Pounamu a unique fusion of Maori lyrics and English rap

Uploaded by tekareremaorinews on 30.05.2012

It's a first for Pukana to launch a music video such as this.
The singer, Te Ahorangi Winitana,
collaborated with Sidney Diamond to create this video.
She says it's a dream come true.
She's still on cloud nine.
I don't know how to explain how I feel.
Her father feels the same way too.
Tears welled up just watching that.
Pounamu's the name of the song,
and it's about realising the uniqueness of a person.
It's to encourage people to be confident
and at ease with themselves.
She was fortunate to work with renowned rapper Sidney Diamond.
At first I was nervous because he's such a big star,
but he's an awesome person and I learnt lots from him.
Winitana's a presenter on Pukana,
so the Executive Producer of Cinco Cine Film Productions
allowed the video launch to feature on the programme.
I really can't thank them enough.
I have lots of love for them for launching the video clip.
She's always wanted to pursue singing
and now it looks like that dream has flourished.
She's always wanted to be a singer, firstly in the Maori world
and in the Maori language.
It's just the beginning.
It's about getting my foot into the industry,
and I have one leg in so far.
Now I just need to get the other one through.
And who knows.
One day she may just be up there like Beyonce.
Anzac Pikia, Te Karere