Partyboys HD 10: Christmas Night, Bring on the Fight SUBBED

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Oh man! It's christmastime! Great food and lots of gifts! Good times
What the shit?! What, who is throwing cocksucking motherfucking snowballs?!
When I catch your stinking ass I'm going to twist your neck...
I'm going to kill your mother and then rape the bitch!
Oh you fucking! I'm pissed now you fuck!
Where are you you no-good insecure jump-george ratsoup-eating motherfucker!
I'm going to shoot you right between the eyes!
What who where?! Come out you fucking cuntface!
Christmas night, bring on the fight
-Move your ass fucko! I can't see the tv -And a good christmas to you too Kipe
-Merry christmas -Good, Pekkuli! It's the birthday of jesus
Motherfucker. Some freekin' jesus was born 2000 years ago and still we celebrate
-Jesus was god's only son! -How do you know that? You knew him?
It says so right in the bible. The virgin Mary sprung life from the holy spirit
Don't get me started. Fucking Joseph must be the dummest motherfucker ever
I mean the guy's married to a virgin. Why doesn't he fuck her for Christ's sake?!
Bitch comes home, "I'm pregnant." And this dingus believes him! I think...
the whole village was doing this "virgin" while Joe was jerking off in some barn
-Where is your christmas spirit? -You find me a virgin to sit on my lap!
-Merry christmas Jammu! -Go fuck your daddy!
-Hi Jammu. What's the rumpus? -A bunch of niggers attacked me!
-You got something on your chin -Pieces of niggers, I busted them up
-Hey where's that christmastree? -You go get the fucking tree!
-You said you wanted to shoot down trees? -That was then dickhead. Now fetch me a tree
-Ok, I'll go. -NOW fucker, I want christmas now!
Listen Jammu, I was looking at this letter you wrote to santa...
You read my letter assface?! That was for santa's eyes only
-I was just looking at these wishes... -What about them?
-Some of these might be a bit excessive -Whaat? What do you mean?
You're asking for a ps4 and a hundred games, x-box3 and two hundred games,
500 fuc... Adult films, all the films Chuck Norris ever made,
all van Damme's films, a limousine, a Harley Davidson motorcycle,
...and a sailboat and a kilo of cocaine.
And a hundred grand. So what do you care? Santa will deliver!
-I don't know if he can do all that -Are you saying I haven't been nice?
-No I wouldn't say that... -Is that what you're saying fucker?!
-Tope! What the fuck you doin' here? -Prepare, here come the christmas of hell
Revenge! I'll bust your sculls open and decorate the tree with your brains!
-Damn you're fucked! -Don't fuck with me! I had to escape
-Are the cops after you again? -Yeah and the estonians
-What the fuck did you do this time? -I got us somethin' nice for christmas
I see! Welcome! Hey what the fuck you doing here? You're supposed to get the tree
-Who is going to get the tree? -Kipe here
-I want to come too! Kill the woods!!! -We were suppose to snort? Leave the coke
Like mom used to say: Supper first, only then do you get dessert!
Oh you sneaky fucking assholes! Alpo! Get in here!
I'm freezing my nuts, how long are we going to walk for a fucking tree?
This one is nice. KILL THE WOODS!!!
-That's what you said ten bushes ago -Kill the woods!
This is nice. You take the head, I'll take the back, and let's show this fucker!
-That's what your daddy said! -Dirty bastard!
-It wasn't me! -I'm going to break you in half!
...was not me It was not me It was not
-Rantala! -That's the fag who shagged my ass!
-Hello Alpo! -Hello. Where have you been?
-I was having a bit of fun out! -Where is our food?
-I know not of what you speak of! -You said you would cater this christmas
Indeed I did! And so it shall be done
-Hello Jammu! -Rantala! You have one second to get out
-Kipe and Tope are playing you for a fool -What?!
-They are snorting your shit in the woods -They wen't to get a tree!
That's what you think! They offered me some too but I said I had to cook!
Murdertime! I'm going to make minced meat out of those cunts
-What about our food? -Oh yes... I have granny's ancient recipe
It says: Rantala's Christmas Turkey Take one naked Alpo!
Smear it with vomit. Stuff it full of seamen and runny shit!
Fuck it in the ass until the skin is nice and red!
Their christmas presents!
Open the door my little piggy or I will huff and puff and blow your house down
Open the door please, I want my yultide ass!
Well if I can't get my turkey I guess a booze-marinated drunk will suffice!
-Cocksucking assmuncher! -Rantala said he's making you his bitch
He is a dead man! I'm going to kill that slimy whalefuc...
-Jammu! What the fuck! -You're using my shit out here!
-We didn't come out here to do drugs -That's not what Rantala said!
That little pissfuck fucked with your stupid ass! Look, here's the shit
Where is it?!
-I'm still frozen! If I get sick... -...we are going to burry that fucker!
And after that we are going to murder him until he's dead!
-What's the matter Pekkuli? -My ass hurts
Rantala paid you a visit eh?
Rantala stole all the presents
We cannot tell Jammu, he would go off like Chernobyl!
-Where is our food? -I'm hungry as a motherfucker!
And then we get to open the presents!
What in the name of fuck?!
Well boys, christmas dinner is a bit unorthodox this year, Rantala didn't deliver
-And what are these little turds? -I found them under the sofa cushins
I was going to throw them out but since we have nothing else I thought...
These are the X I lost on my last trip! I wondered where these little fuckers were
-Let's eat those bad little boys! -Here we go!
-Look Jammu, I got us a nice tree -Piece of shit
-Miserable fucking thing -This is christmas at it's best though!
-Reminds me of when we were kids -Except granny's pills would knock you out
-Kipe! Let's open the presents -I thought we would watch tv first
-Yes let's do that! -Fuck that religious shit, present-time!
No they got good porn out, The Horny Elfs of Cockville and Mrs Santa's Tasty Beaver
I want my presents NOW you analface!
Hi there! I'm back! These are your presents, and here I have this thing,
-and just guess what I'm gonna do next! -What the fuck is going on!
-WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING! -Merry christmas Jammu!
-Merry christmas boys -Merry christmas
-It's just Rantala -No it's father christmas! Let's go guys
It's The Janitor!
Give me that!
-Rantala's hat! -It has blood on it!
-That's right! -What the fuck?
Rantala has been fucked up! Way to go Santa
BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Merry christmas Alpo!
Merry christmas guys! I love you santa, our santa is the best santa ever
Look Tope, Rantala has been beaten to a pulp! Merry christmas
Best christmas present ever!
Good god what are you doing man?! Help! Nurses, help!
What is this? Rantala! Get off the patient and go to your own bed
-I will not! -Help me!
-Just what do you think you are doing? -Can't you see? I'm making Christmasturkey
Get security up here!
-Drag that lunatic down to the morgue! -That's fine by me miss!