I morti che non vi dicono - Telecamera nascosta alla protezione civile

Uploaded by byoblu on 10.04.2009

... you see? A disaster within a disaster...
because if you say there are 260 victims...
potentially there are actually 360!
You can’t guesstimate like this, can you?
But where are the illegal immigrants?
in the basements, underground?
they’re in the buildings that collapsed!
even if you lived in a house illegally
in that I rent it to you without declaring it
here’s another one...
another situation, come here
90% of the homes in the historic centre
are rented without being declared...
it’s anybody’s guess who’s under there
the families that know they live there...
but if they survive...
it’s not in their interests to say... I survived
they keep quiet and leave?
lots of those in the historic centre
their houses collapsed
... they’re in there!
The members of the national rugby team
told them that
Sebastiani was in this house
they dug and dug... in the end they found him
unfortunately dead...
if they don’t tell you there’s someone there
have you any idea how many of them there are?
Translation : Chris Townsend Subtitles: Maria Cristina Crisci