Developing Your Internal Marketing Process (Strategic Tuesday/Process)

Uploaded by OnceADayMarketing on 15.03.2012

Hello there, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, with another edition of Once a Day Marketing.
Today is Strategic Tuesday, and we are going to continue our discussion from yesterday
on the 7Ps of Marketing and Process. Specifically today we are going to look at the internal
process for your organization.
What are the elements of an internal marketing process? Let’s take a look at some of the
pieces. First, there is the mission and the vision statement; we have talked about that
before in my blogs. We also have goals and something I refer to as Smart Goals which
are very Specific, Measurable, Attainable Relevant and Timely so take a look at that
Also, you need to develop a long term strategic plan. Where do you want to be in the future,
where do you see your company going that aligns with the vision statement. And then you want
to develop a marketing action plan, a MAP, that is what I refer to it as, which lists
the tasks, the responsibilities, the budget, the timetable as to when these things are
going to happen. And if you begin implementing those tasks you will start achieving your
goals. And that is what you try to do with the marketing process. You’re making sure
that you’re launching your marketing and branding plan as designed.
Let’s dive a little deeper into the development of the internal marketing process. I like
to talk about my Oregon Ducks, you probably know that. And Chip Kelly, the coach at Oregon,
has a mantra called Win The Day. And when he talks about process, the Oregon Football
process, what he’s talking about is that it’s something that they can accomplish
each day. It’s not something way out in the future. They don’t care about that.
They are talking about what can we do today to make our team better. So the same question
can be asked. What can you do today to make your business better?
Now something that I do and something that I use is called Reality Based Solutions.™
And I ask myself this question – What is the next milestone I need to reach to make
my business more successful. So then I will develop a process of tasks that I want to
complete to get there. And if you do that then that’s going to help you create an
action plan that you can implement and review to make sure you are moving your business
forward with respect to your branding and marketing.
A process is only as good as your ability to implement. So you want to make sure that
it is clearly defined, and then you want to implement. And then you need to make sure
that your review and refine and implement again. And if you have a very good internal
marketing process in place then you will achieve your goals related to your marketing, your
branding and of course what that is more customers and more sales.
That wraps our Strategic Tuesday. Try to find the time to join us tomorrow for Action Wednesday.
If you feel you need some branding support, please contact me to discuss a possible one
on one service engagement that information can be found at the end of the blog. I’m
Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing and we’ll see you next time.