Craft tips : How to add blush to your plush / Como ponerle colorete a tus peluches

Uploaded by VanillaCloud on 19.03.2011

Hi! how are you? Today im going to show you how to add blush to your plushies with this colors.
These are the utensils that you can use to add the blush.
An small stick or one cheap paintbrush...
that we are just going to cut to get the righ shape that we need.
Cut the paintbrush in the middle.
And well get the round shape that we need.
This is like our makeup brushes but in small shape.
Now use a ruler to rough the surface of the color.
and we got this, a kind of pink powder.
Lets add the powder to our plushies. This is very easy. Using the paint brush...
and do small touches with it.
we need to paint the surface.
As you can see this is very easy to do and youll get a beautiful result.
And now im going to show you how to use the small stick.
This is your second choice, you just choose the one you like.
See how i make the same with my other plushies!
And this is the result!
I hope you like it! I see you in the next craft tips tutorial! Made by kawaiicloud.