inside North Korea 2009 by Chinese media 7/7 Eng Sub

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This is Pyongyang Mansudae youth palace
It is also where N. Korea educate its gifted youth
It has 300k Sq. meter in area
Since it is open in 1989, it is where primary and secondary student participate in extracurricular actives
It is also a model used by N. Korea as propagada
The youth palace is truly a palace
With magnificent halls and chandeliers everywhere and marble constructions
all this symbolizes the importance the Korean leadship places on education
This palace with more than 200 activity rooms
and categorized by arts, sciences and atheltics
Under the gaze of the two leaders, the students arrive here at 3 o'clock after school ends
Under the free educations system, all material, instruments and clothing are provided by the gov't
The so-called supplemental fee (a huge expense in China's "free education system") is foreign concept here
The performance hall at the palace can hold 2000 audiences
Many foreign offical come here to watch performances of Korean kids
Now it is a important tourist spot for foreign travellers
The artistic genes of the Korean people are being nurtured at a young age, produce generations of artists that won international admiration
Even though N. Korea see America as the enermy
It never stopped them from using symbols of American scientic prowess
to insprite its next generation to study new technologies
a model of the space shuttle occupies the center of the palace
is the same as the American one, but the tail is painted with a N Korean flag
Right next to the shuttle is a computer room
A group focused high school students are studying computer programs
We're focused on education of the children since when Kim Il-Song is alive
Espcially science education
So when new computers come out, the worker's party and the gov't fund the purchasing of new computers
Can they reach the internet here?
"net" (chinese lit. translation for Internet) what "net", oh internet (phontic loan word from english)
(C#? damn Microsoft, even in N Korea....) (I hope it's C++, hope...)
They could go on the internet, but it's only domestic not international
So they could find educational information (so it's intranet)
The eyes of these students
Show a strong desire for learning new knowlege
These strong and serious expression shocked and impressed us
Even though they know little of the outside world
who would know that next generation of great scientist and engineer would be among them
Today all participants of "Spring of April" have gathered in Pyongyang Stadium
to join a gala
This day is April 15th, birthday of Kim Il-Song or Solar day
It is the same day N Korea withdrew with six party talks, ejected UN inspectors and restarted their nuclear program
The guides told us, this is gala for N Koreans and foreign friends
Inside we found out that N Korea sat in the stand where we aren't allowed
While here are Korean children* and foreign big friends (* in Mandarin children are called little friends)
The main even of the gala are festival game placed between red and blue teams of foreigners
In this light hearted envirnment, missile and nuclear crisis are forgotten
and everyone was enjoying themselves
The Korean guides watching over them are also relaxed
but "specialities" of N Korea also perplexed some foreigners
This Argentian youth is a magician, whom eagerly came to perform in N Korea
Hope to learn more about N Korea though cultural exchanges
But after came here, he thinks it's a little weird
the guide for the Argentine group is this student from Pyongyang language Univeristy
He specializes in Laotian, English was his second emphasis
He is learning Chinese too
He has a different take on the disappointment of his guest
after our interview, he was pull aside by our guides
recording all of his comment and register him information
On solar day, crowds of people gathered on Kim Il-Song's statue to pay respects
all sections of societies came here, from morning 'till dusk
in front of the statue lies a busket of flowers bearing the name of the current leader -Kim Jong-Il
The square in front of the status was sweeped by waves upon waves of pilgrims
it was spotless
a single figure in the far-end catch our attention
a broom in one hand, and tiny book in the other. constantly mumuring with great concentration and seriousness
This scene seems like memorizing quotations fo the great leader
So what are you reading while sweeping?
It's English
Why are you reading English vocabs while sweeping?
As Kim Jong-Il re-elected as supreme leader. I should study even harder, so I could I support General Kim even more
It is to forfill this promise that I'm studying English here
Do you like it?
He likes it
Want do you want to do with it?
I want to join the Army, then studying computers
because English level testing is required for Computer majors
so I have to use all time available
can you show us the vocabulary you are studying?
Yun wonil like everyone we interviewed in N Korea
Mentions general Kim in all conversations
From him we could a sense of innocence of the N Korean people
as well as a strong desire to learn, and serious plans for life
So we feel a sense of closeness and a sense of repect for him
Pyongyang at sun set is mesmerizing
Because it is so ordered, beautiful and yet perplexing
Because we still truly know this city
not knowing what lies behind these walls and windows
Kim Il-Song and Kim Jong-Il with their special way of governance
is leading the N Korean people basking in their fathe-like glory
As years pass by, and stars change
when new generation stands in the turbulance of Spring, 2009
Their future, N Korea's futre
what will it be?