DailyGrace LIVE from LA - 6/18/12 (Full Ep)

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GRACE HELBIG: Look at us!
Back again from MyDamnChannel LIVE!
Woo woo woo woo!
First and foremost, my voice is--
how embarrassing.
My voice is gone because I went to a Kelly Clarkson-only
karaoke night last night.
And let me just say (SINGING) we belong together now.
Sometimes we don't belong together.
Second and second most, happy birthday Beth Hoyt!
It's Beth Hoyt's birthday today! (SINGING) Happy
birthday Beth Hoyt, Beth Hoyt it's your birthday, you can
give me the gift na na na na na.
Simpsons reference.
Remember that, you guys?
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Yeah, happy birthday Lisa.
You remember.
Simpson's reference. (SINGING) Happy birthday Beth Hoyt.
I need to stop watching myself on this computer.
Guys, I'm here in LA, for those of you that haven't been
keeping up with the show.
I'm out here shooting my music show.
Actually had a new episode go live yesterday, so please go
check that out.
Next thing need to do is make sure that you are subscribed
to mydamnchannel.com, because otherwise you won't know that
all this wonderful-ness is happening every Monday while
I'm out here in LA for 10 beautiful minutes.
Because I'm out here, the show has gotten pared
down a little bit.
And we're just going to have real talk.
Real talk in front of a chain link fence, just like how
suburban kids do it every day of their lives--
standing by a fence, chatting about life, and tweets.
Speaking of tweets, let's start answering
some of your tweets!
I asked you guys to send me your questions on Twitter with
the hashtag My Damn Channel Live.
And let's start answering them, shall we?
JOHN (OFFSCREEN): What about your favorite comment?
John is the greatest man in the whole world.
I should talk about my favorite comment from last
week's show, which is a great, wonderful comment.
John, speaking of being wonderful, can you put that
comment here for me to read?
GRACE HELBIG: With my eyes?
Then can you dictate that comment for me?
JOHN (OFFSCREEN): I hate that dress sooooooooooo much.
GRACE HELBIG: Perfect username.
Hated the dress I wore last week.
And it validated my existence as a person, because what else
are we here for on the internet, other than to cause
you pain and discomfort and reasons to hate other people?
Why does the internet exist?
So we can connect with each other and loathe each other.
It's perfect.
Facebook is a den of trolls.
In some way, shape, or form.
Now that we've gotten that comment off of our dress,
let's start reading some of your tweets, shall we?
John, do you have a problem with me reading tweets now?
GRACE HELBIG: You OK with it now?
This show is cazh, guys, it's mad cazh.
OK, the first tweet comes from Abby Armistead.
And she says, what's your favorite dance move, and why?
OK, I've said this in videos before.
My favorite dance move is the tap and point.
Tap, point, tap, point, tap, point, tap, point.
This is universal for a lot of different scenarios.
Like, you could do this at a high school dance.
You could do this at a wedding.
You do this at a funeral.
You could do this in a museum, just letting people know where
the exhibits are.
There's the primates, there's the lions, there's tigers,
there's the Wizard of Oz memorabilia.
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Man, I need to work out.
That tired me out, doing that tiny little physical move.
OK, another tweet from Raquanda.
That's a whole lot of name.
I have to say, though, that I'm really jealous when anyone
has a q in their name.
Because I just think q is such an amazing letter.
Q cannot be followed by any other letter but u.
That's so romantic, if you think about it.
That's so romantic.
Q and u are the most beautiful letter couple of all time.
Is this getting too deep for you?
Let's quit it while we're ahead.
What is your biggest fear?
Well, first thing that came into my mind is loneliness,
but this got real serious real quick.
So I'll say sharks.
Sharks are my biggest fear.
Why do they exist?
What joy do they bring to the world?
Sure, good movie, whatever.
But other than that?
They are horrible creatures.
They are just death animals.
They are made to murder you.
So, why, science?
Also, we do not know how they reproduce.
They have all these reality shows where they're trying to
capture sharks and put tags on them and put
them back in the ocean.
Because we don't know what the eff they do all day, other
than murder people.
So I guess that they create reality television for us now,
which is wonderful.
Also, have you ever seen the reality shows
about capturing sharks?
What is it called, Deadliest Catch?
Sure, why not.

It is the deadliest catch.
They are so disgusting.
But it is amazing that they can create 20 minutes of a
reality show based on 10 men bringing a shark onto a boat,
piercing its ears with something and then putting
it-- they don't have ears.
Sharks are so stupid.
I hate them.
OK, next Twitter question is from Beth.
Beths Jones.
Oh, Beth S. Jones, because her middle name is Spencer.
What a progressive middle name.
Did you ever go to Spencer's Gifts as a child?
I used to.
Remember in the back of Spencer's Gifts was like a
triple x section, it was all the porn?
I used to go back and look for a second and then run away.
I was a huge prude as a child.
Ever been so drunk you forgot what happened the day before?

Let's take another Twitter question.
It's from John N-E-C-H What would be your number one thing
to do on your bucket list?
Oh man.
I don't really have a bucket list.
But the first thing that comes into my head is I would love
to have a bloody mary with Pat Sajak.
I feel like that would be a wonderful time.
One, I think he's probably a super-alcoholic, which I do
not think is a bad thing because he
does that show everyday.
Two, I think he has a ginormous head, and I would
like to see it in real life, how disproportionate it is to
the rest of his body.
And three, bloody marys are delicious.
So, I think it would really be wonderful.
So that's number one.
I have an unnatural obsession with Pat Sajak.
And I realize that this should be something that I address in
my normal life and resolve on my own terms.
But I just want to put it out there.
So if anyone can make that happen.
This next question is from Aerts Toon.
Sorry if I sound out of breath.
It's really hot in here.
MyMusic's air conditioning doesn't work, so I feel like
I'm on the verge of a panic attack every five seconds
because it's so hot in here.
What's your favorite foreign country?
What's your favorite foreign country?
Well, I haven't been to a ton of countries.
But when when I was 19 I did a study abroad in London for
three weeks.
And I loved it so much.
I got the nickname "The Cheerleader", because I was
the most American-looking little girl with high energy
over there.
And so that was really nice.
A country that gave me a nickname, I'll take.
I love the country of London.
My favorite country.
OK, my next question is from Sami Ulin13.
Ulin, what a weird last name.
Sorry, I'm distracted by your last name.
Have you listened to jesters--
Have you listened to Justin Bieber's new album yet?
But I have listened--
because now I have a car out here in LA and I have a radio
in the car--
I've listened and heard--
excuse me.
I just burped so weird in my mouth.
My body is falling apart right now.
I just want you to know you're watching a slow, terrible
thing happen right now.
I've listened to Boyfriend so many times, that I really want
a sound byte of when he goes "swaggy", and just have that
as a response to everything.
It is the dumbest word of all time.
So dumb.
But I haven't listened to the rest of the album.
Do you think it's magical and wonderful and awesome?
I will go and continue to not listen to it.
Let's take another question from awitsjocelyn.
I like when you give yourself an emotion with
your Twitter name.
Will you ever bring back your 2008
slash early GnM hairstyle?
You mean, just the natural white trash fro
that I had going on?
I don't think so.
I'll tell you, my hair is naturally very curly.
So that hairstyle came about because I didn't own any hair
products, and I used to shower and then just let my hair dry
naturally, and it would go really wavy.
And then someone taught me how to scrunch my hair, by going
like this, and make it extra curly.
I would do that every day, and I would find that I would end
up not brushing my hair for a week, and would create like
one giant dread, underneath, in the back of my hair, that
was so weird to the touch.
And I realize that the guy I was dating at the time--
that was an awkward thing for him to come upon when he was,
like, caressing my hair.
Just one, giant dread underneath.
It was like a little treasure for him to find.
But what is the opposite of treasure?
All of it.
Let's take one more question, shall we?

Hollie Ridgeway 31770H is her name-- which makes me feel
like you're a bot, but that's OK.
What's your favorite vegetarian food?
My favorite vegetarian food--
I love Mexican food so much.
That's not a vegetarian food.
That's just a thing.
This is just on my brain.
I love Mexican food so much, I could eat it absolutely every
day and never grow tired of it.
If I was able to eat Mexican food with Pat Sajak every day
my life, I think I would just be the happiest female camper
of all time.
It would be so wonderful.
Can we make that happen?
Has it been ten minutes?
One more question!
John, the voice of God, gives me one more question.
JOHN (OFFSCREEN): Megan Harvey.
Do you have a legit zombie apocalypse plan?

GRACE HELBIG: Oh, what would I do if there was a zombie

I think I would use it to have an opportunity to actually
punch someone in the face.
I've never in my life punched someone in the face.
I'm really opposed to physical violence.
But it intrigues me, like, the feeling of punching someone.
So I think I would take it as an
opportunity to punch something.
Also, to eat a lot of ice cream cake.
Because in my life, you can only eat so
much ice cream cake.
Because, also, my belly can't deal with lactose sometimes.
And I think I would just challenge the
limits of my lactose.
That's my plan.
If there's ever a zombie apocalypse, I'm going to test
the limits of my own lactose deficiency.

I think I would survive.
I would just be in the freezer section of the ShopRite.
JOHN (OFFSCREEN): The freezers aren't going to stay on long.
Well, when the freezers go down is when I'll call it.
I'll be like, you know what, I had a good run.
It's OK.
I think that's it for the show, right guys?
This is so sad.
This is the saddest.
And I'm sweating right now, and you're all uncomfortable
with my own discomfort.
So we have to go.
Guys, make sure that you subscribe to MyDamnChannel on
YouTube, so that you know when this kind of stuff happens.
And Beth Hoyt, whose birthday is today-- everyone go wish
Beth Hoyt a happy birthday!
She'll be here the rest of the week.
And you can find me the rest of the week on
And I will see you guys next Monday.
Until then, spam Pat Sajak.
No, don't.
That makes me nervous.
I don't want responsibility if he actually responds to me.
Oh god, what did I start?
Go away!