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What's up guy and girl players of World of Warcraft. This is Ryutarou aka Tarou and in
this video I'll be showing my gold recap of December. For the free guides go to
In this video, I'll be giving a glimpse of what I did to make gold in December on one
character, with only using Auction House smarts, Alchemy, and Jewelcrafting. This is part of
my new monthly Cataclysm series, "Adventures to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cataclysm". Every
month I'll come out with a new video giving all of you wonderful subscribers and website
visitors a peak into the inner workings of Tarou and my gold adventures.
During the entire video I'll be emptying 3,852 mails which I amassed in the month of December.
Due to the insane amount of sold items the entire mail looting process took around an
hour and a half. Yeah, I know, crazy long right. I usually take that time to watch a
movie. Like I've said in other gold cap vids, I can only loot 50 mails at a time which is
why you'll see the mailbox constantly refreshing. If your computer is fast enough, you can use
/reload ui to get a new set of mails that will somewhat speed up the process. Maybe
Blizzard will hear my pain and let me loot more mail at once some day.
Everything in this video is taught in the tons of different gold making guides I have
already released for Cataclysm and even some oldschool stuff from Wrath. It's all on my
completely free site at for all levels and play styles. There you'll
also find guides on the addons I use which are also getting updated for Cataclysm with
some new editions. I want every player to enjoy WoW just as much as I do by making it
a relaxing fun experience just like any entertainment should so I make these guides for all of you.
Alright so my starting budget was a rather large 450,000 gold and ended up having 74k
or so left over so spent about 376,000 gold on different items and giving away gold. I
looked for deals everywhere and messaged players directly to get items for as cheap as possible.
The trade channel underneath all the trolling can be a great source. It's funny a channel
called trade could actually be helpful for, well, trade. Who'd a thought. I highly suggest
for any item you're going to buy off the Auction House, take a few seconds to slash who the
person and see if they're online. If they are, try making a deal with them to save some
gold. You can also go as far as making a macro of items you want to buy, at what price and
accept CoDs or direct trades anytime. I'll add some macros that I use on my website.
Normally I also bid on items with a cheap bid as well but for December I was pretty
overwhelmed with leveling my main, alts, and making all new 525 leveling guides for all
you that I didn't have much time to mess with it. My main focus for gold making was on my
two professions, Alchemy and Jewelcrafting.
If you've seen the videos I've released on those, you'd know pretty much how I used them
to make my bank in December. I would trans with Alchemy and cut the metas and gems with
my Jewelcrafting. Getting mats was pretty easy since herbs and ore were plentiful and
prospecting gave me all the gems I needed. Prices were higher than normal because of
the launch of Cataclysm and everything being so new but weren't nearly as bad as they should
have been when compared to Wrath mat prices. This allowed me to buy up tons of stuff during
the expansion release for reasonable prices from people farming or leveling their character
with Mining and/or Herbalism.
Alchemy was awesome for Transmute and Potion spec but I only focused on transmuting because
there wasn't enough of a market yet for potions and flasks weren't doing so hot profit wise
early on. Jewelcrafting was a win, win with nothing bad about it aside from the daily
cooldown. It proved to be a complete waste of time. Prospecting Obsidium and Elementium
was awesome with cut and uncut gem prices being great for the price of ore. You could
easily triple whatever you put into JC in December. Wrath metas were also awesome but
have since died to a crawl after Patch 4.0.6. That was expected and why I mentioned it in
my JC video and on my website. Definitely a good reason to periodically check my website
for udpates as I'm always adding special notes when things change. Nevertheless was awesome
while it lasted.
Oh and sometimes you'll notice me looting items from my mail. They were buried expired
auctions that got caught in the 50 mail max. Come on Blizzard and change the mail max.
Some other things I focused on in December was the reselling of different mats. I was
especially into the Volatile market. I'd buy up cheap Volatiles from the Auction House
or other players and list them for higher. Because of the high demand this worked out
very nicely although it did have a bit of risk considering any mat items are a falling
knife early in any game. The more people who hit max level, get into instances and better
gear, the more farmers and players listing items which brings down the price. Without
mat increases for items, prices usually stabalize.
I also took this time to clean out my bank of all the old Wrath items I had left over.
I suggest going through your bank maybe once a month or so to keep everything organized
and clean.
Alright, how about addons. Well, I use a mix of different Auction House addons but my main
ones are Auction Profit Master, Auctioneer, Auctionator, and Postal. Check my website
for guides on all of them.
And I bet your wondering, how long does it take to keep this up everyday? About 2 hours
average which consists of listing, relisting, and organizing items. I work in bulk a lot
though and pick like a day out of the week to just make a mass amount of items for the
week that may take 4-5 hours while I watch TV or answer YouTube and website mail. Usually
I do it on Sunday since I seem to get the best prices for items on that day. The thing
is though you have to be careful not to pay too much or you'll be screwed by the end of
the week. For most people I suggest just taking it a day or two at a time since prices can
move drastically throughout the week depending on demand and what's going on in the World...
of Warcraft. Like for instance Whiptail's price crashed because a bug caused almost
instant respawn times. Things like that are unpredictable so the only way to protect yourself
is to go day by day. You can also take advantage of something like that and stock up while
it's dirt cheap. Being flexible and adapting to the ever-changing WoW economy will keep
you ahead of the game and banking everyday.
Items in WoW are very time sensitive and can drastically change within the week, day, or
even hours during peak times. Lots of factors have to be considered and you should always
have a fall back plan. I typically use crafting or selling mats as my fall back plan. Sometimes
I buy tons and tons of mats or items and watch the price get destroyed the next day. A few
weeks ago this happened with Hypnotic Dust. The price just crumbled so rather than selling
the dust, I turned it into high profit enchants and bags which netted pre price crumble pricing.
Always check your professions to see how you can avoid the crash of any item. Patience
is also key. A lot of times I give some heads up in my Weekly WoW Report that almost all
Auction House players can benefit from. Of course every server is different so nothing
is fool proof. That's why it's up to you, the player, to check things against your Auction
House and see what'll work for your situation and server economy. I can only give you info
on what works in most cases. So take the info and numbers from my gold making guides and
use that info to see how you'd do on your server. Then, decide if it's worth it or not
and test things out in small amounts.
Alright, so after a crazy hour an a half of looting 3,852 mails, I ended up with a total
of 612,243 gold. Add that to the left over mats and items of an estimated 78,000 gold,
59,000 gold or so spent on leveling professions to make videos for all of you and gear/mounts
for my characters, 70,000 gold in Christmas holiday giveaway gold and the total for the
month of December was almost 820,000 gold. Pretty nuts but I think I can do better in
January. Guess we'll see in the next video.
Oh and if you're wondering what the new gold cap for Cata is, it's 1 million which is why
I have no problem holding over 600k. And wouldn't you know it, I don't have a ticket open which
means I didn't get banned for transferring too much gold this time. Thanks Blizzard.
So what do I do with all this gold? Well, I mostly use it for buying my alts' and friends'
gear, mounts, and other supplies, making videos for all of you, which just makes more gold
anyway, and my favorite, giving away gold to random players for doing random things.
Unfortunately asking won't get you any gold. I do it randomly for fun purposes. Plus if
you're following my guides, you shouldn't need gold anyway, am I right.
With that being said, this is definitely a fun new series for me to be doing. I hope
it can answer some of your questions and I intend to be more detailed next video. A big
thanks to all my subs and website visitors as I dedicate this video to all of you. So
as long as I have people visiting my site and watching my videos, I'll continue to put
out more and more content to help all players have more fun and get rich in the World of
That's it for my first video of my new series, "Adventuring to 1 Million: Gold Capped in
Cataclysm" and I hope you liked it.
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