UMO - Basic Controls

Uploaded by bigpointdotcom on 19.09.2012

Welcome to our Universal Monsters Tutorial video.
This video focuses on the basics of game controls, and will teach you the main things you need to know in order to control your Monster.
To run to a location, left click on the ground. Click and hold down the mouse button to move in the direction of your cursor.
If you want to move across a long distance, or to the other side of the map, click anywhere on the minimap to have your Monster auto-run to that location.
To attack, highlight your target and left click. The portrait of your target will be displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
Your Monster will continue to auto-attack your target; you don’t need to keep clicking to keep attacking.
You can activate your special abilities using either the mouse, by clicking the appropriate icon, or the keyboard by pressing Q, W and E.
Your Super Ability is unlocked each match when you reach level 3, and is assigned to the R key on the keyboard.
Some abilities require you to select a target after clicking on the ability: select your target using the left mouse button,
or, if you no longer wish to use the ability, cancel it using the right mouse button.
Use your items by clicking the icon or use the keyboard shortcuts T and F.
Thanks for watching!