CRAZY STUPID LOVE review [no spoilers] - Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

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♪ [BFC Bumper music]
"Crazy, Stupid, Love".
What is this, a Mariah Carey - Nick Cannon story?
(woman) I'll just say it. I slept with someone...
(man) If you keep talking, I'm going to get out of the car.
(woman) ...I think the fact that I did it just shows how broken we are...
(man) Okay.
(woman) much-how much we really...
- - Oh my god - Cal!
(Cal) Hey, ladies man guy.
Got any tips of the trade?
(guy) You're wife cheated on you, because you lost sight of who you are as a man,
- please, take that straw out of your mouth - looks like you're suckin' a ...
[coughs twice] Okay.

(Tommy) Boy, walking out of the theater, I couldn't believe it.
What a great script this was. Not fluff, a little bit dark at times -
and the casting of this thing couldn't have been better.
♪ [salsa]
(Tommy) Ryan Gosling - my god, was he good at this.
He was just so funny, he delivered the lines perfectly.
It seemed like every great line was his in this movie.
(Ryan as Jacob) What are you doing later?
(woman) I don't know.
(Jacob) I do.
(Tommy) Emma Stone. I loved her in this one.
The only problem is, she wasn't in it enough.
(Tommy) Julianne Moore - another homerun.
And Steve Carell was great too, as sort of the goofy husband.
(Cal) I'm a different guy now.
(Tommy) And even the kid's wonderful too.
You're not a different guy. You just have different clothes.
♪ [club music]
(Tommy) Another great thing in this movie is the music.
Man, they made some great choices with the tracks they used.
Goldfrapp, Thievery Corporation with David Byrne -
and a really cool track from The Bamboos.
♪ [The Bamboos - "On the Sly"]
(Tommy) It's so great to hear all these tracks nice and loud in the theater.
Even "True" from Spandau Ballet.

♪ Huh huh huh hu-huh ♪
(Tommy) And trust me, for my money, even the sound effects are great in this one.
(Jacob) What happened to your feet?
(Cal) These are my 407's
(Tommy) What does this sound like to you?
(Jacob) Right [metallic crunch] (Cal) Whoa! Come on!
(woman) Oh!
Like a couple of sneakers hitting somebody at the mall.
Whoa! Come on!
(woman) Oh!
(Tommy) That joke is a blind-friendly joke.
So, for "Crazy, Stupid, Love",
I'm giving it 3 ½ out of 4 eyes open.
This movie might seem a little bit long, but the story and laughs,
make it all worthwhile.
I'm Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic.
You're gonna crazy, stupid, love this one.
Are you insane?
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