Two days later
Furious villagers rampaged through Sharoniyah, near Sohag in southern Egypt
setting fire to and damaging four Baha’i homes. Including Mr. Ahmeds home.
The villagers also threatened the village's roughly 30 Baha’is with death, the official said,
After which all of them fled.
This is what was said at the end of the interview that caused chaos.
Mr. Ahmed I would like to ask the last question,
Which I will address to all guests
In your point of view you The Baha’i celebrations that took place
Last Saturday at the Maryland park in Cairo is a normal celebrations that
Represents the freedom of belief
And you as a Baha’i always attend those celebrations
At the end of the show and to summarize opinions please briefly
Tell us how you would explain your view of these celebrations.
This celebration takes place only once a year.
The Baha’is all over Egypt tries to find time to gather and unite.
And through Dream TV I would like to tell the nation
"O you who believe, if a wicked person brings any news to you
, you shall first investigate
Lest you commit injustice towards some people, out of ignorance,
Then become sorry and remorseful for what you have done". Quoted from Quran
We should not empty talk
We have already seen scenes of these celebrations, so we were not hiding anything
There is no wicked persons, we are just having different opinions
You have seen the celebration yourself.
Children were playing, mothers were near by looking after them
And this how the Baha’i celebrate every year.
And again I ask the Muslims and the Egyptians to seek the truth.
Reciting the same quote from Quran mentioned earlier.
This is your opinion.
And as you mentioned earlier you have gone
Through a lot of trouble back in your village where people
Were throwing you with stones. Blaming you with false accusations.
All which forced you to lock yourself at home for days.
And despite all this you are still steadfast in your faith.
Dr. Basma, whats your opinion about those celebrations.
As mentioned earlier, these are normal simple celebrations that was held in the park
Which is the greatest proof that we are not doing something secretive and dangerous
Danger would be if we were to have a secret organization in the hidden.
To celebrate in a public Park is your way of clearly stating that....
We are not hiding.
We have no political agenda. We are not demanding anything.
Our only request is to let the Baha’is live in peace.
Let us serve our country. This is what we all as Egyptians should be striving for,
I urge all the Egyptians to unite and make every effort to serve their country
Instead of wasting time doubting our religious belief.
Let’s help each other in solving our problems
Problems that the countries of world have already resolved and are now more developed.
Mr. Jamal isn’t is better to know that Baha’is are celebrating in public park
Rather than meeting secretively.
As I mentioned earlier the intention of carrying these celebration publicly
Is their way of legalizing their existence in Egypt. They are promoting devious principles
These people are apostates to Islam. He is an apostate who is reciting quotations from the Quran.
The Prophet Mohamed said” the one who changes the religion should be KILLED”
No he did not say that
You don’t get to talk about the Prophet. YOU infidel!
Watch your language
Don’t cut me while I am talking you infidel!
Watch your words!
Watch your words!
She is an infidel who should be killed
You are on air and you are giving the permission for killing
Calm down both of you please
This show won’t promote the calling to kill anyone. We are just trying to…
It should also not promote a devious thinking,
We do not need to air this show and we are not looking for promoting anything
Is it the fault of the Egyptian government that let you do as you pleaseth.
Go build a country in Israel
We do not need to build anything anywhere
You are Zionists!
This is your own opinion
Everyone please we are approaching the end of the show
Please air his legislation to the killing of Baha’is
Because I will be taking this to the ministry of interior.
I have mentioned that this program will not allow the support or promote the call to kill anyone
At the same time the Baha’i celebration on the 21st of March in a public park has cause chaos
And provoked many people.
We have discussed it all.
And for the first time we were able to capture on camera the celebrations
See you next week at the same time