23 Secrets in Plain Sight Conclusion

Uploaded by Secretsinplainsight on 27.10.2010

What we know as the history of civilization is only a very small part of our past.
There is something extraordinary about our beginnings not written about in history books.
The oldest surviving temples encode an understanding of Earth, Moon, and Sun that is in some ways
more advanced than modern science. To catch up with ancient knowledge a broad
interdisciplinary approach is clearly indicated. Specialists in art history, archaeology, architecture,
philosophy, semiotics, mathematics, physics, and many others will need to cooperate in
new ways. By seriously studying Stonehenge and the Great
Pyramid we've seen how people living at the dawn of civilization possessed the ability
to accurately measure the size of the Earth and to survey long distances with a precision
rivaling GPS satellites. Logically our civilization must therefore
be a legacy from an earlier civilization. Whether this was Atlantis and/or an off world
civilization I cannot presently say with certainty. The re-discovery of the importance of number,
geometry, music, and astronomy should rekindle interest in ancient Egyptian knowledge passed
down to us by philosophers such as Pythagoras and Plato.
Understanding how the macrocosm and microcosm are related through the art of sacred geometry,
in the act of measuring structures and the earth, is a thing of profound beauty.
Relating 6's to 5's by drawing hexagons and pentagons in the landscape, or by measuring
with Egyptian units are brilliant examples of this ancient science at work.
Finding Pythagorean triangles, 5 by 12 rectangles, pyramids, octagrams, enneagrams, and zodiacs
encoded in much of the world's great architecture and urban design exposes an obsession with
ancient symbolism spanning the centuries. If the designers take this symbolism so seriously
then there must really be power in ancient knowledge.
Putting this story together has been by far the most challenging and satisfying project
of my professional life. I hope you have enjoyed it and invite your participation in uncovering
more secrets in plain sight. This is Scott Onstott and I thank you for sharing my journey.