Bosch PMF 180 e Flush Cutter Power Tool Demo

Uploaded by mediabounty on 26.07.2010

It’s called the all rounder, made by Bosch,
absolutely awesome tool, it’s an oscillating cutter
What it does, it’s a problem solver really,
it does loads and loads of different jobs around the house.
It’s the sort of thing you buy, you’d use and then you’d use it
again and again and again and again for loads and loads of different types of things.
Bosch’s thesis behind this was that you could start a job
with this tool and finish a job with this tool.
The first bit it actually comes with is this flush cut blade type of applications
you can use this for is for cutting the bottom off of architrave to actually
fit laminate flooring underneath.
Any flush cutting the blade can turn to face any direction.
So as you can see as I turn this upside down there’s a little
Allen key you just undo that very slightly,
you lift and then you can turn that blade actually around.
Well I’m laying some laminate flooring here, that’s what I want to do,
I want to fit my laminate floor actually in underneath my architrave rather than cut it round
round the architrave which is obviously gonna to be a lot lot more awkward.
The all rounder makes it a lot lot easier to do.
I’ve taken the piece of laminate floor. I’ve turned it upside down cause we don’t want to damage the top of the laminate floor.
Because this is a flush cutter it will sit just flat on top of the laminate like so, it will cut into the timber,
if there are any marks they which will be very very minor they will be on the bottom of the laminate,
once you flip it over obviously you’ve got shiny side up, it doesn’t matter.
And then we can turn that laminate back over so we’ve got our side and we can actually fit the laminate as you can see that underneath.
Also as well you get this which is what they call a plunge cut blade,
semi flexible so it does move, for cutting wood,
and that you can maybe plunge out a worktop maybe to fit taps in onto a work to, things like that.
When you’re bored with it like that you can then double up and use it as a sander.
Cause you’ve got that oscillation that between 2 and 3 degree oscillation
no matter what area of what way you twist it it’s always cutting,
you can even cut on the very very slightest of edges so it doesn’t make any difference what direction your going in,
you can use it as a saw, you sit it flat so it just then cuts into it on its own, it’s really versatile.