Na`Vi intense outplay vs CLG @ StarSeries Final

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 28, 2012

Sandking impales Misery,Dendi pushes himself, Cold snap
Sunstrike?! DENDI SUNSTRIKE! Fifth sunstrike.
Miracle, Akke also here, Pajkatt is near, three enemies near!
Focus on Xboct,WoW! Xboct managed to burrowstrike out while stunned
Xboct gets shackled...
PUPPEY VACUUMS IN THE LAST SECOND! stun is here, Dendi fights on
Smile gets a kill
Akke tries to run away, gets stunned by Xboct, Dendi! DENDI!
DENDI!! yet another kill from Dendi
Dendi cant be held down today!...
Look at Puppey!
NaVi turn on NaVi mode.