ESWC 2011: Overview gaming area

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Hello, everyone! Itís me, Alexander Kokhanovskyy
aka ZeroGravity. Now itís time for the next interview.
We donít stop supplying you with extremely interesting content.
I donít know whether this video is the 1st or 2nd or even the 5thone.
Iíll show you the tournamentís venue.
Iíll tell you about the basic differences between
this championship and the previous one.
And weíll possibly have an opportunity
to speak to organizers or gamers. Letís go!
So, itís is the stage. Itís awesome, the best Iíve ever played.
Well, if Iím lucky to play here. But I still donít know if it happens,
weíll see. Next to the stage there are stands of different companies,
i.e. the Razerís one. ESWC occupies 1/4 of this complex.
Here you can see the cameramen, photographers.
Itís ESWC shop and registration desk at the same time.
If you have any questions you come here. Yo!
It was the owner team Mousesports.
Yo! Whatís up?
Whatís up?
Hi there! How are you doing?
It was Camil. Heís one of the organizers.
And those two guys represent the partner-company.
Itís gaming area. Here you can see people playing
Counter-Strike 1.6. Actually itís Millennium team.
Last month they defeated mousesports team.
These girls rock. They are going to play or the game has is overÖ
I donít know. Hello!
How are you doing?
Itís two.
Stop it. It looks like sexual harassment.
Iím going forward. Itís Irene. Previously she represented Fnatic.
A cute Spanish girl. Itís a game zone with many girls.
Oops, my cell is ringing. Excuse me: ìHello. Yes. Yes.î
Thereís a problem with my cell.
So we go straight forward through the black-black stuff.
And here is one more gaming area. Hello, Vlada!
Oh, hi kid! Donít hurt yourself, people.
Just live and donít be afraid.
So itís the cafe where we have our meals.
Itís unbelievably tasty here. Itís Anna from SK. And the guys are staringÖ
A very surprised girl!
More unknown stands.
Move on.
Itís a ministage with M5 team on it.
Groove, Sophy. Hello! Kids, how are you?
Fine, thanks.
What are you doing here?
Come on. How was your game?
We won 3 times and failed once.
Did you defeat Millennium?
We also lost on de_nuke! You failed against Millennium.
We are not good in gaming as well. Donít get sad.
We follow to the StarCraft zone. They are crazy bores.
This guy is eliminating everything he sees. Itís unbelievable.
See this furious combat? Ok, ok, Iím leaving.
Itís area StarCraft 2. Here are 2 zones for StarCraft matches.
Telling you the truth this zone is nice,
itís far beyond all that noise and crowds.
Itís quiet. No oneís crying and shouting.
Excuse me.
Ok. Thank you.
Hello, how are you?
Howís the game.
Tolik is leading now.
Great job. He can if he wants.
Unreal fighting.
Itís Joe. Grubby. A cool guy.
Unknown people playing StarCraft.
Yo! Whatís up? How are you?
Alf, hello, dude!
I lost all I could.
Did you fail?
Whatís the score?
How did he knock you down? How could you mess it up?
How could I mess it up? I made a wrong decision.
Do you still have chances to qualify?
It depends.
It depends on. You have to win all the rest games.
I think I can do it.
Good luck, bro. Hold on!
We are leaving this supreme zone.
By the way StarCraft champion wins $26 000.
At the same time the 1st place in FIFA is $8000
and the CS champions get $12 000.
Itís not fair but what can I do.
As they say: ìAs you sow, you shall mowî.
Our trip comes to the end. Now Iím heading for the press-zone.
So, good bye!