QUT Bachelor of Podiatry

Uploaded by TheQUTube on 20.09.2011

Hi, I’m Nic Sprenger and I’m a QUT Podiatry Graduate.
  What I most enjoy about Podiatry is the different
patients I see and the different conditions I treat.
Each day I’m looking after the rehabilitative needs, the surgical needs and also looking
after orthotics with individuals.  
I work in Sports Podiatry.
We look after such teams as the Brisbane Lions and the Queensland Reds.
We look after bio mechanics and best ways to optimise their sporting function. My background
is in elite level swimming - I competed at two Olympic games.
Podiatry is a good way to express that because it not only deals with the person's sport,
it deals with foot and ankle function in athletes.
So Podiatry is a great way to get involved with people's anatomy, rehabilitation, and
employment opportunities are very good worldwide.  
My favourite part of the course was the internship.
We were able to use our skills in the clinic setting, to apply both theoretical and knowledge
skills to be able to treat patients.
That clinical experience was very valuable when it came to finding and securing my first
job, which I really love.