El Gato Razurado (Parte 3 de 4)

Uploaded by familiadelbarrio on 10.07.2011

It won't be long for The Ejotito to come out.
Let me see the bet ballot, Abuelo.
We just need to run this fucker over.
He should be coming... There he is! Come on, abuelo, run him over.
Hey, moron.
What is it, Abuelo?
Do you remember that we pawn Gaspar's car?
Yes, Abuelo, so what?
With what the fuck are we going to run Ejotito over, you moron?
Assholes! What the fuck? What are we going to do, Abuelo?
I don't give a fuck, I'm kicking him on the nuts.
Wait up, you idiot! Run him over with the hot-dog cart.
-That's an excellent idea, Abuelo. Wish me luck. -Die, fucker!
What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck? Careful, Shamu!
What the fuck? What the fuck?
What the fuck? What the fuck?
You can't imagine what happened, Gasparcito!
I wasn't this happy since your grandmother left prostitution.
What happened, Abuelo? And my grandma wasn't a prostitute.
Yes, she was, Gasparcito. The sixth best in the country.
Gimme a fuckin' break. What happened?
In 5 seconds you'll find out.
What am I gonna find out, Abuelo?
What the fuck? What happened, Noruego?
Officially, you can now say I'm a failure as a human being, Gaspar.
And what are you laughing about? We are gonna get evicted from the apartment!
And I'll live under a bridge with the warmth of what I just witnessed.
I'm not going to evict you guys, what happened?
Ask that fucker, Gaspar.
Gimme a fuckin' break, Noruego, take a shower.
What happened, Abuelo?
You know what, mijo? I'm in such a good mood that I'll help you with Jonathan's problem.
But what happened?
Be right back.
Hey, Johnny.
Hello, Abuelo.
Your Dad told me. We have to talk to you.
About what, Abuelo?
Be there in 5 minutes.
What's up, daddy?
Hey, Johnny. Come on, sit here.
Ok, daddy, but can I go to the bathroom? I really need to go.
No, wait up, mijo. That's what I want to talk to you about.
When you grow up... I don't know how to say it.
You start to notice that your right hand isn't just used to write letters.
How, dad?
It turns out to be like... like your girlfriend.
Leave it to me, Gasparcito.
What the fuck? What is it, Daddy?
Record this image on your little brain, Johnny.
Abuelo, dress up!
Daddy, I want to go make my homework.
You are not going anywhere.
What? I don't understand.
Your father and I now know what you mean with "make my homework". You pig.
Don't help me out, Abuelo.
You come from a long line of man-whores, Johnny.
Abuelo, please.
Your great great grandfather started with this tradition when he gave a blowjob to General Porfirio Diaz.
Abuelo, fuck!
It's the same story I told you all over again, Gasparcito.
I don't remember that, Abuelo.
You surely blocked it.
Abuelo, please.
Your great grandfather Fermín was known as "The Masturbator", he was...
Abuelo! Fuck! Thank God!
What do you want, moron?
Here, man, I know what to do.
Johnny... to be continued.
No, Johnny, no to be continued.
Shut up, you idiot!