Makeup tutorial: Mephisto Pheles - Ao no exorcist (Eng Sub)

Uploaded by YCosCHANNEL on 10.02.2012

mephisto really got me, mostly because he's a mysterious character:
a demon that works as principal in an exorcists accademy.
That's makes me think: a demon? Mh, okay..
Anyway, it got me also with his way of talking, his temper..
and it's the first time ever that a male character in an anime got to me that much.
So, i've decided to cosplaying as him,
even if many friends, in the beginning, told me:
"sorry, but i can't really see you as him".
So, i've threw myself in all toghether:
for me cosplay can also be a challenge.
Resembling the character you want to do
and acting like him or her usually it's just a "game",
but i tend to get it more seriously.
The make up for Mephisto it's kinda difficult.
Or, at least, it was for me the first time i'd have to try it.
I had to do many tries in order to obtain
a final resume that really gaves the idea
of this particular character.
Well then, usually the most difficult part of it
is removing all your eyebrows,
expecially for someone who has alot of them.
That's because Mephisto have really thin and upward eyebrows,
not really natural if we can say.
Then, he got also elongated eyes with big eye dark-circles on them,
so you'll need alot of black make up for this.
He's got green eyes,
so maybe you'll need also contact lenses for it.
Finally, he also have long canines,
spiky ears and a really pale skin tone.
Using a clear color foundation it's essential.
Besides the make up, well, my first time as him have been kinda difficult
because of the high of the caractert: 1.95,
and i'm really smaller than that.
Going on stage with those big platform shoes
have been like dancing on stilts!
Also, bandaging the bust: he's male, so obviously he doesn't have any boobs;
Pressing the bandages have been really hard and breath-taking.
Anyway, it have been really satisfactory.
Many asked me how to do the same make up as me,
so today i'm here to show you:
Let's start with a clear tone foundation:
pull up your hair and other things that can be of snag,
and let's start with a layer of liquid foundation.
Then, let's use a tiny bit of skin powder.
Both the skin powder and the foundation
gives better results if used in a good amount,
in order to give the appearance of a really smooth skin.
Also, lay it for good.
At the moment i'm using my hands only because i'm used like that.
If you can use brushes or a small sponge,
i really suggest you to use them if you are more used with them.
Then, let's take some covering dark circles make up,
than will be also useful later for covering eyebrows and lips.
Ok. Now let's do the eyes.
I'll use a white eyeshadow upon my eye.
Then, let's take some brown eyeshadow,
not too dark,
always upon the eye.
After this, we can proceed to the eyeliner.
Usually i use a really thin brush in order to draw better the details
and one kinda bigger in order to lay better the colour.
Let's start right here, in order to draw a small demon-like line.
Then, a little eyeliner upon the eye.
Next, we repeat all this under the eye,
but be careful of not painting the inside of it.
And finally,
we resume our work with the make-up pencil
in order to obtain the right amount of dark.
Let's shade it a little bit.
In order to make your eyes looking bigger than usual,
you can use the white make-up pencil in the internal side of the eye.
I've got to this looking up to many asian cosplayer photos.
The eyes really looks bigger.
Being that he's really pale,
i'll also put some white eyeshadow also on my nose,
so that also eyes and eyebrows will stand out better.
Now, the difficult part:
removing all of your eyebrows.
Not using a razor,
because we want to keep them i hope,
we can use a simple method that i've got from a tutorial on youtube,
using only stick glue, foundation and, for a good measure,
the eyes corrector from before.
Let's start with putting the glue all over your eyebrows,
in order to flat them out.
We now wait for some minute,
giving some time to the glue to dry itself.
After the drying of the glue,
about 1 or 2 minutes will be optimal,
we put some foundation upon the eyebrows,
layering it for good.
The first phase is almost over.
Depending on which type of eyebrows you have,
maybe you'll have to repeat this operation more thimes than one.
Usually if someone, like a boy, got really bushy eyebrows,
you must use pieces of glue taken with a small knife or the finger,
layering them on the brows
and repeating the foundation stesure more and more times.
I've got thin eyebrows, so it's easy for me to do it.
Already on the first layering, we can notice the effect we wanted.
Let's now wait for a couple of minutes of drying.
I'm now at my third phase,
and we can really see the results now.
I'll do the last one.
After this, let's put on them some skin powder,
in order to symplifying the drying procedure.
Then, another layer of liquid foundation.
And another layer of skin powder, at last.
This is the final result.
Obviosuly, if you look really closely, you can still notice the eyebrows on it,
but on a distance you can really get a good effect.
If you are not completly sure about your work,
put on another layer of liquid foundation
all over your face in order to even the results.
Let's take the eyeshadows, using first the light brown,
and we make a shade between the eye and the eyebrow.
Now we take again the eyeliner
and we draw our new pointy eyebrows.
He have thinner eyebrows that this and a higher curve in the anime,
but in the cover of the manga,
where he is sitting on his armchair and he's looking up,
you can say he has eyebrows just like this.
Then, let's use the make-up pencil on the eyeliner,
and here's the final result.
Using a lighter brown eyeshadow we can do the details on the eye make up.
Let's put a finishing small layer of white because i've kinda deleted it before,
right under the eyebrows.
Almost all the male manga characters have really light lips colours,
really similar to theyr skin color.
So, we take the corrector
and put it on our lips just like you'll do with a lipstick,
and then let's lay it down using our fingers.
Then, now clean closely your hands and let's put on our lenses.
I usually buy my lenses at a website called Pinkye Paradise.
Those are green, obviously for Mephisto.
Those are pretty big and with a really bright color,
also they last for a year,
really good for cosplaying many times during a large span of time.
I really like them and they are really comfortable,
also they are pretty good looking in my opinion.
After putting on the lenses,
we go on the canines.
I have really small teeth,
and i can't find fake canines like the vampires one you can buy almost anywhere
for halloween or carnival,
so i'll use some fake nails
and i'll cut them in order to obtain a triangular shape.
For applying them i usually use this:
a dentures paste.
You can remove it easylly and you can find that also in pharmacy.
Let's put on them.
I suggest you to eat before putting the canines on:
it's really difficult to eat and drink with them on.
You can reattach them easylly,
even if many times they tend to slip on the thoot once removed.
So, if you bite something, you'll find yourself without one.
You can do them longer or smaller as you like most.
He also have spiky elf-like ears,
but i don't have them with me at the moment
cause i've forget them,
but in order to put them on i suggest you to use the false eyelashes glue.
Put them on and stay put for some times:
they'll glue for good after a few minutes.
Ok, now let's start putting on the wig.
I always use a swimming cap or a hair net
in order to keep my hair inside the wig.
Now then, i've bought the wig on e-bay and it was too long,
so i had to cut it on my own.
Also, it was too spikey,
so i'd have to fill that with hair gel and hair spray.
Unfortunately the antennae have been used alot of times,
so it's not in it's better shape at the moment.
This is made with a simple iron wire plastered with wig hair
and tied with a little bow on the top.
For the last thing, the goatee.
This came along the wig,
also very spikey and had to be fixed.
Usually i patch it with the false eyelashes glue to mi chin,
even it sweating can remove it, so if you have putty use that.
And this, basically, it's the make up.