Gönülçelen )) Episode 35 - Part 3/3 [English Subtitles]

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when did you decide to get married so quickly?
just before you arrived
I was in the kitchen with Levent
He asked and I said ok
they say weddings are good
yes yes good
mom won’t you say anything?
shall we get going too
yes.. ok.
what did murat say?
Was he mad?
No he understood why you had to go
good then
How was your night?
very nice
they looked very happy
you know they are getting married next week
so soon?
I think it's the right decision.. Why wait after all?
good night dear
good night
are you upset?
I am just worried about everything happening so fast
you suddenly accept his marriage proposal
And now you say you are getting married next week
so what should I have done?
Murat thinks he's right about everything
He acts like he does not care about me
As if I am not important at all
He is there near me one day and gone the next day
But Levent is always by my side
He never made me upset or cry
He always made me feel important
let's not talk about this before going to sleep
I don't want to stay awake thinking about it
this is the happiest night in my life
wether we talk about this subject or not
you still gonna think about it all night Hasret
good night
good morning..
come sit and let's talk
I thought a lot last night after you went to bed Hasret
My intention is not to hurt your feelings
or to say your decisions are wrong
All I want is for you to be happy
We were not together all this time
understand me
mother’s are always worried about their children well being
I know everything happened so fast
in a split of a second I wore Levent's ring
But I am not regretting my decision
are you sure you gave the right decision?
I am sure
I have one last question
and you have answer me honestly
Will you be able to forget Murat?
I'm tired mom
You know all the trouble I had with Murat from the beginning
And the issue is not what happened last with Bahar
but I'm so sure Levent loves me..
I believe in his love..
but do you Love Levent too?
Ok Hakan
thanks for all your help
I will make sure she comes and sees you
hello Nevra
this is Hasret.. How are you?
thanks.. I am fine too
I wanted to ask you if Murat hoca has a lesson today?
At what time?
Ok. see you
So Hasret and Mr. Levent?
I don't know whether I should be happy or sad?
you should be happy
I am happy for Mr. Murat
but Mr. Levent is a mature man
he must have thought about it right?
he seemed very happy
Oh! Mrs. Nesrine
I think that this house brings luck
we got rid of Hasret
we got the piano back
it seems that everything is going the right way
I'll prepare some sweets to have it with our tea
Gülnaz give me the 2 piece of gold to pay my debt
I am trying to reason with you
I don't have any ounce of reason left
it's all gone
do you want them to keep my ID
so what?
why didn't you think of it when you planned all this?
you just wait one of their employees will commit a murder
and leave my ID at the crime scene and I'll be blamed for it
you're in real big trouble Cobra
stop! don't eat from it
it's barely enough for me
if you don't care about me fine
just think of our coming babies
who's gonna register them once they are born?
they will be born with no dad
just give me the gold to resolve this problem Gülnaz
there is NO MORE gold Cobra
go and fix your mess yourself
give me some olives at least
not even olives. there's barely enought for me
I'll go get some fresh air
ok go...
why didn't you wake up earlier?
is Murat hoca not coming today?
he has a morning lesson at school today
I'm not sure if he'll come or not
Ok.. tea?
Oh! Cobra.. what did you forget this time
I had it with him
Oh God!
what happened sister?
it's me
Hakan is a friend of mine
He is one of the best
he's a psychiatrist
you promised me.. Don’t forget
He will be waiting for you this evening.
Ok Mr. Murat.. Thank you
what are you doing here?
I'm here to say I'm not coming to the lessons anymore
You think you are educated enough?
No I thought you wouldn't want me in your class anymore
why should I not want you?
You can continue your education if you want
but I am not sure Levent will approve of this
I am the one who decides about my education
well hurry up then
The lesson is starting
we haven't seen you that happy for quite some time Mr. Levent
the difference is obvious you mean
what's making you that happy
can you share the good news
me and Hasret got engaged
really? Congratultion
congratulation Mr. Levent
thank you
your happiness is reflecting on your work
Miles Davis and at the end of 1960
changed his orchestra and joined jazz and rock music
And thus he was criticized by the Jazz musicians
this is it for today my friends..
Oh by the way
we should congratulate a friend of ours
She got engaged
when did all this happen? we didn't hear about it?
it happened all of a sudden
You are all invited to my wedding
when is the wedding
you must be very excited
I am so excited.. and VERY HAPPY
we're really happy to hear that
so you're getting married Hasret
I am very happy for you
it was a lovely evening
yes.. very nice indeed
how did Cobra manage to get a reservation in such a fancy place?
I was very amazed
I didn't expect such a restaurant
but all the credit goes to your Boss this time
come in..
I have an emergency my friend
what happened?
there is a problen at the restaurant
they asked for another 400TL
I had to leave my ID there
give me 400TL so I can pay off the total amount
I don't have any money.. I gave it all to you
you don't have anything?
do you have any?
how can I have such an amount?
I'm finished..
there is one solution
what is it?
I can call back home and they can send me some money
but I'll call them tomorrow
that's good
call them tomorrow so we pay up the restaurant
but then you have to pay the rent for me
you know we agreed on 400TL only
Jafer you're really something..
what can I say you're a sly
what about your dad?
he doesn't know and I don’t know what he'll do when he learns
he will pull me aside and tell me this love is impossible
so you think it is impossible too
No I had to accept this so you're dad won't bother you
so actually you did not really want to split up with me?
I never even thought of splitting up with you
then let's not finish our relationship
how will we continue..
Your dad’s mind would not change
forget about dad..
I will talk to him and he'll understand me
ok then
Shall I take you to our place where we hang out?
where is that?
where we play music
oh Murat hoca is giving us lessons
where are you coming from?
so you saw Murat
so what?
I won't give up my education just cause I'm marrying Levent
ok don’t be cross.. I was just surprised
what did Murat say? Did you talk to him
as always...
what were you expecting from him?
I'm going to my room.. I need to rest
these songs will be in the album
this is good
yes indeed
- excuse me - of course
Hello Murat?
how are you Levent?
fine an you?
I'm fine too
I wanted to invite you and Hasret outside to dinner
it's been a while since we went out
So what do you say?
it's ok by me but I need to ask Hasret too
ok ask her
let me know
good evening
your coats please
thank you
did Murat hoca choose this place?
yes he wanted to meet here
He said the food is great
Have you been here before?
yes Bahar?
Hello Mr. Murat
Sorry to bother you but I just wanted to inform you
what happened?
I went to the psychiatrist you suggested
he was very kind towards me
good.. And you should keep going
I will don't worry
ok then good
If you were nearby I thought maybe I could buy you coffee
I'm in a restaurant Bahar
If you want you can come
Hasret and Levent are coming too
Ok I will.. Where to?
Yes I know the place.. See you there
see you later
Have a seat
so do you like this place?
nice.. I liked it
their food is great
and they play nice songs
the food we had yesterday was good too right?
yes.. The pasta was the tastiest I had
well I tried my best
no it tasted great
I would have liked to attend yesterday too but
I did not know until it was nearly over
So I thought I should give you your present today
And invite you guys out to dinner
thank you
let's see if you will like it
When did we have this photo taken?
in my old house
one time you stopped by while I was training Hasret
do you remember?
Ah! Yes.. Yes
I remember now
I took it then
We look good don’t we ?
yes a nice picture
I thought too much about what should I get you
at the end I decided to get you this
Hang it in a nice place ok?
you will remember me when you look at the photo
what would you like to order?
we are waiting for one more person
We will order when she arrives
Ok sir
who is coming?
a friend
Yildiz did you think about it?
yes I did.. this is my final decision
are you staying for dinner?
yes I'm staying
I coocked chickpeas.. I hope you like it
yes I like it very much
I will help you
wait Yildiz
please don't get me wrong
you need to go back home
you can run away.. you need to talk to your dad
I will talk to him.. Tomorrow I'll talk to him
but let me stay here tonight so they worry about me
I'll go help Gülnaz
here she is
had you seen her like this?
yes once at school
welcome Bahar
I heard you got engaged.. congratulations
you must be tired today
Yes. It was hard to copy all the notes of the year at school
never mind.. We can relax now
shall we dance..
my love..
the music is beautiful
Yes.. And the lyrics are nice too
(you used to love me.. I used to love you)
(But life separates lovers slowly and quietly)
(Then the waves erase their footprints on the beach)
it was delicious.. thanks Gülnaz
Bon appetit
won't your mom worry about you?
No.. No
I told them
good then
where is Cobra?
He was upstairs
Do you think he went to sleep.. let me check
I am coming
our men are like this
they won't move until you prick them
I'm coming.. I'm coming
is my daughter here?
what's happening?
are you alright?
I'm fine
are you Kadir?
you have to come with us
for Kidnapping
Kidnapping? I came here by my own will
my daughter..
no one is asking you? Let's go
dad you don't understand
we will talk at home.. come
come with us
wait.. he didn't do a thing
Cobra help!
officer what's wrong?
please don't obstruct justice
I'm just asking a question
who are you?
I'm his brother in law
show me your ID
I don't have it on me
what do you mean?
I had to leave it at the restaurant Jafer...
take them to the police station
wait officer I'm talking
forgive me Gülnaz
shall we dance?
we will dance at our wedding next week
yes very little time left
you need to buy a wedding gown
you're right
where will we live? we never talked about it
I don't know
where will we go for our honeymoon?
I never thought about it
I will love you always.. Forever..