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Coming up, let the skinny chick show you the food's that are making you fat, and they're
not the ones you think. Plus . . . . It didn't feel like the flu. It was so bizarre
to me.
A mysterious illness . . . .
She was in pain, and it was not normal.
. . . . a desperate teen . . . .
Right now I don't have a life.
. . . . and a supernatural diagnosis.
I had never heard of The 700 Club. Never watched it.
Well, welcome ladies and gentlemen, to this edition of The 700 Club. Well, the Iowa caucuses
do what people expect them to do. They shake out the weaker candidates, and they propel
the strong ones. So it looks like, at least two to three of the Republican field won't
be with us. We don't know exactly, but we'll talk about that as the show continues. Mitt
Romney pulled off what was a surprise. He came in number-one but only by about 30 some
votes, above eight votes, actually, more than Rick Santorum who campaigned in every single
county in Iowa, just stay there, did amazingly. So we'll talk more about that, but David Brody
has something.
He does, because you know, Pat, it was. It was a photo finish, and the winners and losers,
we are going to hear their story.
If the Iowa caucuses are any indication of how the 2012 presidential race is going to
go, well hold onto your seats. There were two victory speeches. Mitt Romney . . . .
You were working, and I am working, and we’re all working together because of our passion
for this country.
And Rick Santorum . . . .
Game on!
But ask anyone in the Hawkeye State, and you'll know the real winner is former Pennsylvania
Sen. Rick Santorum who told us he felt the hand of God the whole way. (Interviewing):
What have those conversations been like with God through all of this, unbelievable, huh?
God has given me the grace to have what I needed to continue to persevere and just trust
in Him. He's blessed our family. He's blessed me, and I just feel very, very grateful for
the opportunity He's given me.
Add to that the sweat equity. Santorum traveled to all 99 counties before anyone else, and
he held 381 town hall meetings. Mitt Romney finished at the top even though he originally
didn't plan on competing here. Supporters think he is the candidate who can beat President
I really think he just gives a stronger, more defined dynamic presentation.
My focus is pretty much on the economics of this country and jobs and turning this country
Ron Paul finished a strong third and tells CBN news that he's going to take a look at
how to move his campaign to the next phase.
So I'm not very good at predicting exactly what will happen, you know, in politics and
elections in all. But I happen to think that a lot more people are interested in moving
in the direction that I want them to go. But as far as predicting goes, I'm just very happy
about where we are today.
Former front runner Newt Gingrich dropped to the middle of the pack. Michelle Bachmann
and Rick Perry were hoping for an upset, but it just didn't happen. Iowa’s evangelical
voters came together behind one candidate, and that was Rick Santorum.
The conventional wisdom, which is that evangelicals vote for the person who attends the church
most like theirs, talks most like them, believes mostly what they believe, is being shattered
here tonight.
Santorum is Catholic and has been a longtime champion of social conservative issues, and
that's something he says he will carry on now as he heads to New Hampshire, South Carolina,
and beyond.
Thank you so much, Iowa.
Rick Santorum, on his way to New Hampshire. So is Newt Gingrich. They're both going to
tag-team Mitt Romney, gang up on him in New Hampshire. Meanwhile Rick Santorum is in for
the first real media scrutiny that he has received in this campaign. Pat.
Thanks, David. So, ladies and gentlemen, you say, what is going to happen next? Well, what
is going to happen next is pretty simple. We’re going to have Rick Santorum with no
money going into New Hampshire, which again is retail politics, but he’ll only have
a week or so to do it in a state where Romney is way, way ahead in money and staff. And
right after that, within a few days, he's going to be propelled to South Carolina, and
right after that to Florida. He doesn't have the ground troops, and he doesn't have the
money. So what's he going to do? Seems like to me, if he’s got any sense, he'll play
to be Secretary of HHS or some similar position in the Romney administration, and he'll be
nice. Newt’s going to come in there; he's mad, because he was just assaulted in Iowa.
The Super Pacs just went after him unmercifully, and he's mad. But somebody said, well, if
they did it to you now, Obama would do it to you later, so you may as well get used
to it. But I think Rick Perry stumbled in the debates. He just didn't seem to know what
he was doing. He's had a back surgery, and may be taking pain medication, and it may
have thrown him off his game; but whatever it was, he just became a laughingstock, and
as a result he's quote, “going to reassess” his campaign. He was the front runner, and
I think he will drop out. I think Michelle Bachmann has been hemorrhaging staff. She's
a very wonderful lady, very intelligent, very compassionate, but she just didn't play for
president. She played for prosecuting attorney, and that didn't go well with the audiences.
After all, Iowa is her home state, and if she couldn't make it in Iowa, she's not going
to make it anyplace else. So the question is will she drop out? And my guess would be
yes. So now you've got Santorum with a tremendous win but, nevertheless, coming up against the
buzz saw of three primaries, 1-2-3, South Carolina, and Florida, and by then it will
pretty much be all be over. So, it was a very interesting thing, and I'm just congratulating
Rick Santorum. He ran a very clean campaign. He didn't attack people. If he goes into New
Hampshire and starts attacking, he'll ruin his choirboy image, and that is not a good
thing. But he can position himself for a significant role in the government down the road. But
in terms of being president, I don't think so. Okay?
All right. Is that enough?
That was enough, but I thought we were going to talk to David Brody.
Were we? Well.
Talk to him.
Let’s talk to David Brody, because he’s here.
David’s a nice man. He’ll talk to you. What’s he going to tell you. David what
else you got to tell us on this thing?
Hey Pat, that was great analysis, back to you. That was great analysis.
Thanks, old buddy. I've been there and done that, as you know. I went through all that,
came in second, and you know how it was. The amazing thing about that poor ole’ Bob Dole,
he won the thing, but I got all the headlines. The headlines were “Robertson Beats Bush,”
and poor ole’ Bob was saying, “But I won, but you get all the headlines!” Well, I
got the headlines, because I beat a sitting vice president. But anyhow, so much for that,
and onto New Hampshire. You going to New Hampshire, David?
We’re going to New Hampshire. We're going to South Carolina. We’ll just be everywhere.
Look, if you listen to the Santorum folks, they've spent the most time except for Jon
Huntsman, and Mitt Romney. Santorum has had over 30 visits to New Hampshire, so they're
going to go there. Look, this is heavy lifting. We all know it's heavy lifting for Santorum,
but here's the good news. We are hearing as of now, that Michelle Bachmann has canceled
her trip to South Carolina, so that is good news for Santorum, because it looks like Bachmann’s
out. Perry is probably going to get out. He's reassessing to Texas. The way Santorum can
do this, if he can do it, is to coalesce all of those evangelicals and social conservatives
behind him. It's heavy lifting Pat, but there's a path. It's a skinny little path, but there's
something there, and that's what we’ll watch for.
Well, it's very interesting. I'll tell you, there's not too many of those evangelicals
in New Hampshire. It is tough going.
No, there are not.
Oh man. It's tough, tough, tough. I wish in retrospect that I had bypassed New Hampshire
and gone directly to South Carolina. I think Perry was going to do that. He was the clear
frontrunner, though. David, he had all the money, he had all the Mo going in, and he
just fell apart in those debates.
I gotta tell you, Pat, I said from the beginning this was Rick Perry's race to lose the moment
he got in, and ever since he got in he's been doing a pretty good job of it. Because he
has had one oops moment after another and so, there he goes off into the Texas sunset.
As for Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney, I think the way Rick Santorum could possibly capitalize
here is that he has to define the narrative in this race, and here's what he needs to
do, Pat. Basically he needs to come out and say I'm the authentic conservative candidate,
and I'm running against the inauthentic conservative candidate, Mitt Romney. If that narrative
can take hold, he's got a shot. Uphill battle, though.
David, it takes money, m-o-n-e-y, lots and lots of money. You've got to buy television
commercials. You've got to have a staff. You've got to put field operatives. You've got to
have literature and yard signs, and all that garbage that goes along with it. And he hasn’t
got the money. The poor guy's financing out of his own pocket, isn't he?
No. I mean he spent $30,000 in Iowa, but he won, or at least, it was considered at least
a moral victory for sure. No, he can't compete with the Romney machine at all, so he's up
against it; but then, again, Romney's got a 25% problem, too. Let's remember, right.
I mean, Mitt Romney at some point, I mean, it's not so much a vote for Mitt Romney as
much as it is, well, there’s, who else is really left? Hopefully, Rick Santorum folks,
they think they can capitalize on that.
David, what I found is New Hampshire was a very conservative state, but a whole bunch
of folks from Massachusetts edged across into southern New Hampshire, because they like
the living up there; and they carried with them the liberal mindset from Massachusetts,
and so they like their former governor, so they're going to be voting for Romney, and
I think he may be showing as high as 40% in New Hampshire. I can't see Santorum doing
much. But you say, “I’m the authentic conservative.” Well, we’ll see. I’ll
tell you what, David. You see this thumb. I want to show the people on the air. I've
got a little—you see that?
I see that.
It's a little bigger. You know why?
Shaking hands in New Hampshire. I'm serious. They wanted me to shake 1500 hands a day.
I mean, it’s retail politics.
So your hand is bigger.
Well, that thumb is! I got arthritis in this from New Hampshire. That's my battle scar,
David. Okay. David Brody in Des Moines, Iowa. Great. Okay, what's next? I think we've got
somebody else doing something if they tell us about it. What have you got?
Lee, let’s go to Lee.
Lee has more news.
We do have more news to report today, Pat. The latest tensions between Iran and the United
States will soon have an impact at the gas pump. Oil prices jumped four percent on Tuesday.
That rise came after Iran threatened military action against a US warship if it returns
to the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. That is the key waterway used for oil shipments
in that region. Analysts believe oil prices could keep going up as long as the tension
Well, those memories of mild, winter weather in December are fading fast. Bone chilling
temperatures have invaded the east from New England to Florida. It's wrecking havoc on
drivers in the north, and citrus crops in the south. Efrem Graham reports.
A frigid blast of arctic air has made the first week of 2012 a very, very cold one in
some parts of the country. Temperatures in the northern parts of New England have dipped
to 20 below zero.
It's unreal. Yesterday, I was hiking. Today, I'm here in the freezing blizzard.
Americans in the eastern United States are hoping for better roads today Wednesday after
snowy slippery roads and highways snarled traffic and made it hard to get to work.
Iowa We've seen plenty of accidents. There was a 30-car pileup and semis crashing into
the walls. And it's been crazy, so we're just trying to take it slow and get there safe.
A 20-car crash in central Pennsylvania closed I-80 for several hours. On Interstate 81 in
northern Virginia, poor visibility and slippery roads caused cars to slide and ever flip over,
bringing out the tow trucks in full force.
There's ice under that snow, and people are used to driving on snow, but when they try
to stop, that ice is just taking over and making it really slick.
Some parts of the Great Lakes region got as much as two feet of snow, and in Florida they
are trying to save the state's $9 billion citrus industry. And if you are buried in
snow, what you're about to see could hurt a little. Sunny and 70° in Southern California.
I've got a sister in Virginia digging cars out, and I've got aunts in Chicago, same thing,
you know.
CBN News.
Stay tuned, though, the warm weather will return.
A hormone found in body fat could increase the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's in women.
Researchers at Tufts University in Boston say the new findings provide more evidence
linking dementia to excess weight. The researchers also find that that hormone in men with dementia,
but there weren't enough men in the study to reach a clear conclusion.
Scientists say more research is needed to understand what the findings mean for preventing
and treating dementia. Pat.
What your saying is fat ladies are going to have dementia? Is that what he said? Belly
fat is going to lead to . . . .
I think what he is saying is that people who are overweight, maybe it's the . . . .
Belly fat.
. . . . belly fat.
That’s the study. It has a hormone.
It’s a link.
That causes dementia.
Possibly, all right.
All right possibly. The bottom line is hey, Pat, it's a new year. Happy new year by the
I haven't seen you.
I know.
Happy, happy new year.
Do you make New Year's resolutions?
No. We mentioned that yesterday. I do not, because I don't keep them, so I don't even
I know, right?
I did ask the Lord for some things. But you know, I want to share something. Yesterday,
we had a very provocative, arresting guest.
He was phenomenal!
Wasn't he incredible?
He was phenomenal. I've been reading his book. He's off the chain. Yeah, go ahead.
It’s unbelievable. It's called The Harbinger, and people are buying that book like crazy.
I want to share something that I believe the Lord gave me this morning that sort of speaks
to where we are in a nation. I know we're talking about politics, and somebody winning
the caucus there, about 122,000 people or so that showed up, a lot of people in the
caucus, but you’ve got three million people in the state, and so a 122-thousand, about
the same who go to high school basketball playoffs. So it's not a big deal. But nevertheless,
here's the Scripture. I went to share with you, and I want you to take this to heart.
The Bible says, He was speaking to Israel, “Gather together, you sinful nation,
“Before the decree takes effect and that day passes like windblown chafe, before the
Lord's fierce anger comes upon you . . . .
Go ahead, please.
. . . . before the day of the Lord's wrath . . . .
Now this is it, now it says, “You humble, seek righteousness and seek humility because
you may be hid in the day of the Lord's anger.” Seek humility. Seek righteousness, those of
you who serve the Lord, who do His commands. Seek righteousness, seek humility. That's
the word for this 2012. Those of us who follow his commands, do what He says, righteousness,
humility, you may be hid in the day of His wrath. Because if we listen to Jonathan Cahn,
The Harbinger, as we listen to what's coming down the road in terms of economic problems,
the Lord is saying that to us. “I'll look after you. Seek humility. Seek righteousness.”
Absolutely, Pat. I think the bottom line to it all is were so focused on finances in this
situation and that situation . . . .
And politics.
. . . . and politics.
And sports.
But it's all about the Lord, getting right with the Lord.
I set up watching a football game, (pretending to cry) Virginia Tech got beat.
I’ll forgive you.
They screwed up.
Well, it happens.
Did you watch?
Weren’t we just talking about the Lord?
We are. You see that's the problem. We were watching the football games we should be thinking
about the . . . . but that teaches us . . . .
I'm not judging. I'm not judging.
That teaches us humility when your team gets beat like that. It was on a tie, and they
lost a tiebreaker. Okay, what's next?
Okay. Coming up . . . .
. . . . young women are being tortured and killed, guess what, by their own fathers.
We're going to tell you what's behind this growing epidemic of so-called “honor killings”
coming up on The 700 Club. But later, we're also going to be taking your questions from
our live chat room.
So all you have to do is; there's Mark, I'm waving back at you kid. We’re logging on
to That's what we need you to do, so you can send us your questions. When? Right
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Tomorrow . . . .
We can have just one drink.
. . . . a husband starts down a slippery slope . . . .
A couple of lines of cocaine would be really great right now.
. . . . and winds up with a dead wife.
I could see her slumped over in the car, and I was yelling Tonette, Tonette!
Plus . . . .
. . . . a pastor of two churches on opposite sides of the country. Jentezen Franklin shares
how to gain a spiritual edge, tomorrow on The 700 Club.
Three thousand killings in Great Britain. Three thousand. What are they? Honor killings.
Honor of what? Well, to maintain the family discipline of women in a Muslim society. And
as more and more Muslims move into the West, many young Muslims have adopted Western culture.
In some cases their families have said, “Not on our watch, you don't.” And shockingly
they have attacked, tortured, mutilated, maimed their own daughter. Dale Hurd brings us this
disturbing story. We warn you what you are about to see is not suitable for children.
It may not even be suitable for adults, but you watch it anyhow.
This Canadian was strangled by her father because she refused to wear a headscarf. This
Italian had her throat slit by her dad while she was held down by her uncles. This American
was run over by her father in his Jeep Cherokee. These sisters were shot by their father in
a New York taxi. This woman was shot by her brother in broad daylight. They may have defied
the wishes of their parents, or adopted Western ways, or tried to leave Islam. So they were
killed. Many were tortured first. The precise number of honor attacks worldwide is unknown,
because many are not reported or are reported as accidents or suicides. But a new report
says 3,000 honor attacks were committed last year in Britain alone.
Part of what changed my ideas . . . .
Norwegian Hege Storhaug left journalism to devote her life to helping the victims of
honor violence after doing a story about a Norwegian girl who was forced to marry her
cousin from Pakistan.
I was so shocked when she said, for example, “My parents were willing to kill me if I
didn't enter this marriage, to protect their own honor."
These Pakistani women had acid thrown in their faces by their husbands' families, because
they did not bring a big enough dowry to the marriage. Although honor violence is sometimes
committed by Hindus and Sikhs, it is usually a Muslim on Muslim crime. A study found that
91 percent of honor killings were committed by Muslims. Women who break with traditional
Islam often face grave danger.
For them a member who goes out of the sect or the group, or the community is a traitor.
This young woman came to study in Paris after growing up in a Muslim nation. And because
she rejects Islam and Islamic rules about women, she says the only way she could ever
safely return to her homeland is if she were to pretend to be a traditional, submissive
Muslim woman.
It will be safe if I will play the game. There's a game. So if you want to go back, you have
to apologize for living. You have to apologize for being yourself. You have to apologize
for wanting freedom. You have to apologize for everything and say, “Yes, I am sorry.
I am coming back to slavery. I am a slave again. I am a slave and happy to be a slave.”
This is how it works.
Gina Khan has been a national spokeswoman in Britain against honor violence and Islamic
radicalism. She left an abusive arranged marriage and had to move to a secret location because
of threats.
You're at risk if you speak out. You can be attacked. I'm aware of that. But there comes
a time when silence becomes a sin, a guilt.
When a Muslim decides to leave Islam, the situation can range from complicated to deadly.
Some are so burned out on “God,” they want nothing to do with religion for the rest
of their lives. We’re blurring the faces at this Spanish church for ex-Muslims, because
leaving Islam can be deadly. And small in part because the pastor says there's so much
social control within Muslim communities in Europe that leaving Islam is simply not an
option many Muslims take seriously.
I have my community. I have to live and to integrate and belong, and so on, and I cannot
leave that. So they don’t have the option in their minds to be Christians.
And honor violence is only a part of the enormous control that Islam tries to exert over the
minds of women and young people. After years of Western governments denying that honor
violence was a problem, laws are being passed to stop it. But within Muslim communities
in Europe and America, women often still do not have full rights; and their lives are
still at risk.
In real life women are treated like half humans. Legally speaking, they are as minors all their
Do you think most of them are happy?
Have you seen their faces? They are miserable.
Dale Hurd, CBN News, reporting from Europe.
Thanks, Dale. I want to say this to any Muslim woman in this audience. Jesus Christ died
to give you dignity. He died to set you free, and He loves you. And to know the Spirit of
God is to know the spirit of freedom. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
And if you come to Jesus Christ and call upon Him, He will set you free. He'll set you free
spiritually and ultimately He will set you free from the bondage. He came to break the
yoke of oppression, and you don't have to live under this outrageous system of medieval
abuse to women. You don't have to. Jesus loves you. He died for women, and men that you might
be free. Kristi.
Pat, that was a beautiful word. I couldn't have said it better myself. Well, still ahead,
it tops most New Year's resolutions, losing weight.
Well, you don't need to starve yourself to get “svelte.” In fact one skinny chick
says, if you want to slim down, all you have to do is start eating real food's, and she'll
explain what she's talking about when we return.
Got a question for Pat?
Send us yours now on We'll bring it online with your questions from our live
chat room, later on today's 700 Club.
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Well, Christmas is over and the calendar says it's a new year. And that means it's time
to shed those holiday pounds that we all take on. So, it's time to put away the eggnog and
the Figgie pudding—I'm not even really sure what Figgie pudding is—because if you want
to lose weight, you're going to have to start eating some real food. Take a look.
Diet soda, snack packs, light, frozen meals, these diet foods may actually keep you from
losing weight. Nutritionist Christina Avanti, calls them “factory foods.” They offer
no nutrition and leave you wanting more. In her book Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food, Christine
helps you say goodbye to foods that make you fat and hello to foods that jumpstart your
weight loss plans for the new year.
So, please welcome back to The 700 Club the author of the new book Skinny Chicks Eat Real
Food. Christine Avanti. And can I just say this? Skinny chicks don't eat real food, the
eat air and water, and that's pretty much it. That's my theory. It's good to see you,
It’s such a stereotype. Oh, I love you, Kristi.
I know, it is. Okay, before we even get started, so the last time you were here some cool stuff
has happened. What's up with The Food Network?
Yeah, well . . . .
You have your own show, what's going on with that?
I'm actually on a show, a new show with Food Network. It's called Fat Chef. It's going
to be premiering on January 26th. It's very exciting. So one of three health consultants
that helps a group of chefs lose a lot of weight, change their life, start exercising,
eating healthy, and cooking healthier. So I've got five chefs I'm in charge of, cracking
the whip, and getting them fit and healthy, and they're doing amazing, and it’s just
an awesome experience.
When does it start to air?
It airs January 26th.
10:00 p.m. on the Food Network. Tune in.
Good to know. We're going to do that. Okay. Christine, so let's talk about your background.
You went to culinary school. You are a professional chef and here's the deal, I talk about you
every single time you get here. You are like so skinny and you write these books like,
you know, Skinny Chicks Eat. I'm like they don't eat. But anyway.
We eat. We eat, honey. We eat.
Okay. So how can you be a chef and not gain weight? Because in my opinion, all really
good cooks are chunkier.
Well, they taste their food, and they cook healthy food. Well, here's the thing; you'll
even see on the show. These chefs, yes, they were heavy, and then they've lost weight.
A little bit of focus, a little bit of education on food, learning how to balance out your
blood sugar and adding some exercise in, it's really not that hard. And you know from the
last time I was here with my last book, I lost 30 pounds and I've kept it off for about
11 years. So I wasn't always a quote unquote “skinny chick.” I've learned how to respect
food and have a good relationship with food. And enjoy it. In this book we've got a lot
of great recipes. Of course, we're going to do a little detoxing today. But I've got brownies
in there, and ice cream recipes. And you know, there's a lot of great stuff in there. It's
not just all diet food.
Well, that's good to know. Speaking of diet food, there are a lot of myths out there,
like some people say diet soda is good. Some people say it's not. Some people say eat a,
you know, protein bar rather then a shake. You know, there's all these things, tell me,
like diet sodas, is that a good thing? Are protein bars, are those good things? Different
things like that.
Well, this book that I just did is really about getting rid of factory food. You know,
anything that comes from the earth, from a plant, from an animal, that's real food. It's
good; it's good for us. Stuff that's made in factories, stuff that's made of chemicals
and things we can't even pronounce or we don't even know what they are, I'm not saying they're
all bad. I'm saying, if you don't know what it is, why would you put it in your body?
Maybe think twice about it. I also in the book, I have what I call my 80/20 plan. So
if 80 percent of the time you're eating 100 percent real food, then 20 percent of the time, if
you want that, whatever that thing is, if it's that diet soda, if it's candy, whatever
it is, then have it. But if you're sticking to a real food diet most of the time, you're
going to be fine. And that's what I recommend people do. And then if you want to add a little
factory food in here and there, it’s okay. But to live completely on factory food, our
nation is sick. Our nation is overweight. People are coming up with diseases that no
one even understands where they came from. And my question is this it's like do you even
know what you're putting in your body? Can you read all the ingredients on the package
of that food? Well, no, I can't read it, Christine, I don't know what this is. I don't know what
that is. Then I'm just saying you shouldn't put it in your body. Eat real food and you're
going to be fit and lean. And yes, when I went to culinary school, what I realized is
I started this whole new relationship with real food. Everyone around me was like gaining
weight. I'm eating real food. I'm putting cream in a sauce, and I'm not gaining any
weight. And before I started culinary school, yeah, I was all about the fat free, the sugar
free, the low calorie, this that, because I thought that was the way to stay lean and
healthy. But what I realize is when I was eating real food, I didn't gain an ounce,
there's something to that. There's definitely something to that and you feel better.
That is true. Okay. Speaking of feeling better, let's talk about some of these feel good foods
that really, not only make you feel good, but work for your body. Start us out.
All right. So in the book, I have what I call my fat burning foods and I love them. And
I tell people to incorporate these into their diet every single day. So first up I have
cinnamon. So cinnamon is amazing. According to the FDA, if you add one fourth teaspoon
cinnamon to any meal, your body will actually metabolize and break down sugar twenty times
faster. So what cinnamon does at the end of the day is basically it lowers blood sugar
levels. So people who are diabetic, really, really great. They should add cinnamon to
everything. add it to their tea, their coffee, their cereal, anything. But cinnamon really
great, stabilizes blood sugar and helps lower blood glucose levels.
Cayenne pepper, we kind of already know about this. We know that cayenne pepper definitely
helps increase metabolic rate, you know, increases overall poor body temperature. So that's a
good thing. And you can spice your life up a little bit with a little cayenne.
We all need spice, girl.
I know. I put it in everything. Ask the people who are closest to me; they will admit she
puts cayenne pepper on everything. Ginger, love ginger. It adds a great kick to any food
or drink. And the other thing about ginger is it actually increases the feeling of satiety.
So it makes you feel fuller. So that I call a great weight loss food. Because if you're
feeling fuller, you're not feeling as hungry, go with the ginger.
Doesn't ginger also help with digestion?
Yes, it helps if you feel nauseous. So if you're nauseous and your stomach is upset,
ginger definitely helps, right? Everybody's grandmother said, oh you have an upset stomach?
Have a little ginger ale.
Exactly, right.
So ginger is a good thing. Artichokes. Artichokes are amazing. They have a carbohydrate in them
called “inulin.” And what inulin does, it actually decreases our hunger hormone ghrelin.
So we have hormones in our body that make us feel more hungry or more satisfied. And
ghrelin makes you feel hungry. In my first book I call it the ghrelin gremlins. They're
bad, bad, bad. But what artichoke does is it decreases the release of that hormone.
And it also has caffeoylquinic acids in them, which basically help detox liver. So that's
always a good thing, too, cleansing the body.
What do we have here?
What is that? Is that seaweed? Isn't this just beautiful?
I know. Don't you just want to take a bite? No!
Okay. So I was laughing about this, because this is seaweed that you can actually add
to soups, or . . . .
Would we want to?
. . . . put into water. Yeah, because the great thing about seaweed is it has something
in it called alginate. And alginate, what that does is it lines the intestinal walls
so that when you're eating high fat foods, it actually stops the fat from passing through
and being digested. So it goes right through the body. Okay? I don’t want to get too
graphic, but yeah, it leaves the body.
Okay. Here's a question. But sushi, you know, how they wrap it with the seaweed thing?
So is sushi extra good then?
Sushi is good for you. And this type of seaweed right here is seaweed that you use to wrap
sushi in. And you can actually just eat this straight out of the bag. And you can also
buy seaweed sprinkles. You can sprinkle it on to soups or salads or whatever. So seaweed
is good, yes. And with the sushi, yes, it's very good.
So let's rock it. Tea.
Okay. In my book, I have my detox tea. And what that incorporates is a little bit of
dandelion tea, a little bit of milk thistle tea. These are both great for detoxing the
liver. Then I have my artichoke extract, because we know that artichoke is really good for
detoxing. And we've got lemon juice, a little kick of lemon and then cinnamon. Again, help
stabilizing blood sugar. And ginger helping you feel fuller.
So the people who follow the diet in the book drink two cups of this a day. We have some
steeping here. Yummy, yummy, yummy.
So what, so you just put that tea in.
We're going to pour this, okay, you want to do that for me, Kristi? Pour it in slowly
and carefully, okay?
Pour it in there. Slowly and carefully. Pour it in there. So we've got the metal spoon
in there to help get the heat out of there. Great. So we've got some tea in there. And
we can go ahead and just pour it in. And what we're going to do.
Oh, there's only one here.
We already have one here. You want to pour me a cup? I want a cup.
You want a cup, too?
Please, my dear. And we're going to add coconut oil. I haven't even talked about coconut oil.
Talk about coconut oil, because I'm starting to see that everywhere.
Oh my goodness. Coconut oil is my favorite thing on the planet as far as food. It is
so healing. It's made of what we call medium chained fatty acids.
It's hard.
Yes, it is. It's saturated at room temperature. So we used to think that coconut oil was bad,
That's hydrogenated coconut oil. Anything hydrogenated is very bad. That's perfect.
Just go ahead and mix it right into the tea there.
So what do you do? Do you fry with this stuff?
You can, you can fry, we’re not really frying; we're skinny chicks. So anyway, we can cook
with it, we can add it to tea, you can add it to smoothies. I actually have a cupcake
recipe in the new book that I use coconut oil in there instead of butter.
So it's amazing to cook and bake with.
Okay. Remind me, girl, why we're putting this coconut oil in there.
We're putting it in, there because it's a medium chained fatty acids and it actually
helps increase metabolic rate. So medium chained fatty acids, actually, the body has to burn
more calories to oxidize them and burn them up than there are calories actually in the
oil. So it causes a thermogenic response in the body. It increases metabolism. We love
it. Also helps boost immunity. And it's actually very antiviral and antifungal, and it's being
used for a lot of medical uses, these days. Coconut oil.
Helps with a lot of stuff. And I know you guys are going to be talking about that a
little later, it's amazing.
I want to taste it, but I'm a little scared, because it looks kind of oily.
Don't be scared. It is oily. It's great for your skin as well.
Oh really? Do I just take it and put it on?
Yup. It does boost immunity. They're actually giving it to patients with HIV to boost their
immune system in hospitals.
That's great!
Coconut oil is amazing. And it's great for your metabolism. My chefs on the show, I have
them do it in coconut oil constantly. They love it.
Well, it tastes yummy. It just kind of threw me, because it was in a tea. But girl, you're
the bomb! You are a plethora of knowledge.
Thank you.
Well, listen, for more of Christine's recipes and tips, check out her book, it's called—I'll
put it in between because it looks really good. It’s called Skinny Chicks Eat Real
Food. I still have a problem with the title. That's all I'm saying.
CHRISTINE AVANTI: Oh, you know, what? Talk to Rodale. Okay. They like the title. I like
the title, you should, you know. It's people like this, it's good. Who doesn't want to
be a skinny chick? Does anybody stand up and go “I don't.” No, everyone wants to be
a skinny chick, except for guys. I see Pat laughing over there, because he agrees with
me. Don't you?
We all want to be skinny.
I don’t only agree, I want to ask Kristi did you like the coconut oil? I cook with
coconut oil.
Do you? Well okay . . . .
I love coconut oil. We are on the same page.
It’s delicious. It is okay to like fry with it for fat fellas instead of skinny chicks?
I mean, coconut . . . .
Can you fry with it?
Yes, you can. It has a very high heat point. So it's actually better to fry and cook with
than olive oil
Oh, really?
Oh, okay, not olive oil. All right. Well, Kristi, is that stuff any good? You're drinking
some. Be honest. The tea?
Well, here's the deal, I like the taste of coconut, but it has an oily, little something
to it. And I'm not used to that taste in my tea. However, comma, maybe I could get used
to it for health benefits. Doesn't that sound good?
Right, right. And it is oily. You know what, it keeps your lipstick on.
Girl, I'm all about lipstick. It's all good, Pat.
We're going to send you to New Hampshire to run politics. That's what a politician would
That is a good political answer.
Okay. Skinny chicks.
All right, hon, throwing it to you.
Skinny chicks! You guys are great. But well you just heard Christine talk about the benefits
of coconut oil. Tomorrow, hear how it may have helped reverse one man's Alzheimer's.
Wow! Coconut oil. Well, still ahead, we'll be taking your questions from our online chat
room. Chris says, "Every year, I make New Years Resolutions. And every year, they're
the same: get in shape; become a better person.
But I can't stick to it. What can I do?" Well stay tuned and I will certainly give you the
answer, right when we come back.
If you’re the mother of child with behavior problems, I’d like to talk to you. My name
is Janet Lehman, and I’m a behavior therapist and a mom. I know what it’s like when the
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Transformation works, because I used these techniques with my own son and with troubled
kids for over 30 years. Let me prove to you that it works by giving you the program free.
Call the number on your screen now to get the Total Transformation free.
Welcome back to The 700 Club. North Korea is again the number-one persecutor of Christians.
That's according to Open Doors USA, a ministry that ranks the 50 nations that most persecute
their Christian populations. This is the tenth year in a row communist North Korea has topped
that list. The rest of the top ten are all Muslim nations. US allies Afghanistan and
Saudi Arabia are second and third, followed by Somalia and Iran. Islam's persecution and
discrimination against Christians is widespread. Thirty-eight of the top 50 persecuting countries
are Muslim nations.
Civil unions for gay couples are now legal in the states of Hawaii and Delaware. Four
same-sex couples held ceremonies one hour into the New Year after it became legal in
Hawaii. Hawaii became the seventh state to allow the unions. The state gives homosexual
couples the same rights now as heterosexuals. Other states and the federal government do
not have to recognize those unions, however. You can get always get the latest from CBN
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Pat and Kristi will be back with more of The 700 Club after this.
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I tell you what. Pat and I are sitting there chatting about so many things. We're still
chatting about yesterday's show. And can I tell you, the guests that we had, what was
his name? Rabbi?
Jonathan. Listen, his interview was so phenomenal that you can always log on to and
check it out, because we can't stop talking about it. Anyways, one thing we want to continue
talking about . . . .
That book, I tell you, it grabs you, it's called The Harbinger, and I tell you, if you
haven't read it folks, get it.
Seriously, get it and pass it on. All right.
All right.
Speaking of getting it, we've been getting your emails from our chat room. We're going
to jump right in with Chris, who says, "Every year I make New Year's resolutions and every
year, they're pretty much the same: get in shape, become a better person. But I can't
stick to it. What can I do? "
You know, well there was somebody who went to a psychiatrist, and he said, you know,
doctor, I've been told that I have an inferiority complex. And the doctor, after he talked to
him, he said, well here's the story. He said you are inferior. So I want to be a better
person. Well, maybe you're going to be who you are this coming year. Listen the only
person who's going to change you is Jesus, and it's got to be done by the Holy Spirit
from within. But if you want to do something, do it one day at a time. Today I'm not going
to eat pastries. Today, not tomorrow, not next month, not the rest of my life. Today,
I'm not going to eat a crispy cream or whatever. I'm not going do it. Or I'm not going to drink
a chocolate milkshake or whatever your thing is. Today I'm not going to drink. Today I'm
not going to smoke a cigarette. Today, today, today. Now you've get a habit, it takes 21 days
to form a habit. And if you restrain this deal for 21 days, before long—I know when
I used to smoke, I used to smoke a pack and a half of cigarettes a day. Every day, smoke,
smoke, smoke, and I was addicted to tobacco. I saw a reason to stop, and I came out of
an evidence class in law school, threw a cigarette down, ground it down, and I said—it's a
Saturday I'll never forget. That's the last day I ever smoked. And it took me 21 days
and instead of—after a while, instead of wanting them, they became loathsome to me.
It switched, so I hated it, 21 days, day to day to day to day to day to day. And after
21 days, you will have established a habit. And that's how you keep your—but do not
say, “For the rest of my life. I'm going to be a better person.” Big deal. You're
not. You know?
Well, you know, I think the bottom line, Pat, is it's all about putting a plan together.
What does—okay people say I want to be a better person. What does that mean? Does it
mean that you want to get closer to God? That you want to treat your family better? Is it
that you want to work on anger management? What does that mean? And then take steps to
get to that.
I won't yell at my kids today.
I'm not going to yell at Pat today.
That's it, not, “I will be a better person.” Not, “I’m going to change.” Just, today.
I’m going to be nice to you today.
All right. I receive that.
Now tomorrow, I might have yell at you and repent, but today.
That's it. Alright. You've done it. That's answer for your New Year’s resolution, not
a year, not a month, not a week, today. All right, 21 days. What's next?
Okay. So Tom says, "I am an elementary music teacher in a public school. I asked a student
if he was okay? He told me he was terrified, because a game that he played told him that
he would have bad luck. He said his home was haunted, and he's seen headless ghosts. He's
playing with Ouija boards and seeing demons. Other than pray, what can I do?"
Well I think you better introduce him to a Spirit-filled church, people who believe in
deliverance, believe in casting out demons. This thing is demonic, and this boy has gotten
in touch with it. And I know you're a public school teacher, but I don't know why you can't
refer him to a church. And if somebody brings a lawsuit against you, the American Center
For Law and Justice will defend you. All right.
Boom, you said it.
All right.
David says, "My wife accused me of violence against her, and it seems that I'm guilty
until proven innocent in the courts. What can I do? And how can I get my son back?"
Well, did you? Were you violent? What did you do? What are the facts? Did you hit her?
Did you yell at her? Or is she lying? Is it “he said, she said?” It's always the he
said, she said sort of thing. And I think what you need to do is get a lawyer, and you
need professional representation on a deal like this, because you're going to court all
by yourself and it's you versus her. And she's probably very appealing, and she'll probably
bat her eyes and cry. But if she's bruised, if you’ve really been hitting her, don't
ask for mercy. What's the facts? You haven't told me the facts. She says that you're abusing
her. Are you or are you not?
I don't know, my biggest thing is that the truth will set you free. And so there's always
. . . .
Well in our court system, the truth amounts to who has the best lawyer. I hate to tell
you. That's our adversary system that's supposed to bring out the truth. Bologna, it's the
guy that's got the best lawyer. If you can hire Spence out there in Wyoming or wherever
he lives, he’ll come to court, and he'll win for you, because, you know, anyhow. Okay.
Well, next question. Tom says, "I always see my neighbor yelling at his children. I feel
bad for them and I want to help, but I don't want to be intrusive What should I do? " Oh,
all right, you go first.
I think you should tell your neighbor what wonderful children she has. Tell her how proud
she must be to have such a beautiful girl, what a wonderful boy. You know, and that he's
just the best thing that you've ever seen. And you're so glad that you're neighbors.
And build up her esteem in her children. That's what I would do, instead of saying, if you
hit that kid, again, I'm going to report you to social services. Try that and see what
happens. I just think, you know, brag on them. Say, "My, that little child of yours, she
is wonderful. She is so cute. She is so intelligent. I know how proud you must be of her.
And sometimes some people just want to tell their story. You can go to them and say, "Are
you okay? You know, are you going through some stuff? Can I pray for you? "
You can do that, too.
You can do that, too. Well, still to come, a teen with stomach pains that was so great
that she actually had to drop out of school.
Young Teen: I had been in pain physically every hour, every second, of every day.
Mother: We’re going three hours to a doctor over and over, and still no answers.
But find out where she finally found that answer, up next.
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Tomorrow . . . .
We can have just one drink.
. . . . a husband starts down a slippery slope . . . .
A couple of lines of cocaine would be really great right now.
. . . . And winds up with a dead wife.
I could see her slumped over in the car, and I was yelling Tonette, Tonette!
Plus . . . .
. . . . a pastor of two churches on opposite sides of the country. Jentezen Franklin shares
how to gain a spiritual edge, tomorrow on The 700 Club.
Well, on a scale from 1 to 10, Amanda Reed says, her stomach pain was a 50. She says
it was like having your leg cut off and then being forced to walk around on it. For three
years Amanda’s pain didn’t go away until she turned on The 700 Club.
Amanda REED: I hadn't felt it before. It didn't feel like the flu. It was so bizarre to me.
Just something that I just, I couldn't explain. And it startled me.
By the time Amanda Reed was 15, she had her share of stomachaches. But this time it was
different. Her mother Sally, was concerned.
She was in much more distress than an average stomach ache a kid would have. We just decided
to wait it out, just decided to see if it would go away like any, you know, flu or bug
whatever it was.
And it didn't. It slowly progressed into getting worse.
Their family doctor found nothing wrong. So he sent Amanda to a gastroenterologist.
He would say to her that it's just IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, which is sort of an umbrella
diagnosis over a lot of different illnesses. And he did take tests for Celiac's disease
and other diseases that were common to make the tummy and insides feel like that. But
all of them came out negative.
Doctors prescribed numerous medicines, but none of them worked. The mysterious illness
was so debilitating that she eventually had to drop out of school.
I tried as hard as I could. But the thing about going to school is they demand that
you gotta be there a certain amount of time. Even if your homework's good, you still have
to be there. So finally, I had to cut my losses and quit.
She was in pain, and it was not normal. But we were going to the doctors and going three
hours to a doctor over and over and still no answers.
The pain lasted three years. There were days when Amanda wanted to give up.
And it was just like, “God you're supposed to be my support. Your supposed to be here.
And if—couldn't I just be with you instead?” And I'd often just pray, “Lord, Lord let
me get into an accident, just something quick so I wouldn't have to deal with this anymore.
So I wouldn't have to have all this pain, because right now I don't have a life.”
And he was just telling me that, “You're going to be okay. Don't worry. I'm here.”
One day she caught the end of The 700 Club on TV.
I had never heard of The 700 Club, never watched it.
There's somebody who has a very serious intestinal, I think it's like parasites that you've just
been going crazy with diarrhea. God right now is destroying those amoebas and those
other parasites. In the name of Jesus, you'll feel like fire in the abdominal area.
All of a sudden I started feeling this burning in my stomach, like I was on fire but in a
good way. And all of a sudden I felt the Lord wash over me, just so strong, I started crying,
it was so strong. And all of a sudden, the burning stopped and there was no pain.
Doctors never tested for intestinal parasites, but they were indeed the source of Amanda's
ailment. Once they passed through her system, she was back to enjoying life.
I had been in pain physically every hour, every second of every everyday for three years.
I had completely forgotten was being pain-free was like. And I had no pain.
Today, Amanda is finishing school and plans to go to college. Her family is thankful for
God's healing touch.
I was so grateful that, once again, God loved us that much that He would save us from such
a terrible, terrible endeavor.
Without him, I wouldn't have survived. There was no way. He held me up. He literally carried
me through every single day. I want to dedicate every ounce of the rest of my life for the
Lord. And just every ounce, and it doesn't matter what I have to sacrifice, because He
saved my life and every ounce of it belongs to Him.
What a fabulous story. But you know, I didn't know that girl. But God knew her, God heard
her prayers. She cried out to the Lord and God heard her. God hears you. God hears you.
He knows your pain and your suffering. Now we want to pray, I know there are people in
this audience you've suffered, and you know there was a woman in the Bible who said she
wasted all of her money on physicians. And she had this issue of blood and nothing helped.
The minute she touched the hem of Jesus' garment, bang, she was healed, instantly. But she had
wasted all of her substance for years and there was nothing to help her. Let's pray
right now.
Thank you, Jesus.
Father, Kristi and I join together. We thank you for this dramatic healing. Thank you,
Lord. Somebody's got ulcers in their mouth. The Lord is healing you right now. In the
name of Jesus, there's an impacted wisdom tooth, God is healing you right now. There's
a fungus way back in your throat, and it has not been diagnosed properly, but, here again,
it will be like a burning in that throat and that is going to be completely healed. And,
Kristi, God's giving you something
Tracy, the Lord said that today is the day that you will be set free. You're sitting
here watching it, begging, “just call out my name.” And the Lord says that that addiction
that's been a strong hold in your life is broken right now, in the name of Jesus. And
your mind which has been muddled is clear right now in the name of Jesus. You begin
to praise and worship him, because the Lord said who the son sets free, is free indeed,
and my man you are free. Thank you, Jesus.
Kristi, I don't know if it's the same one or someone else, but there's someone with
a memory loss, you're having all kinds of problems remembering, and there's nothing
really wrong with you. God has healed you right now. And your mind will be as sharp
as ever. In the name of Jesus, it's like—put your hand on your head and receive an answer
in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord. Bless now. Amen.
Whew! That's all the time we've got. A lot of things are happening this year. This is
going to be an incredible year. This is going to be an incredible year. Remember what the
Bible says, “Seek humility, seek righteousness that you may be hid in the day of the Lord's
wrath.” Well, we leave you with these words from Ephesians . . . .
. . . . “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other just as in Christ,
God in Christ forgave you. See you tomorrow. Bye bye.
I know how it feels to be alone.
To be hungry.
To be afraid. I haven’t had a birthday party.
My own room.
Or a family to call mine.
I’m an orphan.
An orphan.
An orphan.
And there are a hundred million more like me in the world today.
Together, you and I can make a tremendous difference to someone today. We can change
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Please give to Orphan’s Promise and love a child today.