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last year
last year hundreds of thousands of americans gathered at the lincoln
for an event
restoring honor
some of you may have been there

it may have changed you
i know that it's changed me
in august of last year i challenged americans
to live a life of honesty
and integrity
this year i have a new challenge today
i ask you
to turn your eyes to israel
and restore courage
i have been asked by the press over and over again
what is it
you think you can teach israel
about courage
my answer is simple
they ask me then
so why would you come to israel
beacause i say
in israel
you see courage
in israel
in israel
there is more courage in one small square mile
than in all of europe
in israel
there is more courage
in one soldier
then in the combined and cold hearts of every bureaucrat
at the united nations
in israel
you can find people who will stand against incredible odds
against the entire tide of global opinion
just because it's right
just because it's a good
and just because it's true
israel is not a perfect country
no country is perfect
bu it tries
and it is courageous
the world needs courage
more than ever before
we need it
because whether you
live in jerusalem or in london
or athen's or madrid
or washington d_c_
you know
we all know
the world is changing just a little bit
the world
is burning
and whatever
whatever we thought would never change
whatever we've grown to think it is
is solid and strong and durable
is under seige
you don't really have to be a prophet
to know that things are not really going that well
the threats are mounting
and evil
is growing
darkness is falling
far too many politicians are just too willing
to look away
shape shifters are working
they've turned
day into night and good to into evil
they have changed
the very meaning of our words
in new york
the so-called leaders
of the world
are talking about
human rights and the abuses of human rights
but what they do
is abuse the very meaning of the phrase human rights
human rights they say
but who will they focus on
maybe us
north korea
no no
they will condemn israel
tiny israel
democratic israel
free israel
israel which values human life above all other things
as usual
israeli is the exception
the world
is adrift
the world is confused
in europe
the great nations of the past greece
italy. spain. britain
they're all falling into violence
we have raised up a generation
who cannot tell the difference between what they owe society and what society
owes them
they interviewed
they interviewed the rioters
the rioters in england and they ask them
why are you
tennis shoes televisions
beacause rioter's said
because we deserve them
we may think
all how different is today's youth
but they are merely
their parents
they have seen
how the world reacts
to evil
they watch
they learn
they imitate
what one generation tolerates the next generation embraces
when the fogel family was killed
in their sleep
the world barely took note
the grand councils of earth condemned israel
while across the border
slaughters her own people
her own citizens dead in the streets
and the grand councils of the world remain silent
it is no wonder
why the children of the world are setting their streets on fire
these international
council's these panels of so-called diplomats
condemn israel
not because they actually believe that israel needs to be corrected
they do so because it's convenient
everybody does it in some countries it's a crime not to condemn israel
the diplomats are afraid
their coward's
and so they submit
they surrender
to falsehood
the truth matters not
to the keepers of conventional wisdom
the sacrifice of the truth that's just a small price to pay
what difference does it make if we beat up a little bit on little israel
these are the actions
of the fearful
and coward's
but i stand here to tell you this today
fear is the pathway

the pathway to surrender
and to overcome fear
we just
need one thing
and courage
it is hard to do
it is hard to find it
if you're not looking
it is hard to do especially here and especially now because the plotters
plot and the schemer's scheme
and it is easy to tremble with doubt
even the israelis that i have met
some of the most courageous people on earth
are beginning
to believe the lies
and doubt themselves
maybe we did something to deserve this maybe maybe if we just get a little more of this or
a little more of this we do a little more of this
it'll all go away
the only message that i have for israel and the israelis
is this
my friends
do not
lose hope
you must not lose confidence in yourself
you must have courage
you must draw courage
from the knowledge
from the knowledge that you who were led to this land by God
and in the affairs of mankind God is not a stranger to the children
of the abraham
O'israel hear the words of my mouth
he promised
that israel would rise again
for two
thousand years
you stood watch
you held onto this promise
and we have seen this promise fulfilled
we have witnessed the dawn of your redemption
we live in and age
of man-made technological miracles
but these are the
defined days of devine miracles
not any hand
of god
of man
not by any hand of man whether his name be
balfore or truman
does israel exist
israel is here because the God of Abraham keep's His covenants
in synagogues
in synagogues all over the world just last week
they read the words the prophet isaiah
O' comfort my people say's your God
speak tenderly
to Jerusalem
and to declare to her
her term of hard service
is over
look at us
look at where we are
look at what we say
we declare words of
to israel
in jerusalem
the God of abraham isaac
and jacob
is not neutral
in the affairs of mankind
God is not indifferent to israel
he will not forsake you
nor destroy you nor forget the covenants he made with your forefathers
in the forty years
in the forty years of the wandering in the desert
the ancient hebrews were led through the darkness
by a pillar of fire
is the act
of taking that first step
into the darkness
but knowing
that each step will be guided
and protected
by a pillar of fire
if we follow him
will lead us
i have to tell you the truth
this is a relatively new discovery for me
i'm not sure that i really ever believed
in the pillar of fire when i was a kid
when my life was out of control
i don't know if i believe
i don't believe it now i know it
with every
fiber of my being i know it
to be true
i was the stereo typical america
first half of my life
i did very little
i was a kind of person that believed
that i would be protected
by two giant ocean's they would
forever shelter me
and as a radio and t_v_ commentator really my only job
was to point out the problems
and man i've done that
i pointed out the problems
i said the things that are quite honestly
i'm shocked because they are obvious to me
i think they're obvious to millions of people around the world
but nobody's willing to say them
but i just pointed out the obvious
i made obvious observations in nineteen ninety nine
i actually listened to the words of osama bin laden and said
i think that guy
i think he means it
i think he'll actually do it in nineteen ninety nine i said he would
attack new york again and he did
i saw the
unreal expectations of ordinary americans
in two thousand six
i said this isn't gonna last this can't last
the housing market is going to housing crash is going to come
it can't keep going
and it didn't
i spoke of the global financial markets ready to seize up in two thousand seven
in two thousand eight
i saw the coming unrest
and the riots in europe
it doesn't take a prophet to see these things
it just takes people
who are willing to open their eyes
and recognize that evil exists
and that evil is going unapposed
this year
when i saw
the fall of leaders in tunisia
and egypt's rulers crack
and fall
and the world
began to label it uh... arab spring
said are you mad
where could this be headed
because behind
much of the revolutions
is a familiar force
a force
that if not careful will put the people of egypt under a new pharoah
a force
that i said
would come to the border's
of the israel and bring death
and so it has just
in the last seven days
but the good news is we're not at the mercy of these events
we can alter the course on history
we can stand against that dangerous ark of
this story line
but to do so we need
we need people who are just willing to speak the truth
people who are willing to stand
we need inspiration
we need an example to follow
last century
was a century of genocide
where evil rose up again and again
and swallowed up the lives of millions
but evil
it's match
it prevails
because of people like dietrich bon hoffer
later martin luther king
and lech walesa
mother teresa
henrietta zoll all
they awoke the world
they gave their
in the pursuit
of human rights
they took the side of justice against
injustice they held aloft the torch of freedom
to push back the darkness of hate
and these men and women
lived difficult lives
they often lived
shortened lives
many were born to relative privilege
but they
took on suffering
they did not want to martyr themselves
they didn't want to die
they would have lived happily
the end of their natural days in comfort
but to the righteous
their is no comfort
when evil has taken root
but the cause now of human rights
has been taken over by organizations
who share little
with those individuals who originally led those movements
human rights the cry that i have all right
used to be a plea
all too often now
it has become of threat
these organizations now have become bullie's
and grotesque
parodies of the principles they pretend
to represent
they criticize free nations
they criticize the free nation's
and they spare the un free
they denounce
nations like israel and america who have high standards for freedom
and they leave alone the nation's that have no freedom at all
they are nearly comical
in their double standards
whatever moral force
they once have had
is spent
and so today
we dismiss them
but today
but today
we begin a global movement
to take back
the phrase of human rights
and put it exactly where it belongs
the first path
the first path
for God's plan for humanity
human rights
the second half
is responsibility
if we wish to be endowed by our creator with real human rights then we've
act with responsibility
we must not be comfortable with rights
we must be comfortable with our responsibilities
we cannot use
the few short years that we have on this planet
enjoying our rights
we must
do everything we can to live
our responsibilities to our fellow man
and to our God
rights and responsibilities
they go hand in hand
they link arm's
nowhere in the tora
nowhere in the christian scriptures do you see the two words
Human rights
but in the torah
in the christian scriptures
it's riddled with responsibility
everything we know about human rights
and real civilization
came from this place
this land
whether you live by six hundred and thirteen commandments ten commandments
or just one sweet golden rule it all started here
it all started here
the throne of god
when the world turns its back on israel and the jewish people
the world turns its back on human rights
without the jewish people
humanity would never know
that every single individual life has dignity
that every single life is sacred
that god names every star and knows every soul
that was God's message to Abraham that was God's message to Mose's
that's His message
of the jewish people to the world and by their very existence
they teach it to us every single day
i asked you to join me here
i ask you to join me here
so I could propose
a new path
a path
by you
a path led by the individual
arm and arm all over the globe with other like minded individuals
a path where government and so-called human rights organizations
get out of the way
and allow people to come together
as individuals
to solve their problems and worship God
some will ask
some will ask and they'll mean it they'll be sincere
well see that's a great thing that's great but
maybe we should leave that work up to somebody who knows what they're talking
may maybe we should just leave that work up to
you know the well connected or
or somebody there has got to be he'll have a better education
let's look how about the well healed
or the the politician the political leaders
hey let's just listen to the media and allow the media to tell us the truth
i asked him
whom do you trust to do this sacred work
who will protect your rights better
a king
a president
or you
who will protect the truth
a reporter
a producer
or you
who will protect your children and teach them to seek the truth
a textbook committe
an educational bureaucrat
or you
did ua commission of men stop
the holocaust
did committee of congress stop
jim crow
in each case
in each case the work was done by individuals
who would not abide by the convenient lies
they saw injustice
and called it out
and called it out by its name
they saw in their own nation
they saw their own nations
wage war
against a group of people
and they said not
in my name
they didn't wait
they didn't wait for that conventions of society to catch up
to God's ancients laws
they pushed
they pressed
and in the end
they were the victors
that spirit lives within each and everyone of us
i ask you today
no matter where you are if you are sitting here
if you were just a few miles away with thousands are gathered
or if you are on the other side of the planet
watching alone
in your home
i ask you today
to link arms with me
link arms with others
link arms stand with courage
and walk
behind the pillar of fire
we will see evil
rear its head
we see the sign's
the swastikas
are on display in the streets
this week they were holding up signs in cairo
that said quote
we are building the gas chambers
they dress their children in suicide belts
they are given the choice
and they choose death
we are given the choice
let us choose life
let's have the courage to say
no more incitements no more threats no more terror no more talk of genocide
no more hate no more fear no more lie's
let me speak
directly to them
we read your sign
we listened to your speeches
we know you say what you mean and me what you say
we put you on notice today so do
but here's
the best new's
we're gonna win
we win
because why their conviction is rooted in hate
our conviction is rooted in love
and love always wins in the end
when they Naomi
and her daughters in law lost their husbands
Naomi knew that their future would be
far brighter they
went back home
went back to their families and started again
but her daughter in law ruth
would not happen
she said
intrigue me not to leave
or return
from following after you
wither thou goeth
i goeth
where thou lodge
i will lodge
thy people
will be my people
thy God
will be my God
where thou die i will die
and there i shall be buried
i say today
that if the world decides
it must know
who will stand with Israel
who will stand with the jewish people
so they know exactly who to condemn later
who the target is
let them know this
condemn me
target me
i will stand with israel i will stand with the jewish people
and if they want round us up again I will proudly raise my hand and say
take me first
there is courage
in our time
it begin's as it always has
it begins with God
here in this space
it is found
throughout the world
it resides in the hearts of man
it found in a little town called joplin missouri
joplin was a town that was devastated
it was devastated by a tornado that was a mile wide
they lost their town they lost their hospital they lost their school
joplin looked more like a moonscape quite honestly
than the pleasant midwestern town that it was
but this
is not a town
that is looking to take help today
but offer help they began to gather early this morning
many took the day's off from work to show their dedication and the love
of the jewish people in the state of israel our problems today
require more then check
book courage
it's a easy to write a check
but we can't outsource love we can't outsource
truth we can't outsource courage and honor we must do it ourselves we must
roll up our sleeves and make a lasting difference
we will
find hope
we will renew ourselves and our planet
we will be the first to regain what many have lost faith
we will not find our answers in
some global body halfway across the world
we will find that hope and change
in ourselves
we won't find
in the drumbeat of disobedience that we now hear throughout the west
but in a mission
of building in a mission of honor in a mission of courage in people like
rommy levy people like tomar fogel
the owners one a jew and the other a arab
who built and then opened in reopened maxime restaurant after it was bombed
each individual making a choice
to build
and not destroy
the prophet's in the sages of old
have promised us
that by small and simple things do great things come to pass
and by small means
small means will confound the wise
let us confound the wise and the powerful today
this is a movement
of responsibility
has made a man in his image and after his likeness
he has endowed us with great privileges and great rights
he has given us each
as individuals
a purpose on this earth
and our rights are his blessings
our purpose
is our responsibility
because we have the right to worship freely let us today declare that we have
a responsibility to fight for the rights of others
to also worship freely
because we have the right to pursue our own happiness
we have a right
and a responsibility to be thankful for our blessings
and comfort
the needy
because we have a right to the know to the knowledge of truth
we have a responsibility to persue
the truth and fight all falsehood
these declarations
of responsibility
and a few more
are currently being posted online at glen beck dot com
in the coming days
i want each and every person to print them
read them
carry them
make that a part of your life
share it with your family and your friends and your neighbors. in your
remember all the good that God has done for you
teach these lessons to your children
and obey God's word
and join me
in a historic march
but human responsibilities
is counting on
us to do nothing
evil is counting on us
to be afraid
but evil
has miss judged us
in the scripture's it says
God is with me
Lo ira
i fear not
these lines have been uttered for centuries through crusades in programs
through the gas chambers at the hands of the butchers in every generation
they rise up to kill the jews and in every generation the answer is the
Lo ira
fear not
I will wait for no one else to rise i will wait for a leader
no longer
this time
it is us to say
Lo ira
some call israel an apartheid state
let us begin here
i reject that and so
the moment i leave this stage
i am flying to south africa
which is where apartheid actually existed
and i will broadcast from capetown tomorrow morning
to remind the world
what the evil of apartheid actually looked like
we will together learn
we will learn from the people who
the hatred
the ignorance the bigotry
and learn from the people who charted a peaceful course
for a new south africa
after that broadcast
i will fly to south america
where i will stand and plead the case of human responsibility
to a group of nearly five thousand local leaders
all over
the continent of south africa
from all over the continent they come
and i will ask them to join the in standing in defense of israel
the jewish people
and the truth
finally on sunday
finally on sunday
i will speak to over five thousand americans
in the great state of texus
I have chosen
to end my week
in a town where i will head quarter the charitable division of my company
called mercury one
dedicated to the idea that one man
with one God
makes a difference
the trip will end in the town where a global movement shall begin
it will not be easy for me and it will not be easy for you
others i warn you will say to you come
come this way
come over the horizon
but i warn you that horizon is a cliff
and when you don't go a long you will stand out
you will be mocked
and in some cases your life may be in danger
but you must remember
square your shoulders and say
Lo ira
i fear not
no one. no one
wants to be on the point
no one wants to be the one that sticks out
my first death threat came in two thousand two
after my very first visit to israel
when i said i would stand with israel and the jewish people
and my last death threat of the latest probably happened five minutes ago
Lo ira
that many of us
many of us in one way or another
may fall along the way
some will have their reputation destroyed
some will have their careers ended or their businesses
may pay the ultimate price
but let us now link arms one to another
let us journey together
and if one shall fall let
join our rank's
you were not born
you were not born
so someone else could rule over you
God did not create you
and endow you with these rights
so you could remain silent when injustice and evil grow
you have a purpose
it is rooted in love
and responsibility
it is rooted in compassion
there are so many reasons
to hear 0:43:34.699,0:43:36.869 my words
leave here
and do nothing
we have all been trained
we're not strong enough
just one of them
not powerful enough I am not the guy
Abraham was old
moses was slow of speech
was a widow david was a little boy joseph was in prison and lazerus
was dead what's your excuse
you were born for a time
such as this
begin by declaring that
this is why you were born this
is why you were placed on earth at this time
it doesn't matter what you've done in the past
it matters only what you do from here
no man can promise you safety prosperity
or comfort
but i can promise you this today
one day
one day
your children
and your grandchildren
we'll come to you
and ask you
what did you do
what did you do when the world was on fire
when the world was on the edge again
what did you say when the west or israel or the jew was blamed again
i promise you this
you will be able to look them in the eye
and say
I had
on the twenty fourth av
I stood
i committed to stand with courage to walk
to march
arm-in-arm behind God's pillar of fire
is with me
i fear not
thank you