How to Create Storybook Lantern Decorations for a Baby Shower | Pottery Barn Kids

Uploaded by pbkids on 24.06.2011

Hi, I'm Kelli Ronci for Pottery Barn Kids.
A bedtime storybook themed shower is a perfect way to help expecting parents get started creating their baby's library.
And these storybook lantern decorations will not only help set the tone,
they'll also make for great nursery decor later on.
Quick and easy, all you'll need are some paper lanterns - we use ten, twelve, and fourteen inch ones -
photocopies or pages from your favorite storybooks, hot glue, some colored twine,
and a circle cutter. If you don't have a circle-cutter, you can also use the top of a bowl
as a template to trace around, and cut with regular scissors.
However, the circle cutter will make things go a lot faster.
Begin by cutting a bunch of circles from the photocopies.
Cut approximately forty four-inch circles for the ten-inch lantern, sixty five-inch circles for the twelve,
and eighty five-inch circles for the fourteen.
Start at the top of the lantern and begin attaching one circle at a time.
Using a hot glue gun, dab a small amount of glue, and twist your wrist to help release the glue.
Then quickly place the circle on the glue.
For the first row, place your circles so that about a quarter of each circle is overlapping the top edge.
Then continue attaching one circle at a time, overlapping each circle by about half an inch.
Add a drop of glue where necessary, to hold down the edges.
Try to make the overlapping consistent, making a fish-scale type pattern, al the way around, down to the bottom.
To hang your finished lantern, cut a long piece of colored twine, fold in half, make a slip knot,
and loop onto the lantern's hanger.
Your guests will be delighted to see passages from their favorite storybooks floating above the dessert table.
Have fun!