Who is God? | THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra

Uploaded by TheChopraWell on 10.10.2012

You are God… in drag.
Most people who are grounded in science today find it difficult to believe in the traditional
religious image of God as an external being. Yet the mystery of existence looms larger
than ever.
Even though we now know that the visible universe with all of its galaxies and billions of stars
is less than 1 percent of what exists out there, we have no idea of why it exists or
how it came to exist. Why is there something instead of nothing?
Today we know that matter and energy are inseparable. What is the source of this energy? What existed
prior to the Big Bang? If it occurred 13.8 billion years ago, why did it not happen sooner
or later? What do we even mean by sooner since there was no such thing as a yesterday or
time before the Big Bang?
In addition to all of this, we have no idea why life as we know it exists. Evolution does
not explain the origins of life, but the transformation of life into different species. We have no
idea, despite the advances in neuroscience, of how we experience anything at all such
as color, taste, smell, sound, form, texture, or even memory. How does an electrical signal
in the brain create the smell of onions or the taste of garlic or love at first sight?
Or the feeling of awe and reverence when one looks at the Grand Canyon or the Milky Way
galaxy. These are considered “hard problems” in science.
A new idea is emerging in the minds of some cutting edge scientists, philosophers and
seers. An infinite consciousness is the ground state of the Universe. It is neither matter
nor energy, but a field of possibilities and potentials that is acausal, and hence the
source of space, time, energy and matter. It is the ground state that emerges as both
the observer and the observed. In other words, as it is the ground state of the Universe,
it is also our ground state since we are an activity of the Universe. If we peel away
all the labels, definitions, perceptions, analysis of our own selves, we are left with
the infinite being or consciousness. You and I – minus all our labels – are God.
Anything less is a compromise.