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And now for your midday mix.
Shawna Lee Coronado is here with her new book, as you can see there, it is Gardening Nude.
A common sense guide to improving your health and lifestyle by increasing exposure to nature,
cultivating a green mindset, and building a strong community.
And obviously you are clothed today so explain the title of the book.
The title is just figurative; it not supposed to be about truly gardening nude.
In a metaphorical way, I am trying to get people off the couch and out the front door
and into their gardens.
Well it is certainly a catchy title so you had all of us running out here.
All the stage hands – look.
We have about 50 stage hands out here today.
So what are you going to do?
I want to show you how to plant a conservation-centric pot.
And the way to do it is, you know, we have recyclables down here at the bottom.
Many people fill the entire container full of soil and it is not necessary.
Most perennials as well as annuals only need about “this” much soil in it.
Oh is that right?
So right down here to where you see the break.
A little bit below there.
And so here is a great thing too.
We are trying to keep water bottles and soda bottles out of the landfills.
And here we go; we are doing it.
So then this takes up all the extra space but you still have a large container.
It is very easy to lift, it is light weight, and you can move it all around your garden.
So it is a real convenient way to plant a pot.
Oh that is good.
So how do we do it?
The first step is we want to put a newspaper or another thing that you are going to throw
into the recycling anyway, right?
Right on top of those other recyclables.
And then I am going to have you fill it with some soil.
And we will start with this.
Here we go.
And then once we fill it up with soil – you keep filling; there is more down there.
I will have you sprinkle a little more.
I mix in about a quarter of compost.
So one quarter compost or rotted manure to three quarters of the regular soil.
All right.
So I think that is enough soil and we will go ahead and show the Soil Moist that I am
This product is a micro-risal.
It means that it has a special fungus in there that helps the plants and the roots go and
grow very well.
And so another trick that I use is I try to pull annuals that are drought-tolerant.
All right.
So this is a draught-tolerant annual.
It is a Proven Winner’s diamond frost euphorbia.
So after we mix all this in, we would plant as many of these drought-tolerant perennials
as we can.
Wow that is great.
Petunias, especially the super-tunia, is a fabulous, fabulous drought-tolerant.
That way, you are only watering your pots about once a week instead of every day.
No kidding.
So it is quite a water saver.
Now there is also a way that you can plant in your regular garden beds; your perennials.
The same concept.
We want to save water, we want to do what is good for the earth, but it is also really
inexpensive because we do not use as much water.
What we do is we mix in compost with our regular soil and more of the Soil Moist for a micro-risal.
We are getting a little short of time here.
And we cover it with mulch and you are all done.
So the idea is we are really saving gardeners water and money.
That is wonderful.
Shawna thank you so much for coming in and you can learn more about these wonderful gardening
tips online at
Thank you for coming in.
Thank you.
Those are great tips.
See you later.