Introduction: Deaf Computer Tech Support (Deaf edition, ASL, Captioned)

Uploaded by ruralvalady on 25.07.2012

Hello everyone, include
members of Deaf Computer Tech support
(abbreviated) DCTS. Okay!!!
First of all, this is Teresa Pegram
, signed name, TP.
I am co-administrator of DCTS.
Who the owner of this DCTS is
Thomas Yanick. Okay!!!
The 4 things to be clarified:
1. Rules. 2. the members already join
but still wait for Admin approves
and why it takes too long?
3. new members of DCTS who want
to add as friend on (personal) Facebook.
4. Want to show our certifications
proof where? Click "Files"
you will see our video display Certifications
there at DCTS. Okay!!! Ready!!!
First, the Rules, you must follow
where the rules is found?
Click "About" at DCTS. (picture shown)
what "About" looks like?
Okay!! The rules you must follow
There are 7 rules you must follow.
1. Bullying other members NOT ALLOWED.
2. No Drama at DCTS...
leave your drama elsewhere. Not here.
Okay! 3. No insults, name-calling,
or bad curses used towards another member
4. No Pornography NOT ALLOWED here.
5. You may invite other deaf
individuals to this group at DCTS here.
6. This group only for computer/laptop,
smartphone like Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets
other smartphone devices
plus operating system: Windows, Linux,
and Mac iOS are welcome to post here
If you post non-related computer/laptop
immediately removed here at DCTS.
7. No spam ALLOWED! If you post spam here,
you will be banned immediately.
Now if you broke any 7 rules,
i just mentioned. You will get 3
warning. Three, first offense will be
suspend 3 days. Second offense will be
6 days suspended.
Third offense (last), you will be banned.
You will receive email either
Facebook inbox or we Admins know your
email address to mark "banned" on DCTS.
Okay!!! Only 3 warnings! Please respect
the rules you must follow.
Thank you!
Second: those members join, but wait
for Admin to approve. 3 Reasons.
First reason: Your facebook profile we Admin
check out(screen out) but
stuck cannot click "Message" box button missing
How can we Admin contact you? How?
2nd Reason: you join member but who invite by
blank no name(invitee). Who invite you?
Who, how? So we Admin can inform
Person who invite you
to join. Admin informs invitee bypass to contact you
inbox us Admin. That way we Admin can approve.
Third Reason: your Facebook profile
information is not enough for us Admin
to approve because your FB profile blank
information how to identify who you are.
Show 3 examples of what it looks like
"Message box button" missing;
Member with blank invitee name
who invite you (blank); FB profile blank information.
How to identify who you are. 3 pictures shown.
Third: new member who joins DCTS,
but new member requests
us Admin to "add as friend"
For your information, we Admin cannot accept
new member we Admin do not know
who you are, new. Never seen you before.
Never meet you before, or
somewhere. Cannot accept "add as friend"
at least 6 months to one year to know
who you are. Or respect Admin.
Cannot accept "add as friend"
Okay!!! Thank you for respecting.
Last, member of DCTS want see proof
our certifications only here at DCTS.
You can may watch our videos shown our
certifications only at DCTS here.
Where are our certifications proof?
You can click "Files" then
click title "Our Certifications Proof"
Only here at DCTS. Picture shown
what it looks like "Files" clicked.
and click title: "Our Certifications Proof"
That's all! 4 things i explain details.
Have a good day! Bye! (thumb up!)