Driving Sports Reports - Extra! Honda HSV-010, New BMW 3-Series, Fast Lane Daily, BYD e6

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Welcome to the Driving Sports TVÕs Extra, all the news you need for the third week of
January 2010. This week: BMWÕs 3-series gets a facelift,
Honda builds the sexiest car nobody will ever own and BYD is blowing their horn ahead of
schedule. Oh, and what the hell happened to Fast Lane Daily?!
Fans of a certain other car show were hit with a big olÕ sledgehammer on Monday morning
when they woke up to this. Yup, thatÕs the new FastLaneDaily. And, based
on the YouTube comments, fans were not amused. The show started in 2007 and built a reputation
for its cheesy wit, thanks in part to the former host, New York-based Comedian, Derek
DeAngelis. Our requests for comment from Autostream (who just recently acquired FLD from Next
New Networks) yielded no response at the time of this recording.
We were able to get a hold of Mr. DeAngelis who said, ÒI did not leave Fast Lane Daily!!
I want to make that clear, it was not my choice.Ó So, will the show return to the hosted format
or will it remain b-roll with a voice over only? Only Autostream knows for sure, and
theyÕre not sayingÉ at least not yet. The BMW 3-series is one of the best selling
luxury cars on the planet. So itÕs a rather big deal when it gets updated.
The 2011 facelift isnÕt a radical one Ð donÕt mess with a good thing, right?
The headlights look cooler. The side-mirrors are different, the front-end has a revised
trademark grille and so forth. But itÕs not all just looks. More seriously, the leather
has a new treatment to keep it cool in direct sun light and the coupe will finally have
an option for xDrive Ð thatÕs BMWÕs all wheel drive system.
WhatÕs really exciting is that the new 335i Coupe and Convertible will also receive a
new straight-six turbo motor. This new engine features a twin-scroll turbo design, BMW valvetronic
valve management tweaks as well as direct-injection. This not only gives a very workable amount
of performance, it also allows the 3-series to maintain a pretty reasonable economy. 33.6
miles-per-gallon in the coupe and 32.1 miles-per-gallon in the convertible.
DonÕt trade your priusÕ in just yet, numbers provided are British gallons, which are slightly
larger than our American ones. Some quick math shows the Coupe is good for 27.98 mpg
and the convertible good for 26.73É thatÕs still pretty damn good for a motor that puts
down 306hp at 5800 RPM and 295 ft-lbs of torque starting at 1200 RPM and running flat all
the way to 5000 RPM. BMW claims the Coupe can run 0-62mph in 5.5
seconds and the Convertible can do the job in 5.8 seconds. Top speed is electronically
limited to 155mph in both models. Oh, and the same motor will find its way into the
1-series as well. 2004 was the first and only time there has
been a Japanese Super GT race in the United States. Even so, if youÕre even remotely
interested in Asian performance cars like the Subaru Legacy GT or Nissan GT-R, youÕd
do well to check it out as it showcases production cars that are already fast in their own right,
and gives them a quad-latte injection right to the heart.
I bring it up, of course, because Honda just announced itÕs throwing down with a new GT500-cass
contender for 2010. Though Honda has been participating in the
series for many years, a rule change in 2009 banned the traditional rear-engine rear-wheel
drive layout of its NSX Super GT car, making last NovemberÕs Twin Ring Motegi race its
final outing. No fear Honda fans, say hello to the Honda
Sports Velocity 010, or the HSV-010 for short. As you can see, this is one bad-ass looking
Honda. It features a motor called the HR10EG installed
in the front of the car Ð a high-revving 3.4-liter V8 good for a class-constrained
496-hp and 289 ft-lbs of torque. The transmission is a constant mesh design attached to steering-mounted
paddles. Tires are 330/40R18 in the front, 330/45R17 in the rearÉ which is exactly the
same as last yearÕs NSX Super GT car. If youÕve been paying attention, you should
be asking, Òwait, I thought you said Super GT cars were based on production models?Ó
And youÕd be right to ask that. Sadly the only Nissan GT-R this supercar is
going to battle with is on the racetrack. There are no production plans, outside of
the racing world for the new Honda HSV-010. Word is Honda received special permission
from the organizing body of Super GT to be exempt from the production requirement. But,
Toyotas relative success with itÕs recently LFA supercar will keep our carbon fiber fantasies
alive. In final news from the North American International
Auto Show, BYD, the Chinese car maker co-owned by Billionaire Warren Buffett, announced itÕs
plug-in E6 electric sedan will be available in 2011 Ð a whole year ahead of schedule
The E6 will be available for just over $40,000 and will be able to seat 5. ItÕs powered
exclusively by Lithium Ion batteries and reportedly has a range of up to 250 miles. Initially
it will only be available in limited quantities at your local BYD dealership, that is, assuming
it can meet US crash standardsÉ and if they manage to open any dealershipsÉ because currently
there are zip! Thanks for watching, weÕll be back next week
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